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UFOs Blitz Mexico!

This is  story of my 1996 Tour of 'UFO Hotspots' in Mexico. It is adapted from Chapter 21 of my 1998 book UFO Sightings - The Evidence (Prometheus Books) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Probably the area of the greatest UFO activity and excitement in the world today (1996) is in and around Mexico City. UFO proponents often cite the UFO "evidence" from Mexico as the strongest anywhere. When the head of the American UFO group CSETI, Dr. Steven Greer, appeared on the "UFO Coverup"  TV special on Larry King Live,  October 1, 1994, which was broadcast outdoors near the so-called "Area 51" in the Nevada desert, Greer chided them that it is not necessary go to inaccessible places to see UFOs: "In the last three years there have been hundreds of video tapes of these objects maneuvering over twenty-two million people in Mexico City." A National Enquirer story of July 23, 1996, titled "UFOs Blitz Mexico," made equally remarkable claims.

 The National Enquirer, July 23, 1996

The modern phase of UFO activity in Mexico began with the total eclipse of July 11, 1991. With a duration of totality lasting about seven minutes, nearly the maximum possible, and crossing Mexico's most populated regions, it was one of the great eclipses of the century. 
The greatly-overexposed image of the eclipsed sun in Mexico, and its much fainter reflected image at left.

The Birthplace of Quetzalcoatl
Many of the photos showed artifacts like the one seen above. Several were presented to us by a woman in Amatlan de Quetzalcoatl, in complete sincerity, as a genuine UFO. (That place is supposed to be the birthplace of  Quetzalcoatl, making it a sort of Aztec Bethlehem.) The greatly overexposed object, obviously an image of the eclipse, was supposed to be a giant UFO, and the dimmer ring-like object, was supposed to be the eclipsed sun. However, that analysis is backwards. The overexposed object is no anomalous object, but rather the sun, which though only a tiny sliver or "diamond ring" remains uneclipsed, is nonetheless quite bright enough to overexpose the film when photographed directly. The fainter image is in fact just an internal reflection of the eclipsed sun itself, caused by light reflecting off the surfaces of the individual lens elements, and onto the film plane. Many thousands of people, photographing the eclipse with simple cameras, obtained results similar to this. People concluded that they must have photographed OVNIs (the Spanish acronym for UFOs), and enterprising promoters perceived an opportunity to make some quick pesos. The great Mexican UFO flap was on.
In April, 1996 I had the opportunity to check this out for myself when I went on a UFO-related Mexican tour organized by Beyond Boundaries, a 'paranormal travel' agency. This group has also organized trips to the U.K. to investigate Crop Circles, and to Puerto Rico to check out an area reputed to contain chupacabras and an Interdimensional Portal. A chupacabra, literally "goat sucker," is a fabled creature said to attack farm animals and drain them of blood. Actually, this story is just the familiar "cattle mutilation" legend, told with a Latin twist. If a rancher speaks English, his dead farm animals will have been molested by space aliens; if he speaks Spanish, it will have been done by a chupacabra.

One of the tour organizers was Rubin Uriarte, of MUFON Northern California. Two of our tour members worked for the Bigelow-funded National Institute for Discovery Science (NIDS) in Las Vegas. One of them was Air Force Lt. Col. Peter McDuff, the other was nuclear engineer Ted Rockwell (1923-2013), who I was familiar with because of his earlier critiques of skeptics. Most of the other people were ‘true believers;’ in fact, the two NIDS guys and I earned the reputation of the ‘group's skeptics,’ as we were unwilling to believe remarkable claims without seeing proof. At the time, claims were widely being made that UFOs were being seen widely at certain places in Mexico, including the airport in Mexico City. You only needed to go there if you wanted to see them, it was said; of course, that wasn’t true. We flew in and out of that airport, and didn't see anything unusual. Our itinerary took us to some of the most UFOlogically-active regions in the entire world, and we met with many of the leading UFOlogists in Mexico. Was Mexico really experiencing a "UFO blitz"? Here is what I found:

Jaime Maussan met with us.
We met with Jaime Maussan, a TV investigative reporter in Mexico City now turned UFO promoter, who has made more money off the UFO mania than anyone else in Mexico, and perhaps the entire world. His lecture fee at the time of our visit was 60,000 pesos (approximately US $8,000), a staggering sum for a single evening's work, most especially in Mexico. In 2015, Maussan was one of the main promoters of the preposterous Roswell Slides hoax. He runs an organization that exploits belief in UFOs and other dubious claims. We also met, at greater length, with his assistant Eduardo Viadas, who was filling in for his boss while Maussan was in Tijuana, lecturing and investigating chupacabras. Eduardo introduced us to Emilio Grenados, one of los vigilantes, an organization set up by Maussan to gather UFO evidence. Grenados explained how members of this group are trained in the use of cameras, then sent out as part of an on-call network of photographers to travel to wherever UFOs are reported. Jaime Maussan's company produces a 12-tape set of videos of UFOs, several of them prominently featuring Swiss UFO contactee Billy Meier's widely-discredited 'UFOs From the Pleiades.'

Maussan also produces videos about Kennedy assassination conspiracies, and "miracles" of the Virgin of Guadalupe. As might be expected, his studio contains a great deal of state-of-the-art, computer-ontrolled video enhancement equipment. The problem is, however, that unless one is able to examine an original UFO negative or video in its un-edited, original state, it is worthless as "proof" of anything. Maussan displayed what was either a distressing naivete, or else disingenuousness, when he told us straight-out that "Mexicans do not make hoax UFO photos." He quickly added, however, that Americans do. Incidentally, Maussan told us that he does not believe the 'UFO abduction' stories that are the rage in the U.S.; they are simply too bizarre for him to accept.
Maussan's studio in 1996, where his employees produced video tapes promoting loopy stuff.

Maussan claimed to have access to huge amounts of radar UFO evidence from the airport at Mexico City, and he seemed to be able to contact the airport radar operator at any time on his cellular phone, which he did while speaking to us. One of the NIDS people took a keen interest in getting tapes and other data from the supposedly frequent appearances of UFOs on the radar, for analysis in the U.S. However, when Maussan was asked to provide hard data from the radar, suddenly for reasons that were unclear to us that data became very difficult to obtain, when just a moment before it was present in massive detail, albeit in anecdotal form. Maussan talked about UFO evidence and hard data a great deal, but none was seen. He promised to send us reams of UFO evidence that his group had amassed, and took down the names and addresses of interested researchers. However, nothing was ever received.

