Tuesday, June 13, 2023

8 Foot Tall Aliens Land in Las Vegas Back Yard!!!!

So, you've probably seen wild stories about this on the news:

"Big, shiny eyes. Towering nearly 10 feet tall. 100% not human." the Los Angeles Times.

"Vegas police respond to report of '10-foot creature' in yard after green flash across sky." CNN.

"Aliens among us? Vegas UFO report latest in UAP sightings investigated worldwide." USA Today.

And many other places. UFO stories are good for "clicks", for ratings, and the wilder, the better.

Note the time stamp: 2023 May 1, 06:49 UTC

But let's look at this carefully. From this video, it is obvious that the object is a brilliant meteor fireball. I've seen many such videos before, and even a few such fireballs with my own eyes. Now in this copy of the video, we can see the time stamp (for some reason George Knapp's Channel 8 seems to have chopped it off in their copies). And when I saw the time stamp, I realized, since the American Meteor Society records such fireballs, this gives us something to investigate.

American Meteor Society map showing observers' locations. Trajectory was east-to-west.

The American Meteor Society states, "We received 21 reports about a fireball seen over AZ, CA, NV and UT on Monday, May 1st 2023 around 06:48 UT."  This exactly matches the time stamp on the above video. There is no doubt remaining, what people saw that night, all across the Western states (and not just in Las Vegas), was a brilliant fireball. Watch the video on that AMS page, and you will see how absolutely brilliant the meteor became for just a second.

What about those 8-foot-tall aliens reportedly seen in the back yard? Well, it turns out that Angel, the guy who claimed to see the aliens, now has a YouTube channel named "Alien Society 51." On it, he tells his yarn about how two giant alien creatures supposedly invaded his back yard. Here is another interview with him, where he tells how the alien went into his fork lift. Believe it, if you can.

Honest, I'm not making this stuff up!

Some people are suggesting that a circular pattern in the gravel in his yard was left by the saucer landing, although Angel did not strongly make such a claim. In any case, photos from Google Earth reveal that this pattern already existed more than a year before the supposed incident

In January, 2022, a twitter account called "Alien Society 51 NFT" was created, and some have attempted to link it to Angel. NFTs ("Non-Fungible Tokens") are a type of digital ownership certificate, pertaining to works of art. While a few people have profited greatly from such "investments," they remain highly speculative. That NFT account never went beyond its initial posting. Other than the name similarity, I have not seen anything to connect "Alien Society 51" to "Alien Society 51 NFT."

 When a transparently bogus story like this makes national headlines, usually without a hint of skepticism or investigation, it shows the sorry state of UFOOlogy, and so-called "journalism," today.


  1. RECAP: People across the southwest USA saw a meteor at 11:48 pm PST on 30 April 2023. A couple of Las Vegas kids saw the meteor and made a prank 911 call, claiming that a UFO had landed in their yard and deposited giant monsters that were trying to start a tractor (front loader) and presumably fly it to Jupiter, or to wherever. One of the kids called 911 on his cell phone, but he did not use his cell phone to take any photos. Las Vegas PD came by, but patrolmen saw nothing. The prankster kids told the cops that the UFO has vanished into thin air shortly after it landed, along with the giant tractor-curious monsters.

    The nonsense was forgotten for over a month until News Nation started running its David Grusch farce, triggering UFO fever among gullible peasants nationwide.

    Back in Las Vegas, 8NewsNow decided to exploit UFO mania by resurrecting the kids’ giant monsters hoax. 8NewsNow called notorious UFO grifter George Knapp and told him to take a shower, shave, put on a clean shirt, and call himself an “investigative reporter.” Knapp used the kids’ hoax to further inflame UFO hysteria. The mini-furor caused local authorities to take another look at those kids and their prank 911 call. Now the kids realized that they might be in trouble. Prank 911 calls are illegal. The kids also saw that Internet sleuths were destroying their hoax. So they stopped answering all phone calls, and reneged on all appointments to give interviews. Retired Las Vegas police officer Mark Berry staked out the kids’ house several times while driving a black SUV. Mr. Berry noted that the house had gone dark and silent. No one would answer the door. Evidently the occupants had fled.

    This is where we are today.

    Another UFO hoax got out of hand, and stung the hoaxers. What’s incredible is that no matter how many times these silly farces occur, average people fall for the nonsense again and again.

    Incidentally, many people who chided others for their fanatical worship of the Covid “pandemic” are themselves fanatical worshippers of UFO hoaxes.

    1. Likening the Covid pandemic to a UFO hoax is not only ignorant but irresponsible. People died from Covid. People lost loved ones due to Covid. Those are facts. For you to suggest it was a "hoax" merely exemplifies why your opinions shouldn't be taken seriously. Maybe you didn't know or care about anyone who was lost to Covid. That doesn't excuse your hurtful and reckless comment.
      Whether these people actually witnessed a UFO is questionable. Covids death toll is not.

    2. The burden you must carry knowing everything about our universe.

    3. What is...
      Tell me you're either really young or really bitter without using those words.

  2. I'm wondering if the "Ring Camera video" (see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ROLYGcj5bNM&t=71s ) is legit. Only 1 of the 21 sightings reported on the American Meteor Society page for this event lists a sound (described as "fizzling or crackling"). Perhaps the video is legit, but its audio isn't.

    1. I agree. That audio sounds very fake, it was probably added.

  3. If 8 feet tall aliens are actually running about, then a real-life Space Jam could be on.
    Somebody had better inform Michael Jordan and Bugs Bunny.

  4. Ufools everywhere as always

  5. Robert, I just want to say how much I appreciate your work on this blog. As a skeptical believer, someone who is confident there is a phenomenon unknown to science behind some UFO sightings, but who is fundementaly interested in reality, your diligence in these matters is much appreciated. Keeps me from getting carried away by the mass of bullshit that characterizes these domains. Thanks man.

  6. I feel relieved whenever such stories are debunked. I prefer that UFOs remain up in the sky.


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