Thursday, July 6, 2023

More Credible Eyewitness Testimony about Crashed Saucers & Dead Aliens!!!

Since UFO "confidential sources" and "whistleblowers" are now all over the news, let's examine some cases you might not have heard about. "Psychic" spoon-bender Uri Geller recounts how he was supposedly taken by his good friend Dr. Wernher Von Braun to see the alien bodies from a saucer crash. 

Friends I saw them with my very own eyes I was there in a refrigerated vault with Dr Wernher Von Braun, I had an encounter with them when I was 5, there are none human built vehicles, there are bodies and there are living aliens among us. The Israeli government knows about everything I have seen so does #NSA. I had  photos which I took with my #MINOX camera that were stolen from my 57th apartment in NY. Wait until I find the negatives.

Wow! That always happens when somebody gets a good, clear photo of UFOs or aliens - something "happens" to the photos! Is this credible? Robert Salas, of "UFOs and Nukes" fame, says he believes Uri . So there you have it! I'm wondering if Hal Puthoff has anything to say about his old colleague's claims?

Uri Geller says this Tik Tok video of a living alien  is authentic!

[Update July 9: Scott Brando of ufoofinterest reminds us that back in 2020, he showed us that this "alien video" is an acknowledged 'artistic creation' by Shaban Havuzsalim. ]


Those of us who are not UFO newbies are well aware of the times when we have been through all this before. Most significant were the many claims of the well-known UFO researcher Leonard Stringfield (1920-1994), who worked with NICAP, MUFON, and CUFOS. In the 1970s, Stringfield began chasing down claims of "crashed saucers," and it seems that the more people heard about his investigations, the more people he heard from to make such claims. Here is an excerpt from a 1978 interview of Stringfield:

on several occasions in the past 30 years UFOs have crashed and the bodies of dead entities have been taken from them. The bodies have been examined and preserved. My sources describe the beings as from three to four feet in height and of humanoid appearance ..... What I have been getting lately are growing numbers of reports from reliable military people who claim to have seen all this firsthand.... There's a 1948 crash, another from 1951 or 52, something in 1953, one in 1958, and two incidents in the 70s.

This was published forty-five years ago, almost a decade before the current celebrity "whistleblower," David Grusch, was born.

Here Stringfield says that he has a total of 24 different sources, although only four are first-hand witnesses. When Jacques Vallee spoke with Stringfield in 1989, that number of "first-hand" sources had reportedly  increased to 37.

And what has happened to all these "informants," and the secret ET projects they supposedly worked on? Did it all just 'evaporate' into the haze of history?

Of course, Stringfield was not the only one to gain attention by claiming knowledge of Crashed Saucers and dead aliens. In 1974, Robert S. Carr made headlines by telling stories about alien bodies in the deep freeze at Hangar 18 of Wright-Patterson AFB in Ohio. And of course, the famous hoax in Frank Scully's 1950 book Behind the Flying Saucers, claiming that a saucer crashed near Aztec, NM in 1948.

So, you can see why those of us who are familiar with UFO history are pretty much all saying, "Same old, same old!" in this matter.

And now, just for fun, here is the Flying Saucer Physicist, Stanton T. Friedman, predicting impending 'Disclosure' in 1968, fifty-five years ago!

from the Dallas Times Herald


  1. Not one Carnac the Magnificent in the bunch.

  2. Scott Brando tweets that he exposed the 'alien video' that Uri is promoting as a fake in 2020.

  3. Ah yes: the earth-shattering UFO “disclosure” that is always imminent, but never happens. The multi-layered UFO “cover-up” that stretches into infinity like the infinite-regress images we see when two mirrors are held up to each other.

    No matter how many times these gimmicks are exposed, people always fall for the latest hoax.

    My daughter asked me why I don’t believe in UFOs. I told her it was because I was interested in UFOs, whereas “true believers” are not. I told her that skeptics actually LOOK at things to see if they have any substance. If extraterrestrials are visiting the earth, we want to know about it.