Maussan claimed that his organization uses a scientific process of computer enhancement which distinguishes genuine UFO photos from hoaxes, based on the presence of 'energy fields' which surround only genuine objects. He claimed that this enhancement process, which was illustrated in an article in each issue of the magazine Contacto OVNI ("UFO Contact", a sensationalist UFO publication of which Maussan is a consulting editor), would reveal the presence of magnetic fields, energy fields, spectral luminescence, etc. surrounding a real UFO. I strenuously objected that no such analysis was possible from an ordinary video or photo, and Maussan seemed unprepared to confront a knowledgeable critic. He fell back to the position that he was only a journalist, repeating what his scientific consultant, a physicist, had told him. To save face with the group, he arranged to have his physicist meet with us the following day.

We did meet with Mario Torres, Maussan's scientific consultant. It turns out, however, that Torres is no physicist, but actually one of the editors of Contacto OVNI. Torres claims that the software and algorithms utilized to analyze the photos are his own. While he has some education in science, and claims to have produced some patent-able inventions, Torres was quite unable to describe to us any valid scientific principles on which his analyses were made. While he claimed to be able to measure "thermal energy", "electromagnetic energy," and "levels of energy" from photos or videos, after a little questioning it became clear that he was unable to defend his statements. Torres said he based his analyses upon a conversation he once had with the late physicist Richard Feynman, who told him that light is an electromagnetic phenomenon. All the rest of the supposedly "scientific analysis" is based upon his own conjectures as to what that implies about what a photograph will and will not contain. Torres told us, as did Viadas and Maussan, that he did not believe the 'UFO abduction' stories coming from the U.S.; they were simply so bizarre as to defy belief.

The Great Pyramid of the Sun at Teotihuacan, Mexico.

Near Mexico City are the great pyramids at Teotihuacan, built in pre-Aztec times approximately 1800 years ago. The noted crop circle guru Colin Andrews, prudently branching out into other fields of paranormalism, had been on one of the earlier Beyond Boundaries' Mexico trips. He claimed to have detected 'energy lines' while standing on top the great Pyramid of the Sun, so we were told to be alert for this. When we reached the summit of that magnificent ancient monument, most of us said that we didn't feel anything, other than the exhilaration of having climbed up to a magnificent place, at the high elevation of Mexico City. However, one member of our group stood looking up at the sky, his arms outstretched, as if 'drawing down energy'. This gesture attracted considerable attention, and soon others were following his example. As we were departing, some people were still 'drawing down energy'. I wonder if perhaps our group started a new occult practice?

"Drawing down Energy" atop the Pyramid of the Sun.

From Mexico City we went to Tepoztlan, in the state of Morelos, not far from Cuernavaca. This is the New Age center of Mexico, often compared to Sedona or Taos. It contains many shops selling crystals, New Age literature, etc. The Hotel Tepoztlan is a 'holistic health resort', with its own naturopathic physicians and herbal pharmacy on the premises. Its restaurant is entirely vegetarian. It offers its guests very reasonable rates on alternative health services, and was then offering a special discount on a colonic irrigation, which I nonetheless declined.

The mountains surrounding the town are said to 'glow' at night with mystical energy, and in truth they sometimes seem to. The town is surrounded by high, steep cliffs much like Yosemite valley, at night the light-colored rocks reflect the lights of the town. Brush fires were more or less continually burning somewhere nearby, and isolated flames on the mountains were called out by some as suspected UFOs, until calmer voices and a peek through binoculars persuaded them that they were just seeing fires. In California, we spend millions of dollars per year fighting thousands of brush fires in the wilderness. In Mexico, however, lacking the resources to fund such massive efforts, fires in sparsely-inhabited areas are usually allowed to burn themselves out. We spent two evenings holding a "skywatch" on the rooftop of the hotel, which offers an unobstructed view of the UFO-infested town of Tepoztlan. No anomalous objects of any kind were seen, in spite of the ready availability of some very fine beer and Tequila.

Carlos Diaz (facing camera), pointing out the mystical highlights of Tepoztlan from the roof of the hotel.

Our main contact in Tepoztlan was perhaps that town's most famous citizen, UFO celebrity Carlos Diaz. Carlos is a professional photographer, who takes photos of what he says are "plasma ships" piloted by extraterrestrials. When Shirley Maclaine was in Mexico she stopped by to visit him; Carlos showed us a photo of the two of them together, beaming. Carlos possesses a very charming, boyish personality, and immediately becomes overly-friendly with those he meets. No doubt many find this reassuring, but with me it has the opposite effect of setting me on guard, as it calls to mind the slick manner of a used-car salesman. Up on the rooftop of the hotel, Carlos pointed out to us the UFO highlights of the town. He indicated a rock feature that he said resembles the male organ. When seen from the other side of the mountain, it resembles female organs, he said. For this reason, he said, the Aztecs knew it as "the Mountain of Life," although I wouldn't care to bet any money on that statement. Near the base of that mountain is where the alien spacecraft most frequently land.

The way Carlos tells his story, it has three levels. At each level, you are kept unaware that he has even more bizarre stuff that will later follow, things that logically he should have mentioned earlier. Apparently this is so that he can lecture to different groups, of different levels of gullibility. Our group got it from all three barrels. Some members of our group possessed credulity of truly cosmic proportions, and the rest of us kept our mouths shut.

One of Carlos Diaz' "plasma ships," shooting down a light beam.

The first level is the story of Carlos the UFO spotter, a professional photographer who often sees and photographs alien Plasma Ships on the outskirts of Tepoztlan. After about an hour of this, we take a short break, then he begins the second level: the story of Levitated Carlos, who has actually been taken on board the plasma ships, a fact he somehow neglected to mention during the previous segment. Unfortunately, when he was taken aboard he wasn't able to see much. Apparently, the "Plasma" that comprises the alien craft is something like a combination of fog and chewing gum. Walking in any direction was difficult, and no matter where he would go all he could see was more plasma.

Following another short break, we heard the story of Carlos the Adamski-style contactee. His outer space friend often lands, and they go for long nocturnal walks in the desert, where the alien dispenses cosmic wisdom. The evening concluded with an apocalyptic warning of impending ecological doom unless mankind repents of its sinful selfish ways and stops harming the planet. This obviously-heartfelt message is especially significant coming as it does not merely from Carlos, who might be safely ignored, but instead from the extraterrestrials themselves!

