Thursday, December 3, 2020

Disclosure Strikes Again!

As regular readers of this Blog surely know, as well as anyone else who has been following the UFO scene for more then a short time, episodes of Disclosure Mania are regular occurrences. Many in UFOOLogy get very excited, and proclaim their expectation that sometime very soon, the government will "disclose" what they know about UFOs and aliens. Of course, that never happens. We recently experienced one such episode in July, and  now are in the midst of yet another. Unsurprisingly, it was "UFO Jesus" on November 24 leading the way:

 It was also hinted at on November 13 by UFO filmmaker James Fox,

Well, "UFO Jesus"  hit it right on the head. Something happened on December 2, but it wasn't "disclosure." There was an article by Tim McMillan published on-line in The Debrief, called "Fast Movers and Transmedium Vehicles -  The Pentagon's Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force." Like most articles supposedly "disclosing" something, it was a huge disappointment. What did we learn from the article?

  • Classified breifings were held recently for Senators by the Pentagon's "UAP" Task Force. But we already knew that.
  • Unnamed supposedly high officials "told The Debrief that there was much more going on behind closed doors." Inspecific claims from unnamed persons.
  • "Multiple sources confirmed for The Debrief that the UAPTF had issued two classified intelligence position reports, which one individual described as “shocking.” ". Unnamed sources making unnamed "shocking" claims.
  • Then we are treated to an embedded YouTube video of a supposed UFO video taken at the Nellis AFB Range by government contractors in 1994, which had already appeared on national TV shows in 1995. The relevance of this video to whatever is supposedly happening in Washington now is: none whatsoever. In fact, if you watch this video from about 7:00 on, it is clearly seen to be a fly, bee, or other insect hovering in front of the camera. You can even see its wings flapping. It looks very much like another famous Fly UFO video, of which Leslie Kean has been a big promoter
Irrelevant embedded "UAP video" in the article, from Nellis in 1994. Appears to be another Fly UFO.
  • "One of the intelligence reports, released in 2018, is said to have provided a general overview of the UAP topic and included details of previous military encounters. According to sources who had read it, the report also contained an unreleased photograph of an “aerial phenomena” categorized as “unidentified.” The Debrief was told the accompanying photo was captured from within the cockpit of an F/A-18 fighter jet with a pilot’s personal cell phone. According to three U.S. officials who had seen it, the photo showed an unidentified silver “cube-shaped” object. The report is said to have indicated the object was “hovering” or completely motionless when military pilots encountered it." So, unnamed sources say that there is an unreleased photo of a UFO from a fighter jet. Wow!!
  • But it gets better: "Overwhelmingly, everyone The Debrief spoke with said the most striking feature of the recently released UAPTF intelligence position report was the inclusion of new and “extremely clear” photograph of an unidentifiable triangular aircraft. The photograph, which is said to have also been taken from inside the cockpit of a military fighter jet, depicted an apparent aerospace vehicle described as a large equilateral triangle with rounded or “blunted” edges and large, perfectly spherical white “lights” in each corner. Officials who had seen it said the image was captured in 2019 by an F/A-18 fighter pilot. Two officials that received the report said the photo was taken after the triangular craft emerged from the ocean and began to ascend straight upwards at a 90-degree angle. It was indicated that this event occurred off the eastern coast of the United States. Several other sources confirmed the photo’s existence; however, they declined to provide any further specifics of the incident." So, more unnamed officials commenting on an unseen photograph. Double wow!

McMillan's article gives us an artist's recreation of what the reported "triangular aircraft" looks like:

 Fans of Disclosure and  "To The Stars," like Chris Mellon, praised McMillan's article as "A must-read article for anyone interested in US national security. Excellent work." On the other hand, blogger Jason Colavito wrote "New Article Claims Military Has "Clear" Photo of Flying Triangle Rising from Ocean," calling McMillan's article "a bit shaggy and at times somewhat unclear."

But lo, the very next day McMillan publishes a second article in that same publication, titled "Leaked Photo Surfaces of Purported Unidentified Aerial Phenomena." In it, we see the photo itself, here greatly enlarged:

 The leaked photo of an "unidentifiable triangular aircraft," included in the "UAPTF intelligence position report". 

Frankly, it looks like a balloon to me. The longtime British UFO researcher Isaac Koi noted the amazing similarity of this leaked "triangular UFO" (center) to a Batman Balloon made of Mylar:

Of course, the balloon might have had Superman on it, or Spider Man. We can't resolve it clearly enough to tell.

So this is all it takes to baffle the Pentagon's "UAP experts:" a mylar balloon, and a fly. Thus endeth the latest episode of Disclosure Follies. No doubt many more episodes will follow.

Once again, believers in "Disclosure" end up disappointed.

Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Here Comes - PROOF!

PROOF is a paranormal-themed TV show. In May of 2019 I went up to Hollywood to be filmed for this show, and frankly had all but forgotten about it. A few weeks ago, I asked myself "Whatever has happened to that show? I guess it did not succeed?"

Well, its first season (and perhaps only season) has just been released on Amazon Prime. At present, it is not available anywhere else. It has thirteen episodes. So far I have only watched Episode 5 (ShadowPeople), which is the first episode I appear in. I also appear in Episodes 6 (Cryptids), and 11 (Weather Control). 

Imagine that, not believing in Shadow People!

The format of the show is along these lines: some rather flaky claims are made by people that serious researchers would haardly find credible. Several of them have paranormal YouTube channels, the kind that millennials watch in the course of doing "research." The proponents have most of the time to present their claims. Then skeptics are given a somewhat briefer opportunity to try to refute them. I was introduced as a "Mathematician and Astronomer." I told them I majored in math at the university, so I guess that makes me a "mathematician." One does use math in writing software, which I've done a lot of. As for "astronomer," I suppose that sort of describes me, although I've always been just an amateur.

It is good to be "Starring" in anything, even if my name is spelled wrong.

In this episode, I talked about sleep paralysis and how it applies to people who think that supernatural entities are barging into their bedrooms and holding them immobile. But who am I to argue with Shauna Grace, who is a "Celebrity Psychic" and "Empath Specialist"???

Other skeptics appearing are Michael Shermer of the Skeptics Society in Episodes 2 (Miracles), 4 (Denver Airport Conspiracy), and 9 (EVP), and James Underdown of the CFIIG  in Episodes 7 (Secret Societies), 10 (Demonic Possession), and 12 (Alien Abduction). I arranged to meet up with Shermer at the close of the day's filming, and we had a nice chat.

If you are curious to watch this, Amazon Prime will give you a 30 day free preview, after which you can cancel if you don't like the service. Each episode is 25 minutes long, which I assume was intended to fit into a 30 minute slot with 5 minutes of commercials. Presumably they were hoping to run the series, with commercials, on the "History" Channel or other major cable channel. When viewing it on Amazon Prime, there are no commercials, suggesting that Amazon paid less for the show than the producers were hoping to get, as it won't be bringing in advertising revenue. It's a dog-eat-dog media world!