    By contrast, UFO cultists don’t really want to know, since they don’t look squarely at anything. They see only what they want to see. They live in a semi-conscious dream-state of make-believe and nothing-burgers.

    Such games can be harmless, like suspending one’s disbelief in order to enjoy a movie drama, but games of make-believe become a problem when politicians start playing them.

    1. I like your phrase "skeptics actually LOOK at things to see if there's any substance." Yes! And I'll add that skeptics are not the enemy of UFO research, either. They help moderate people's innate desire to believe - to believe too readily, to be so credulous that real progress can't be made.

    2. "I'll add that skeptics are not the enemy of UFO research, either."

      Exactly. That why I wrote above that I'm a skeptic because I am interested in UFOs, whereas true believers are not. The latter are only interested in their fantasies about UFOs.

      When we are genuinely interested in UFOs, we look squarely and sincerely at all the facts, the data, the claims, and the evidence.

      By contrast, blind believers look only at their fantasies.

      I can live with that, since I know it can be fun, but I have a problem when UFO fantasizing leads to scams, swindles, grifting, ruined lives, and government corruption.

  4. These saucers seem remarkably crash-prone. They need FAA certification.

    1. Saucer pilots have of late been avoiding the New Mexico Triangle, where interstellar craft mysteriously crash to earth!

  5. Ufoologist actually believe this stuff is real, that's the only amazing take away

  6. They would _like_ to believe it's real. But I'm not sure they really do.

  7. Maybe there’s just nothing to admit.

  8. Really? Uri Geller? It's sad to see when a pseudo-skeptic resorts to guilt-by-association debunkery instead of critical examination of relevant facts. But it's not surprising. And "skeptics actually LOOK at things to see if there's any substance"? Well, maybe sometimes they do. But definitely not in this case.

    1. No, the involvement of Geller deserves derision and mockery.

  9. Please correct me if my logic is wrong, but how could Friedman state that: "[T]he primary attribute of an advanced intelligent civilisation is its ability to create its own environment almost anywhere", when firstly, there is currently no "advanced civilisation(s)" to study; and secondly, without having to resort to some sort of 'appeal to magic and/or (at least quasi) omnipotence?

  10. Quite so, perhaps an advanced civilization is more likely to be able to adapt to new environments - its easier to put on a raincoat than terraform a planet to not have rain.

  11. In a news story published in The Sun on July 1, 2021, Geller says that Von Braun took him into a secret NASA freezer at the Goddard Spaceflight Center, just a few miles outside of Washington, DC. In this account, he doesn't actually say he saw aliens, although he sort of implies it. He claims that Von Braun showed him a piece of metal from a crashed saucer.

  12. “In this account, Geller doesn't actually say he saw aliens, although he sort of implies it. “

    David Grusch likewise admits that he never saw any aliens, or any photos of aliens, or any proof of anything at all at any time.

    Nonetheless everyone from the US Congress to average people believe Grusch because “aliens!”

    Yesterday (26 July 2023) Grusch told Congress that he knew the “exact locations of where the UFOs are kept” (his words) but he refused to reveal those locations because they were “classified.”

    Grush claimed to have “personal knowledge of people who have been harmed or injured in efforts to cover up or conceal alien technology.”

    Really? Who has been harmed?

    “That’s classified.”

    But how–


    Then can you at least tell us ---

    “No. Classified.”



    Grusch is a garden variety scammer who refuses to answer any real questions. And yet, politicians and peasants blame the Pentagon (not the scammers) for the imaginary “cover-up.”

    That’s what this nonsense is all about: the fake “cover-up.” What thrills people is not imaginary “aliens,” but the imaginary “cover-up.”

    The entire farce is so blatantly contrived that it’s insulting. The USA has become a parody of itself.

    THE GOOD NEWS is that on Friday (28 July) the House will adjourn for over six weeks, so we won’t have to hear about this idiocy for a while.