Carlos Diaz sells autographed offset prints - not photos - of his supposed "Plasma Ships" for US $20 each, a price which would strike me as quite high even in New York City, let alone in Mexico. We were discreetly warned not to trust Diaz by paying in advance, as others had not received prints they had paid for. His UFOs look mostly like featureless blotches, and even Jaime Maussan privately admitted that he has a difficult time accepting them as authentic. Interestingly, Carlos told us that he does not believe the "UFO abduction" reports coming from the U.S.; they're just too bizarre for him to swallow.

Warning! Evacuation of the Earth in Tepoztlan!

There was a huge banner strung across the main street of Tepoztlan, proclaiming a coming "evacuation of the earth" via flying saucer, under the supervision of the Ashtar command. I asked Carlos what this was about. He shrugged and replied that he knows nothing about it, as it was put up by a different UFO group.
Tepoztlan was also the site of another little-known but nonetheless momentous UFO encounter: it is the site where the controversial conspiracy-oriented Black Muslim minister, the Rev. Louis Farrakhan, was swept up from the ground to a huge mother-ship hovering overhead. Farrakhan claims that on Sept. 17, 1985, he was beamed up from the Aztec pyramid on the mountain at Tepoztlan to a UFO, where he was warned by the voice of the late Elijah Muhammed of Ronald Reagan's forthcoming "genocide plot" against Qadaffi's Libya (the air raids in retaliation for Libya's support of anti-American terrorists).

Looking for "energy lines" on the spot where Diaz meets the Plasma Ships.

We went to the soccer field near the supposed "Mountain of Life" (male side), where Carlos supposedly encounters the Plasma Ships. On a previous trip, Colin Andrews had detected "energy lines" on this spot, too, and he traced them out in a rectangular grid using his dowsing rod. Several people tried dowsing the "energy lines" without much success, until finally the rod was picked up by a woman who claims a pattern of repeated UFO abduction. She quickly dowsed a pattern of "energy lines" on the soccer field, and people were directed to stand to mark the positions where the "energy lines" crossed. What this exercise accomplished, if anything, was unclear, as was the definition of the supposed "energy" she claimed to dowse. No serious attempt was made by the group to determine whether or not these "energy lines" represent anything real. This was an exercise in group psychology, not in physics.

Leaving Tepoztlan for Metepec, in the state of Puebla, the volcano Popocatepetl came into view, one of the largest in the world. In fact, the area was on volcanic alert, and some minor eruptions had occurred in recent months, showering the area with volcanic ash. This volcano figures prominently in UFO lore of the region.

Mario Arminas with one of his UFO drawings.

UFO witness and investigator Mario Arminas of Metepec claims to have made numerous sightings of UFOs in the vicinity of the volcano, and showed us at least a dozen of his drawings. One of them depicts an entire fleet of UFOs going down into the volcano's crater. Another depicts a giant and very ornate UFO, reportedly 300 meters in diameter, with many windows. Mario offers to sell individually hand-painted drawings of his UFOs, US$ 20 for the smaller ones, $30 for the larger. These beautiful handcrafted watercolors offer better value than Carlos Diaz' printed sheets.

Mario has a conspiracy theory involving UFOs and the volcano. The last eruption was provoked, he says, by the earth's superpowers, to obtain a supply of sulfur. (Apparently our country's sulfur shortage has been kept well hidden from the public.) He and others claim to have seen fleets of military helicopters flying up to the volcano, and back again. The former administration of Carlos Salinas is rumored to have actually sold Popocatepetl to foreign interests, who covet its UFO secrets, as well as its sulfur. Mario was worried that our group might have come down to Metepec on behalf of the U.S. Government to obtain UFO secrets from the volcano, and he was unwilling to talk with us unless we swore we were not working on behalf of the U.S. government, or any related agency. All of us gave him our solemn word.

The volcano Popocatepetl

In Metepec, our primary contact was Norberto Gil, leader of the group IFO-IEGA. The group gathers regularly for UFO skywatches at Punta Marconi, a small farm on a hill just outside Metepec, offering an unobstructed view of the sky, and a spectacular vista of Popocatapetl. Even after dark, a volcanic plume could be seen rising skyward from the crater. On this site the IFO-IEGA group has constructed a shack or clubhouse for greater comfort during their UFO vigils. This is one of the sites that was used by the American group CSETI on Mexican trips. We held a skywatch there on two consecutive nights. The site is almost directly under a main air traffic corridor between Mexico and South America, and some members of the group seem to have difficulty distinguishing UFOs from airplanes. Often the UFOs are said to keep to regular nocturnal timetables, which further compounds the confusion between UFOs and scheduled international flights.

People brought tapes of supposed "UFO noises" and "crop circle noises," and practiced group meditation, all in an attempt to communicate with, and hopefully summon, the UFO beings. These are the techniques of CSETI, which IFO-IEGA learned well from their American colleagues. Norberto led the group in meditation and creative visualization. He told us to visualize ourselves slowly rising up from our places in the field, to a series of points successively higher above the ground, then finally out into space beyond the moon, where we would encounter a giant UFO. We would implore it to come and reveal itself to us tonight, much as one might implore any other celestial being. The effect of his talk was much like that of a minister leading his congregation in prayer, imploring an unseen celestial being to grant us our fervent wish.

The UFO Clubhouse in Metepec.

When no UFOs were seen after we had been watching for about an hour and a half, the group retired into the clubhouse to have snacks and get comfortable. Norberto picked up his accordion and led the group in song. He later switched to his guitar. They sang their songs, we sang our songs, the sense of camaraderie and good spirits was unmistakable and infectious; all we lacked were UFOs to make the night complete. The following morning, just before our departure from Metepec, Norberto told us that a UFO had been seen just ten minutes after we had left the previous night. Darn it! But UFOs are like that, always cleverly concealing themselves whenever the danger of their public exposure is the greatest. Like the other Mexican UFOlogists we met, Norberto told us that he and the others in his group do not believe the American UFO abduction reports; they're just too bizarre to accept.

Looking for a gravitational anomaly.

One morning in Metepec we stopped at the site of a supposed "gravitational anomaly" near Punta Marconi. The tourbus was supposed to roll uphill on what was said to be a downhill slope. A complex pattern of local slopes confuses the eye as to where "level" really is. Unfortunately, the bus refused to cooperate. Norberto tried to illustrate the mystery and get the bus rolling, giving it a heroic shove. He is a very strong fellow, but the tourbus refused to keep rolling in any direction, up or down.

