Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Story of Dramatic New "UFO Whistleblower" Begins to Crumble

So, unless you have been living under a rock these past few days, you have seen the breathless, uncritical news coverage about the latest "UFO whistleblower" making extraordinary claims. His is a former Intel guy named David Grusch, who has recently been turning up all over the credulous media, making claims of 'secret government crashed UFO retrieval programs.' How to know which reporters are credulous and foolish? That's easy: if they ran with this story on the basis of no evidence at all, that's them. And Grusch admits all this is only hearsay - he says he hasn't seen any crashed saucers, or even any photos of them. Or of the alien bodies that he says were found inside......

David Grusch

It began with an article in The Debrief by Leslie Kean and Ralph Blumenthal, "INTELLIGENCE OFFICIALS SAY U.S. HAS RETRIEVED CRAFT OF NON-HUMAN ORIGIN."   Where have we seen those names before? Yes, the authors of the now-discredited 2017 New York Times story that launched the UFO mania about Tom DeLonge, Lu Elizondo, etc. (Kean is now also a major promoter of belief in Spiritualism and ghosts, but that is the subject of another posting.)

The problem for Kean is that her 'respected source' can't keep his mouth shut. "Government Whistleblower Claims U.S. Has Recovered Alien Bodies, Is Covering It Up." 

I don't care what lies he is telling other people, what he told us is TRUTH!

This has caused Leslie Kean to back away from her earlier, breathless endorsement of Grusch's tales. John Greenewald, Jr. of The Black Vault writes,

Kean states that the "UFO whistleblower"'s claim about "dead pilots" and bodies from the "non-human craft" was never discussed with her, she doesn't want to talk about it, nor would she have published it.

How could you not have heard about that during the vetting process, and why would you not publish something that could change the human race if you felt the source of your story was credible and his claims were true?

In other words, Kean is saying, "My source only lies half the time." 😅

And the more interviews Grusch gives, the more wild stuff comes up. In an interview with the French newspaper le Parisien, Grush said,

In 1933, a bell-like craft, around ten meters in size, was recovered in Magenta, northern Italy. It was kept by Mussolini's government until 1944 when it was recovered by agents of the Office of Strategic Services (OSS, a former US intelligence agency). Ironically, it predates anything the public has heard about for decades, such as Roswell, etc. I was authorized to talk about it by the Department of Defense's Office of Prepublication and Security Review.

Well, if Hitler could have his Nazi flying saucers, why can't Mussolini have his, too?

Nazi flying saucer

UFO grifter Dr. Steven Greer wrote,

Dr. Greer met with this whistleblower in March 2022 in Culpepper, VA and has been providing him with information about facilities and operations.

So Greer claims that he has been providing information to Grusch, and not the other way around! "In fact, Dr. Greer mentored this key whistleblower David Charles Grusch." To which Grusch replied,

I have not been mentored by anyone, and my public disclosure has been done independently under my own free will. I emphatically request that Steven Greer cease using my name to promote his personal agenda”.

But it is beginning to appear that Grusch's entire tale might be just be recycling the same old stories we've been hearing for years. Citing comments made elsewhere,  Area503 notes on Twitter that

Grusch's insider information comes from Hal Puthoff's employee at Earth-Tech International: Eric Davis??

No wonder
 found his testimony to lack credibility.

This is getting downright silly now.

As more 'connecting links' between the old cover-up tales and the new begin to be noted, Jack Brewer adds,

Looking like Kean's "multiple insiders" are Elizondo, Puthoff, Davis... because of effing course they would be. If so, what a complete waste of time, of which these people should be ashamed of themselves.

In other words, these are the same, familiar old claims, from people who have been involved with Bigelow, TTSA, etc. The collapse of the current extreme Disclosure mania will surely rank as one of the worst black eyes in the history of UFOOlogy. Persons seeking to hasten the general acceptance of UFO belief by hastily embracing welcome (but dubious) claims will have damaged that acceptance almost beyond repair, once the dust settles from this fiasco.

UFO newbies apparently have no idea that this "Disclosure tease" has been going on for more than seventy years, and always comes up empty. Every few years (at least), some new set of rumors begin to swirl, usually based on some dramatic claim, that 'government secrecy about UFOs will soon be ending!'. But of course, it never does. You can't "stop" something that never started.