  13. Incidentally, regarding that UFO hearing in the US House on 26 July 2023, I glanced at what average people are saying about it.

    UFO cultists are excited about it. They cannot understand why most people regard “aliens” as boring. Aren’t UFO stories the most important things ever? Aren’t “whistle-blowers” like David Grush the most courageous heroes ever? How can people be bored by the most monumental thing that has EVER HAPPENED TO MANKIND?

    Two of the House “witnesses” were fighter pilots! Aren’t fighter pilots the most honorable people in the world?

    (No. Fighter pilots are flaky too. I was living near Davis Monthan Air Force Base when USAF Capt. Craig D. Button stole an A-10 from the base with live bombs and a loaded 30mm cannon, flew the A-10 up to Colorado, and crashed it into a mountain on 2 April 1997.)

    Meanwhile people who regard UFOs as nonsense are clear about their reasons -- but their reasons are dismissed by the fanatics. For the blind believers, anyone who fails to worship UFO legends is simply stupid.

    Here are ten reasons why people dismiss UFO silliness, based on people’s comments…

    (Continued below)

  14. (Continued from above)

    [1] These clowns insult us. For example, the congressional committee asked David Grusch if the US government has captive ETs. Grusch said he had heard that “certain biologics have been secured.” Excuse me? You expect us to regard such gibberish as anything other than idiotic? Be gone, you annoying children.

    [2] You want me to be excited about this hearing on UFOs? Call me when they have hearings on ghosts and vampires. They would be just as valid.

    [3] How can you call yourself a “whistleblower” if you refuse to blow a whistle? Don’t insult us with claims of “I have something to reveal, but I can’t reveal it.” Name names, name companies, name the projects, and give precise locations -- or shut up. Don’t just tell stories, or other people’s stories. We’ve already heard that for decades, and it’s boring. Besides, if you were a real whistleblower, you’d have to flee the government like Assange, Edward Snowden, etc.

    [4] Whenever a UFO cultist hears “UFO” he goes into a trance; a “Manchurian Candidate,” so to speak. He tumbles down a rabbit hole, and he becomes furious if you decline to go with them.

    [5] The government has lied to us so many times that I don’t trust anything the government says. If the US government says there are ETs, or no ETs, I don’t trust it. If the government tells me that water is wet, I won’t believe it until I can test water myself.

    [6] Carl Sagan noted that extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. Hearsay claims by self-styled “witnesses” are not evidence at all. They are not admissible in a court of law, and they should not be admissible in the court of public opinion.

    [7] We’ve heard this UFO crap for decades, and there is never any solid proof or substance that might convince us this is something worth talking about. These so-called “witnesses” always use vague language. When we ask them for details, they say, “I can’t talk about it.” If this is so disturbing, so harmful, and so terrifying, wouldn't it be urgent to tell us exactly what we are up against? The fact that they are so coy about it makes me dismiss it as a nothing-burger. Stop boring us until you have something real.

    [8] The believers claim that there is no evidence that we would find compelling anyway. Really? How about showing me ONE actual flying saucer? Not some photo or image, and not some verbal claim.

    [9] UFO believers become angry when people call their tales a “distraction.” What people mean is that the whole thing smells like fairy tales and gas-lighting. A bunch of empty chatter with a few blurry “photos” that are easily faked or mislabeled.

    [10] I'm sure they will get to the bottom of this “UFO mystery” like they did with the Vegas Shooting, Weiner’s laptop, Hunter's laptop, Epstein Island, the Nashville shooter’s manifesto, the Whitehouse Cocaine Bandit, and a million other mysteries.

    EPILOG: One person suggested that the reason why this latest UFO nonsense has not triggered much hysteria is that it lacks a meta-narrative. Most people need to be told how to feel about things. For example, most Americans didn’t know what to think about Brexit until the media outlets gave them a meta-narrative that Brexit is “bad” and “racist” and so on.