In nearby Atlixco, we visited the home of Sr. Lino, an attorney, in whose yard UFOs are said to have landed several times. A ring in the grass was reportedly left as evidence of each landing, although none were visible at the time of our visit. His 16-year-old daughter Adrianna claims to have seen a UFO land in the yard outside her window. She has since begun receiving apocalyptic visions of the earth colliding with a giant asteroid, bigger even than Jupiter. The most dramatic physical evidence presented to us on the entire trip was when Sr. Lino displayed a small stick that he said had been broken when the UFO landed.

Landing evidence - a stick broken by a landed UFO.

We returned to the U.S. in good spirits, yet disappointed that the primary objective of the trip was not met: to witness some of the fabled Mexican UFO encounters with our own eyes. Despite holding four evenings of Skywatches in two of the principal UFO hotspots in Mexico, no anomalous objects of any kind were seen. We met with the leading UFO proponents in Mexico, yet were shown no unusual physical evidence of any kind, and saw no clear or convincing photos or videos. We did see several photos and videos that appear to be sincere misinterpretations of prosaic phenomena. It seems that despite the stories we hear in the U.S. about the supposedly frantic pace of UFO activity south of the border, if you actually go to the hottest UFO hot-spots in Mexico and get the leading UFOlogists to show you their best evidence, you will find nothing more remarkable than the same blurry photos and hazy stories we are accustomed to finding here.

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"Skinwalkers at the Pentagon" - a Book Review about Ghosts and Werewolves

This book came out last October, and I confess that for quite a while I paid little attention to it. 'Oh great,' I thought, 'more loopy stories and fairy tales.' (Which it does contain in abundance.) But after seeing a few excerpts from the book that had been posted, I realized that it was much more than that. After reading it, I realized that this book is by far the most important thing that has yet been written on the subject of AATIP, AAWSAP, and all aspects of the Pentagon UFO/UAP story. The authors are first-hand participants in the events, which they detail and document. James Lacatski administered the AAWSAP program for the Pentagon. I wrote about the reports and other data delivered by that program. Colm Kelleher was the contact person for the contract, working for Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies. George Knapp is a journalist who turns up absolutely anywhere there might be a good story about UFOs. And if you have been following the conventional AATIP story, this book pretty well upends everything you've previously heard on the subject.

The conventional Pentagon UFO story that everyone has heard from Luis Elizondo, Leslie Kean, Tom DeLonge and "To The Stars," etc., goes something like this:
  • The military was getting concerned about Unidentified Aerial Phenomena seen by its pilots, sailors, etc. 
  • They created the AATIP - the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program - to study UAPs. There was also a program called AAWSAP - Advanced Aerospace Weapon System Applications Program - which was the same thing, just a different name. Luis Elizondo headed up the program. Much of what Elizondo knows is classified and cannot be revealed.
  • In 2017, Elizondo resigns his job at the Pentagon, and joins Tom DeLonge's "To The Stars" organization. 
  • Starting in December, 2017, Leslie Kean, with co-authors Michael Blumenthal and Helene Cooper publish a series of articles in the New York Times about "Glowing Auras and Black Money", telling the story of Elizondo and AATIP. This sets off a long-lasting media frenzy, resulting in countless media interviews, and a successful two-season series The Unidentified on the "History" Channel, starring Elizondo, DeLonge, and the "To The Stars" team.
That is the Gospel of AATIP according to Elizondo (and many others). But as Lacatski, Kelleher, and Knapp show, practically none of that is true. And they give specifics about meetings, persons attending, communications, etc. supporting their account. The supposed history of AATIP we have been given has always been rather woozy and lacking details. In this book, however, you will find plenty of specifics. In this version, the history of the Pentagon UAP investigation goes something like this:
  • Pentagon scientist James Lacatski reads the 2005 book The Hunt for the Skinwalker by Kelleher and Knapp, which tells of numerous supposedly paranormal events occurring at Robert Bigelow's so-called "Skinwalker Ranch" in Utah. He is very impressed.
  • Lacatski suggests to Senator Harry Reid (D-NV), and to Bigelow, that the government might fund an investigation into UAPs and allegedly paranormal phenomena "collocated" with UAPs, in the interest of national security.
  • Reid uses his political connections to create the AAWSAP program, with a budget of $22 million. Bigelow creates a new division of his company, BAASS (Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies), which submits the only bid for the contract. 
  • AAWSAP investigates not only claims of UAPs, but alleged paranormal phenomena "collocated" with them. People claim to have 'brought home' poltergeist phenomena and such after visiting Skinwalker Ranch. Blue orbs are also said to menace those who get close to the phenomenon.
  • AAWSAP is funded for two fiscal years, 2009 and 2010. Reid, Lacatski, and others try to get additional funding, but are unsuccessful.
An illustration of AAWSAP investigations (from the podcast The Basement Office)

This is a very different picture than we have been shown before! There have long been hints of this side of AAWSAP, but because of there being so many conflicting accounts of the program(s), many people (including me) were inclined to dismiss them. Way back in May of 2018, KLAS in Las Vegas (where George Knapp works) published an anonymous "Statement from a Senior Manager of BAASS" (who very likely is Kelleher):
The investigations by BAASS provided new lines of evidence showing that the UFO phenomenon was a lot more than nuts and bolts machines that interacted with military aircraft. The phenomenon also involved a whole panoply of diverse activity that included bizarre creatures, poltergeist activity, invisible entities, orbs of light, animal and human injuries and much more. The exclusive focus on nuts and bolts machines could be considered myopic and unproductive in solving the larger mystery of UFOs.
Which is exactly what it says in Skinwalkers at the Pentagon. Apparently Knapp has been dropping bread crumbs for us to follow for quite some time.
What does the book say about AATIP? "AAWSAP was not AATIP" (p. xxiii). AAWSAP had an allocated budget of about $22 million. AATIP had a budget of zero.  "AATIP involved a small group of people working on the UAP problem, with direct knowledge of their superiors, when their day jobs allowed them to." (p. xxiii-xxiv. Although I seem to recall that Elizondo once said that his superiors did not know what he was doing with AATIP.). AATIP was also described as a "small unofficial effort" (p.27). Take that, Elizondo! And what does the book have to say about Elizondo? Very little. He is mentioned just a few times, in passing. About the only insight it gives us  about Elizondo is,
As he enjoyed his steak tartare, Elizondo regaled those around him with some war stories, including one hair-raising exploit  about how his advanced intuition and remote viewing ["psychic"] capabilities had saved his life and the life of his men while on a covert combat mission in Afghanistan (p. 49).
Oh my, so apparently Elizondo brags in private about his psychic powers? Strange that he has not mentioned this in public interviews. He obviously would prefer for this not to become public, so its inclusion suggests  an agenda. 