  1. Aren't you putting the cart before the horse. Why not wait until the full testimony is out, BEFORE passing conclusion. How about you stick to your Opera singing and stop pretending to be an investigative reporter cherry picking other peoples work and commentary

    1. Our whistleblower shared a long debunked yarn of a crash retrieval in Mussolini's Italy: you still find him credible?

    2. It's reported that Marconi was in charge of Mussolini's UFO program.

    3. Yes, yes indeed it is "reported"... Nullius in verba, baby!

    4. It's been almost a year now, want to update your comment?

    5. To my knowledge, there's no--even fewer--developments that would make Grusch or his tales believable...

  2. Ufology is a pyramid scheme. Ufologists don't produce anything, they just recycle promises. Successful ufologists are the ones who bring in the most new rubes.

  3. Shortly after posting the above article, I came across this from 2 years ago: "What is in Colorado Springs that brings Lue Elizondo to town?"

    Then, I'd have no answer. Today, maybe I do. 😉

    1. Lue Elizondo
      "To Dave, my friend and former colleague, thank you for your courage and honesty."

  4. Note that none of the big leakers or hackers (Assange, Snowden, Teixeira) had any info on UFOs or aliens.
    Also UFOs is a topic Trump would have happily exploited. Here’s an article with the topics of the documents Trump stole from the US gov, and there is nothing about UFOs:

  5. Another item: "Is somebody pulling an elaborate hoax on Eric Weinstein and Sam Harris?"

    "Two years ago, Sam Harris released three independent statements on three different podcasts saying that he had been contacted by somebody high up in the government, saying that they're going to be making an important disclosure about UFOs soon and they want him to help with messaging about technology that will potentially change the world..... they have promised to fly him out to Colorado Springs to show him something that will blow his mind."

    Let's see - UFO Disclosure ... Colorado Springs...

    You don't suppose it might have been Grusch who pranked Weinstein and Harris? (Who still apparently still believe the claim is authentic! 😅)

  6. This story is not going to age well to say the least. Get ready to be absolutely obliterated by the truths these allegations have exposed. Say goodbye to your career. Good riddance!

  7. Jason Colavito investigated, and found,
    "Grusch’s claims seem to be nothing more than another version of the narrative that the team represented by Hal Puthoff, Eric W. Davis, Lue Elizondo, and the others who orbit the Skinwalker Ranch spook crew have been peddling—without evidence—for decades."

    1. Don’t forget notorious hoaxer Leslie Kean. She too was peripherally involved with the Skinwalker / Harry Reid / Robert Bigelow circus.

      Later, Ms. Kean and Ralph Blumenthal co-authored the infamous NYTimes article (16 Dec 2017) that launched the “Navy UFOs” farce, using infrared videos from 2004.

      Later still, Kean and Blumenthal wrote the article in the Debrief blog (7 June 2023) that launched David Grusch and his silliness.

  8. "The collapse of the current extreme Disclosure mania will surely rank as one of the worst black eyes in the history of UFOOlogy." Unfortunately, it seems like this iteration has caused the UFO Fooldom to reach critical mass absurdity, and the nonsense is now entering a chain reaction of self sustained ignorance. Already they are sticking to and cataloging Grusch's words as if they were gospel. He has been elevated to Sainthood in the religion that is UFOOlogy, and is now sanctified in their dogma a long with St Elizondo. Judging by r/UFOs, it seems any credulity or critical thinking that was present is draining away.

  9. If this is debunking, it’s embarrassingly bad. Why are none of the author’s sources referenced. This is just speculation and bad-mouthing. Listen before you leap.

    1. ❓️ That's obviously not an "attempted debunking' but an opinion about the conduct of the group of people pushing the UAP narrative. The poster is not alone in thinking Grusch, Kean, Elizando and their group how made themselves look foolish.

  10. Interesting bit of legislation passed by Congress on the back of this guy, very specific.

  11. Interesting legislation passed by Congress on the back of this 'crumble'..very specific..

  12. And this is why the so-called UFO field is not taken serious by the establishment, whatever that may be. thanks be to Kean, Elizondo, etc., etc.


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