    With UFOs there has been no meta-narrative. No buzzwords or hot-buttons. Are UFOs dangerous? “Homophobic”? “Racist”? “Fascist”? People don’t know what pigeon hole to stuff UFOs into, because no one is telling them what to think. Therefore people shrug their shoulders and feel nothing. This drives UFO cultists up the wall.

  15. These wild and silly UFO/UAP/ET stories are the reasons why those outside of ufology keeps laughing at the so-called, "UFO field." Any other filed these clowns would be kick out of the business, but not the UFO field. The scammers and tale tellers without any evidence are always forgiven by those in the UFO field; how sad really, when it could be an important field of science!

  16. Here’s an amusing UFO anecdote. With the rise of cheap drugs like fentanyl and xylazine, U.S. demand has fallen for drugs like cocaine and heroin. However the demand for gold has never been higher. Therefore in many places drug cartels have become illegal gold mining cartels. When the cartels move into an area, their cyanide and mercury tailings poison everything, reducing entire forests to moonscapes. These criminals play cat-and-mouse games with local authorities, and they prospect for potential gold fields by using drones, helicopters, and even jet packs. They wear ponchos with “hoodies” to conceal their identities, and they threaten any local people who get too close to their criminal operations.

    This has been happening for several years now, but one case in mid-August 2023 caused a buzz in the UFO cult community. In the dense jungle of rural Peru’s Alto Nanay region, local members of the small Ikitu population saw some illegal gold miners, and described them as “seven foot tall extraterrestrials with huge eyes and strange jet packs.” Peruvian authorities knew what was happening, but word of these “aliens” traveled north, becoming more and more outlandish as it went.

    By the time it reached America, UFO cultists latched onto it with great excitement. At last they had PROOF! Real ALIENS in the jungle! YES! It was like that 1987 movie “Predator!”

    Several YouTube videos heralded these “aliens,” and when I debunked them, everyone flamed me. But viewership vanished. I had I killed the excitement.

  17. Well folks it seems that the NASA team has concluded that UFOs/UAPs are not ET (at least most of them) in origin. However, don't lose the UFO faith, we still have David Crusch around wagging his tongue without evidence!

  18. Ha, ha, ha! How about those mummified “extraterrestrials” in Mexico? On 12 Sep 2023 Mexico’s congress held a hearing on flying saucers. Notorious UFO hoaxer Jaime Maussan presented legislators with two critters that had 18-inch-tall bodies, three-fingered hands, and elongated heads.

    Jaime Maussan is Mexico’s version of David Grusch and Erich von Däniken. He presented his “mummified extraterrestrials” in two glass display cases without their flying saucer. Maussan claimed that his extraterrestrial “mummies” were found in 2017 “fossilized” in mines in Cusco Peru, in a layer of diatomaceous earth, or phytoplankton algae. Maussan said radiocarbon dating revealed them to be 1,800 years old. (Evidently radiocarbon dating can be applied to imaginary critters from Planet X9.)

    Jaime Maussan, now 70, has been doing UFO hoaxes a long time. In 2015 he presented an “alien body” unearthed in Nazca Peru that turned out to be the corpse of a human child with a head deformity. In 2016 he presented a “demon fairy” that was actually the remains of a bat with wooden sticks and epoxy. In 2017 he presented the same “mummified aliens” he showed to Mexico’s congress on 12 Sep 2023. Another time he presented a "Metepec Creature” that was actually a skinned monkey. His most recent “aliens” (the “mummified” “tridactyl” ones) are a muddle of human and animal bones held together with glue and fake skin.

    This latest hoax was quickly debunked like all the others, and summarily dropped from the news. Next week there was be some new UFO hoax, and the hysteria will begin all over again.

  19. The real secret about UFOs is that the government has no more idea what UFOs are, than we do. Probably serious researchers on the subject, know more about it, than the government does. Furthermore, I don't think any UFOs have crashed, or have secret bases on Earth. Ninety nine percent of the UFO business is BS. It's the 1% that's real, and unexplained.


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