The "Broad Scope" of AAWSAP Research

The authors emphasize that 
the decision to research paranormal phenomena that co-locate with UAPs and to examine psychic effects in UAP witnesses, in addition to scrutinizing  the core UAP technology itself, was not taken lightly because of the controversial nature of the UAP-paranormal debate....[witnesses] frequently reported poltergeist effects, humanoid-shaped black shadows, loud footsteps, hauntings, discarnate voices, small flying orbs,or some combination thereof, in their homes. These people also regularly reported precognitive, clairvoyant, telepathic, or unusual electromagnetic phenomena, as well as occasional increases in meaningful coincidences in their lives in the aftermath of a UAP encounter  (p. 161).
So with AAWSAP, we are getting not just reports of sightings, but a wide assortment of Things that go Bump in the Night. While some might see this as a bold new approach to UFOs, in fact it has been a part of the writings of UFO theorists like Jacques Vallee, John Keel, etc. for more than fifty years. There is nothing new here. (Vallee worked with AAWSAP on preparing its database.) 

Is this a dagger which I see before me?

We read of a mysterious incident occurring to Lacatski on his very first visit to the Skinwalker ranch:
Mike Oldfield's album Tubular Bells
Abruptly, Lacatski was transfixed by something behind where Bigelow and the [caretaker] couple were chatting: an unearthly technological device had suddenly and silently appeared out of nowhere in the adjacent kitchen. It looked to be a complex semi-opaque, yellowish, tubular structure. Lacatski said nothing but stared at the object, which was hovering silently. He looked away, looked back, and there it still was. It remained visible to Lacatski for no more than 30 seconds before vanishing on the spot (p. 39-40).
Three other people were present, but did not see this. Lacatski later said that the object looked like the illustration on this album cover.

"Bringing Something Home - The Infectious Agent Model" (p. 80).

I wrote in 2018 that Dr. Eric Davis, one of Bigelow's science contractors, claimed that a poltergeist followed him home from the Skinwalker Ranch. Now we read that "Most people who spent more than a day of Skinwalker Ranch brought "something" home with them from the property. The effect was almost universal, and universally unpleasant" (p. 80). What kind of incidents and sightings are we talking about?
  • "The freakish hybrid of small dinosaur and large beaver had silently and suddenly appeared" (p. 56)
  • "nightmarish 'dogmen' appearing in their backyard" (p. 81)
  • "two wine bottles were flung across the room, ceiling fans would turn on," etc. (p. 81).
  • "a large wolf-like creature standing outside his bedroom looking in at him" (p. 84)
  • "strange blue lights flying around his backyard" (p. 84).

Tied into the Skinwalker "mystery" somewhat peripherally is "the Geller effect", when in 1973 several scientists in California testing the Israeli spoonbender's alleged magic powers were supposedly plagued in their homes with UFOs, orbs, and "black shadowy forms" (p. 88). The authors correctly note that physicist Dr. Hal Puthoff was a "central player" both in these tests of Geller, and also "as an AAWSAP BAASS consultant and contractor, in the Axelrod and other post Skinwalker Ranch incidents" (p. 89).  Russell Targ and Hal Puthoff famously investigated Uri Geller back in the early 1970s, and were very impressed by him. Geller's supposed psychic powers were shown by James Randi and other magicians to be bogus

AAWSAP requested, but did not get, funding for a "remote viewing" program, but they conducted a "limited feasibility test." They asked the noted remote viewer Joseph McMoneagle to view a target allegedly unknown to him, which was actually Skinwalker Ranch. His descriptions of it "were excellent" (p. 121). The authors do not mention that back in 1984, McMoneagle was working with the CIA, and attempted a remote viewing of Mars in the year 1 million B.C. He described a "pyramid" that was 20,000 meters tall, and structures with large rooms, built by "an ancient people trying to survive."

We are informed in Chapter 8 that "Blue Orbs Are not Benign" (p. 70), Several accounts are given of humans allegedly being injured or sickened by encounters with nasty Blue Orbs that are said to fly about like angry wasps. When three dogs on the Skinwalker Ranch allegedly disappeared after being menaced by a blue orb, "The rancher" [Terry Sherman] came upon "three black greasy lumps," and "presumed that his three dogs had been incinerated" (p. 76).

There is much more about the Spookernatural in Skinwalkers at the Pentagon, but this review is already long enough, and you get the picture. There is no actual evidence of paranormal phenomena presented, only reports. In several cases, we are told that photos or videos of the incredible phenomenon were taken, but somehow the phenomenon erased itself from the device(s). When I hear such an account, I say to myself, "this story is completely fabricated." But the authors seem to believe such accounts.


Related to the above is is this very interesting Podcast by Steven Greenstreet of the New York Post. I seldom watch or listen to any podcasts, since I can read an author's article in just a few minutes, while their podcast requires thirty minutes or more. But this one is worth watching. First he tells the AATIP story as it's usually told (and I'm thinking "that isn't right). Then he says that all of that is wrong, and presents the actual history, as documented in Skinwalkers at the Pentagon. Strictly speaking, the book does not discuss "werewolves," but to apply that term to reports of a bipedal, wolf-like creature seems pretty appropriate. Likewise, the book does not discuss "ghosts," but does discuss "discarnate voices."

NEW! UFOs, Werewolves & Ghosts | Shocking truth of Pentagon AAWSAP program

Greenstreet pays careful attention to inconsistencies and contradictions of the AATIP narrative, which few have noted. One very important point made by Greenstreet is where he quotes Leslie Kean, prime mover behind the highly influential Fake News stories about AATIP in the New York Times, explaining that she did not mention that ghosts, werewolves, etc. were being studied because "the angle I was taking in my reporting was to try to get credibility for the subject." So she admits that she was writing not as a journalist, but as an advocate. The New York Times has yet to correct or retract any of the articles she wrote, which deliberately misrepresent the Pentagon's UFO investigation program.

I love it! The New York Post is taking the New York Times to the woodshed over its fake news reporting, not long after the New York Times dismissed the New York Post's explosive Hunter Biden laptop story as Fake News (now sheepishly admitted to be genuine). I'm thinking that perhaps the New York Post is becoming the new 'Newspaper of Record!'

Thursday, June 23, 2022

Meet the Face of the Pentagon's "UAP Task Force" - Dr. Travis Taylor!

For some time now we have been hearing about the Pentagon's Task Force to investigate UAPs/UFOs. We didn't know who any of them were, but honestly we were not impressed by their investigative skills. They apparently were fooled by a Mylar balloon photographed by a pilot, described as an  “extremely clear” photograph of an unidentifiable triangular aircraft (but looking very much like a Batman party balloon). They did not understand that the 'triangle shaped objects' supposedly swarming US Navy ships were just out-of-focus images of an airplane, stars, and the planet Jupiter. And the Task Force apparently made little or no effort to seriously investigate the original Pentagon "big three" UAP videos, about which there is a great deal of analysis on Metabunk and elsewhere, suggesting they are prosaic objects. If the UAP Task Force believed that the object in the "go fast" video was actually "going fast," then they didn't understand simple geometry.

But on June 21, the UFO reporter with the mostest, George Knapp of KLAS-TV in Las Vegas, revealed one of the members of that task force to be none other than Dr. Travis Taylor: "Physicist reveals he’s a UFO hunter for the Pentagon".

Television viewers know astrophysicist Dr. Travis Taylor as an intrepid investigator of UFOs and the paranormal at Skinwalker Ranch and on other History Channel programs. Only a handful of people in the world knew that Taylor was leading a double life, secretly working as the chief scientist for the Pentagon’s UAP Task Force. 
“I would say other than the people who already knew on the task force, you’re the first person to figure it out, George,” Taylor said.

As a scientific prodigy, Taylor earned advanced degrees at a young age and has spent his entire adult life working on classified projects, first for the U.S. Army, then for defense contractors. He wrote a book about how the U.S. government should prepare for alien contact which caught the attention of Jay Stratton, a high-ranking intelligence official who has been involved with each of the Pentagon’s Secretive UFO investigations including AAWSAP, the largest UFO program of all, managed by the Defense Intelligence Agency, based at Bigelow Aerospace in Las Vegas, funded with $22 million secured by late U.S. Sen. Harry Reid.  Stratton worked with AAWSAP, then its successor program AATIP. Later, he took charge of a third effort, the UAP Task Force, long before Congress formally created that team.   

Dr. Travis Taylor uses his knowledge of astronomy to help seekers of buried treasure (so far unsuccessfully).

So now we know the names of two members of the UAP Task Force - Jay Stratton and Travis Taylor. Blogger Jason Colavito wasted no time in responding:

Travis Taylor Admits to Being a Paid Government UFO Researcher... While serving in this capacity, Taylor appeared on CBS Sunday Morning in 2021 to analyze UFO videos and comment on the imminent UFO report without disclosing to CBS or to the audience that he was a paid government UFO researcher working on that very report. He has appeared since then on both Ancient Aliens and The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch to analyze and research UFOs without disclosing to the audience that he served as a paid government analyst of the same material he discussed on the History channel as an “independent” analyst. Taylor also works for a defense contractor analyzing UFOs for the federal government. Taylor and his former UAPTF boss both now work for the same contractor.

The shocking lack of ethics astonishes even me, as does the incestuous relationship between government UFO “research” and cable TV UFO media. This is the second time a star of a History channel show “investigating” UFOs admitted to also serving as a paid government UFO researcher. Lue Elizondo’s lawyer, Danny Sheehan, recently admitted that Elizondo has been the lead UFO analyst for Space Command, during a period when he presented himself in the media—including on 60 Minutes as well as his History channel show Unidentified—as an independent ex-government analyst...

We should all be disgusted that the Pentagon and Congress continue to patronize the same crew of lying spooks and kooks orbiting Skinwalker Ranch—people who have turned up no evidence of aliens or space ghosts after decades of taxpayer-subsidized research, people who frequent shows claiming racist space aliens had sex with prehistoric women, people who grift across UFO conferences and media, people who have no compunction about lying to the public while collecting media and government checks. It’s corrupt, and bright red line that should never be crossed.

Dr. Taylor is a big star on the "History" channel (I use parentheses because that channel no longer presents shows about actual history, but instead promotes far-out claims.) He appeared on  The Curse Of Oak Island (Episode "Rock Solid," Season 6) to suggest that a constellation map superimposed over Oak Island yields the location of buried treasure of the Knights Templar. (Those avid treasure hunters have now been searching Oak Island for eight seasons, but have yet to find the treasure.)

Dr. Taylor is a regular guest on The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch, where (among other feats) he devised a "startling experiment" that "proves alien civilization." (How it proves that is not explained.)

He has even appeared on Ancient Aliens, where he teamed up with Giorgio Tsoukalos to test the flight characteristics of a model aircraft made from descriptions of sky vehicles called "Vimanas" in ancient Hindu texts. They found that it's a good aerodynamic design!

Travis Taylor and Giorgio Tsoukalos check out a supposed aircraft design from ancient aliens

Dr Taylor told George Knapp,

One of the primary jobs of the task force was to write a report to Congress summarizing the known evidence about UFOs.  The team had already created a classified briefing consisting of the most intriguing military encounters, starting with the 2004 Tic Tac incident. The task force whittled down a huge database into 144 of the very best cases. Dr. Taylor helped write the final report.

“We picked sources that were, we knew had a chain of custody of the data,” Taylor said. “And out of those 144 to 143 of them, we still couldn’t figure out what they were, where they came from and what their intent was.”

I'm starting to see why the Task Force was so unsuccessful in identifying its UAPs! 

Wednesday, May 18, 2022

"UAPs" Baffle Congress (and the DOD)

So, Tuesday, May 17 was the day that the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence held its hearings. This is the first public Congressional hearing about UFOs since 1968. You can read the transcript of the hearing here. Some sources were promising dramatic revelations

Rep. Tim Burchett - a long term advocate for disclosure - told The Sun Online he has been informed by reliable sources that "material" has been recovered from the objects or craft that have been reported in skies over the US. The Tennessee Republican declined to elaborate further as he said the information had been passed to him in a "classified setting". "I've been told by multiple sources we have recovered something from these [crafts or objects]," Mr Burchett told The Sun Online.

But there were none. No secrets were "disclosed" - in fact, we heard from Scott Bray, Deputy Director of Naval Intelligence, that the government has no evidence of ET visitations, and does not possess any wreckage, or biological remains from supposed UAPs. He talked about 'range incursions,' i.e. supposed intrusions into military training areas by objects that don't belong there. I have written about this earlier. It seems that the Navy only cares about unidentified objects supposedly entering their own private sandbox. If unidentified objects turn up elsewhere, the Navy apparently doesn't care. Actually, since the Tic Tac and the Gimble UAP videos probably show distant jets, we don't know how far away they are, and thus, whether or not they are actually inside the military training area. Maybe it would be better to speak of unidentified objects sighted from within such training areas, without making the assumption that such objects are actually inside the area.

The hearing was, on the whole, rather dull. As you might expect, much of it was taken up with bureaucratic talk. Everyone promised that their investigations would be objective and scientific, and that they would reveal everything they have, except for information that might compromise intelligence sources or methods. All of which means nothing, because they could not get away with saying anything else! 😏 There was much talk about sensors and databases and such, as if such things have ever produced useful information about any UFO case.

UFO researcher Martin Kottmeyer noted on Facebook,

Video 1 UAP 2021, the best UAP evidence that Naval
Intelligence has! Aren't you impressed???

Just a quick note to say I watched the UAP hearing held this morning.  It was pretty droll stuff, but I did find incredibly amusing a five minute or so segment where a very short UAP clip was presented via a lap-top and it was obvious that people were having trouble finding the UAP in it.  Eventually someone is able to stop it in the right place to see a small streak of light flitting past the plane.
75 years of ufo mystery and we are still having to endure looking at blobs and specks of light like they prove anything.

Indeed. The object in their "Video 1 UAP 2021" was so insignificant and difficult to see that it had to be played over and over several times before the object was even seen. When finally it was caught in a freeze frame, it was just a tiny round object with no details. Very likely this was just a balloon that the aircraft flew past at a high rate of speed. They show this as some of their best evidence, and we are supposed not to laugh?
Then Bray showed two videos "taken through night vision 'goggles,' with a single lens reflex camera." I was trying to envision how you attach a single lens reflex camera to night vision goggles, and finally concluded that you don't. I think he means, this was taken with a camera held up to the eyepiece of the goggles. High tech!!! The objects, he says, "remain unsolved." At least he seemed to realize that the triangular shape of the objects was an artifact of the camera diaphragm ("Bokeh," to be exact). But the objects themselves are, he said, unidentified. 
Unidentified? On April 13, 2021 some dude calling himself Dylan the Villain posted this image on Twitter, identifying the objects seen at the start of the now-famous IR video as Jupiter, and several stars in Scorpius.  Mick West took the matter further, identifying more stars seen later in the video. As a longtime active amateur astronomer, I've checked this over, and it is indeed correct. Somehow this analysis was too difficult for Naval Intelligence to perform, it had to be left to civilian investigators on Twitter and Metabunk. Perhaps you recall the old joke about "military intelligence" being a contradiction in terms. Well, Naval Intelligence is proving that sometimes the "joke" is really truth.

Dylan the Villain posted this on Twitter, identifying the objects seen at the start of the video as Jupiter, and several stars in Scorpius. Apparently this was too difficult for Naval Intelligence to figure out.

Rep. Rick Crawford (Republican from Arkansas) sort of staked out his position as the skeptic on the committee. He began by saying that he is more concerned about studying Chinese and Russian hypersonic weapons than UAPs. But since studying UAP reports might yield information on such weapons, "I am on board. The intelligence community has a serious duty to our taxpayers to prevent potential adversaries such as China and Russia from surprising us with unforeseen new technologies." Later in the hearing, Crawford remarked to Ronald S. Moultrie, Under Secretary of Defense Intelligence & Security (USDI&S) that the resolution and details of the UAP images we've been shown are simply terrible. We are "calibrating" our sensors, Moultrie replied.

What was perhaps the most distressing moment of the entire hearing was toward the end, when Darin LaHood (Republican from Illinois) asked, what are the consequences for individuals and groups who put out false information about UAPs? Moultrie replied that nobody has thus far been held legally accountable. What is the deterrent for such individuals for Disinformation or Misinformation? I don't know, Moultrie replied, Congress needs to decide this.

In other words, some people are eager to have Biden's new Ministry of Truth adjudicate, censor, and perhaps punish, those promoting "false information" about UFOs. Now, I have been debunking "misinformation" about UFOs for many years, but this is one of the worst ideas I heave ever heard on that subject. Of course, much of what is said about UFOs by prominent UFOlogists is pure "misinformation," but I am terrified at the thought of some government agency deciding what is true and what isn't, and punishing offenders. I mean, Steven Greer and Corey Goode would be serving life sentences. This is the land of the free (or at least it used to be), and the idea of the government policing discourse, deciding what can be freely said and what cannot, would establish a full-blown political tyranny, where disagreeing with our rulers is punishable, just as in the days of the Divine Right of Kings. Liberals used to say, I might disagree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it. Today's liberals say, if I disagree with what you say, you must be silenced, and maybe even punished. Be afraid, be very afraid.


For those interested to compare today's Congressional hearing with the one 54 years ago, the full record of the 1968 hearings is on-line here. The format was quite different from what we are seeing now. An impressive-looking list of 'UFO experts' was assembled to tell the U.S. House Committee on Science and Astronautics that UFOs are something very important, and need to be studied.

List of UFO experts who testified in the 1968 Congressional Hearings

Seeing Carl Sagan among the speakers, you might think that he was invited as a 'token skeptic.' Alas, it is not so. In his testimony to the 1968 hearings, Carl Sagan said: 

I might mention that, on this symposium, there are no individuals who strongly disbelieve in the extraterrestrial origin of UFO's and therefore there is a certain view, not necessarily one I strongly agree with -- but there is a certain view this committee is not hearing today, along those lines.

In other words, Sagan was saying that there were no strong skeptics on that panel. (Donald Menzel was solidly skeptical, but while he submitted a paper, he was not on the panel.) Since Sagan was himself on the panel, it's obvious that Sagan did not himself "strongly disbelieve" in the ETH at this time. 

I do not think the evidence is at all persuasive, that UFO's are of intelligent extraterrestrial origin, nor do I think the evidence is convincing that no UFO's are of intelligent extraterrestrial origin. I think as each of the preceding speakers has mentioned, but perhaps not sufficiently emphasized, that the question is very much an open one, and it is certainly too soon to harden attitudes and make any permanent contentions on the subject.  

That sounds like something written by Marcello Truzzi! Klass referred to Sagan's ET ambiguity several times in private correspondence. Klass suggested that Sagan would say anything he thought would help to get his SETI funded. He didn't trust Sagan, as many others did not, in part because Sagan was blaming the Cold War and the arms race on US nuclear weapons policies (but not on Soviet ones). Sagan seemed to be rooting for the 'other side.'

Saturday, April 16, 2022

Pentagon UFO Papers - More Releases, More Confusion

So by now probably everyone has heard about the latest round of UFO-related documents released by the Pentagon via FOIA. And do they sound exciting, if the headlines are to be believed.

The tabloid Daily Mail reported, "UFOs sightings have left witnesses with radiation burns, brain damage and 'perceived time suspension', according to interviews in newly released Pentagon report from 2010". Luis Elizondo, whose claims of  having led the Pentagon's AATIP UFO investigation program are not supported by any documentary evidence, is said to have "confirmed" to Tucker Carlson on Fox news that UFOs have "caused harm" to humans. Even more surprisingly,

The second game-changing reveal Mr. Elizondo shared was shared during a discussion about how some pilots and other individuals who had come in close contact with UFOs had some negative brain damage and radiation burns. It was then that Mr. Elizondo pointed out that while this was indeed the case, there were also cases where exposed individuals had positive effects from the close contact with UFOs.

Mr. Elizondo then said some of these individuals suddenly developed artistic abilities, such as being able to "play the piano," even though they never had a lesson. Some of them also developed Extra Sensory Perception (ESP) skills, he said

Even the normally-reliable wrote  

Encounters with UFOs have reportedly left Americans suffering from radiation burns, brain and nervous system damage, and even "unaccounted for pregnancy," according to a massive database of U.S. government reports recently made public through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request.

citing as their authority The Sun.

Well, that's not accurate. 

Claims of physical effects following alleged UFO encounters are discussed in just one of the AAWSAP papers. Jack Brewer recently wrote a long posting for his Blog The UFO Trail titled  "The UFO Injury Study that Wasn't." In it he writes,

Dr. Christopher "Kit" Green is well known among those with an eye to the UFO genre for reasons including his work with the CIA and corporations controlled by Robert Bigelow. In approximately 2010 he provided a paper to Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies for inclusion in the Advanced Aerospace Weapon Systems Application Program. The AAWSAP contract was awarded to BAASS by the Defense Intelligence Agency. Green's paper, one of some 38 collected by BAASS at the time, is titled Anomalous Acute and Subacute Field Effects on Human Biological Tissues.

The paper attempts to summarize evidence of injury to human observers by "anomalous advanced aerospace systems," and argues the possibility such systems can be reverse engineered through clinical diagnosis of the injured observers. The paper was recently included among a batch of documents released by the DIA in response to FOIA requests but is not entirely new to those closely following the saga.

The newfound attention propelled the paper to be mischaracterized rather far and wide, misrepresented as portraying DIA official conclusions that people were seriously injured during otherworldly UFO encounters. In actuality, the paper was authored by a consultant who unequivocally stated during the April 6 phone call he absolutely believes the cases he studied are indicative of human technology.
So, according to the author of that paper, even if the reported physiological effects following a supposed UFO encounter are indeed accurate and relevant, they are the result of human technology, not of aliens. And remember that correlation does not imply causation.  Also remember that such claims have been circulating in UFOlogy for many years, reported by Jacques Vallee and many others. In one such case (the "Doctor X" case), a war veteran's serious wounds allegedly were immediately healed after he was struck by a beam of light from a UFO. But extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof, which clearly is lacking here.

Then there are accounts of an "unexpected pregnancy," "gynecological problems," or a woman's "missing pregnancy," after a UFO abduction. 

Marty Kottmeyer dug up these references for one of Dr. Green's 'unexplained pregnancy' cases.

The veteran Canadian UFO researcher Chris Rutkowski wrote on the Facebook group "UFO Updates" (April 11), "It's pretty sad, yes, that a wild claim by a Canadian contactee made it into a US government report without vetting of any kind. It makes you wonder if other "data" in the Pentagon reports are similar." Indeed. 

And while we're on the subject, we should note that Travis Walton has also reported the UFO abduction-related "missing pregnancy" of his (unnamed) girlfriend.

Then there is the matter of, what exactly did the Pentagon get for the $22 million that it gave to Bigelow Advanced Aerospace in accordance with AAWSAP?  For some time,  the only known output of the program was the 38 papers on weird science (known as DIRDs, "Defense Information Research Documents"), with subjects like "warp drives" and "positron propulsion." But wait - now there's more!

NEWSTALK BREAKFAST  [Ireland], April 1, 2022.
Colm Kelleher is interviewed: "Meet the Irishman who headed up The Pentagon search for UFOs". Kelleher worked on the Bigelow side of the $22 million AAWSAP contract.
"And by the end of the two-year programme, which the Defence Intelligence Agency funded, for $22m we had submitted 104 separate technical reports on UFOs."
If there were only 38 papers funded by the DIA under AAWSAP, I asked, what about the other 66 papers we hadn't heard about? Researcher Curt Collins pointed out that the recently-published book  Skinwalkers at the Pentagon: An Insiders' Account of the Secret Government UFO Program by James Lacatski, Colm Kelleher, and George Knapp, contains an appendix listing a jumble of papers supposedly representing all of AAWSAP's output, all thrown together in a way that makes them almost impossible to read or analyze. I took the liberty of inserting numbers and formatting characters into this list (below). All 38 of the DIRDs are included, and are so labelled. Here we see 106 items, not 104. Which brings up the question: When can we see the still-unreleased 68 remaining items?
Another thing that turned up in the recent documents: As Curt Collins observes
The disclosure finally makes it clear that the Advanced Aerospace Weapon System Application Program (AAWSAP) and the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP) were the same entity. AATIP was the “Unclassified Nickname” used by Senator Harry Reid when asking for Special Access Program status and funding for the project.
Perhaps, but it is difficult to reconcile this with certain previous statements by Lacatski, who we know headed up AAWSAP. He said,
But there was a difference between the two programs [mine and Elizondo's]. Ours [AAWSAP] had $22 million dollars in funding, his [AATIP] had zero. Ours looked at military and civilian investigations, his looked at military exclusively. And we had, of course, contractor and subcontractor support. He had no contractor support. But he did his thing, we did ours. But I can say that in direct answer to your question, we were the only game in town, I would say from 2008 through 2012
So far as I am aware, Elizondo has never disputed this statement, and has had only praise for Lacatski. So how to reconcile the question of comparing AAWSAP and AATIP? 

Appendix I

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— From Skinwalkers at the Pentagon: An Insiders' Account of the Secret Government UFO Program by James Lacatski, Colm Kelleher, and George Knapp