Sunday, April 17, 2011

Another Doomsday Coming this Year in September

As many of my readers already know, the Rapture and all that end-of-the-world stuff is supposed to start on May 21, only five weeks from now. And of course, there is the biggie on Dec. 21, 2012, when a whole lot of manure is supposed to hit the Great Celestial Fan (different accounts vary, but all agree that something Really Significant is supposed to happen then). However, I just learned that the world is ending (or at least getting all messed up) at least one more time this year, probably in September, when Comet Elenin (C/2010 X1) comes to Perihelion (its closest approach to the sun).
animation of Comet Elenin's motion from Gustavo Muler, Observatorio Nazaret (Lanzarote, Canary Island):::

This information (more accurately, misinformation) comes to us from one Laura Knight Jadczyk, who channels messages from the Cassiopeans . Superficially this looks very similar to Nancy Lieder, who channels doomsday messages about Planet X from the Zetas . However, Ms. Jadczyk emphasises that Comet Elenin is not Planet X, and it is not going to collide with earth. The Cassiopeans explain that they are not strictly speaking extraterrestrials, but rather in some way our "future selves."

This is a faint comet, now visible only with difficulty in large amateur telescopes but expected to become visible in binoculars this fall. Why is it of so much interest? For some conspiracy-oriented websites, it's primarily that the media has been strangely silent about the comet. For Ms. Jadczyk, it's because the Cassiopeans told her that the outburst of 596 Scheila, an object believed to be an asteroid that began outgassing and revealed itself to be a comet, was related to Comet Elenin in some unspecified way. She also ties this in with  James McCanney's Plasma Theory of comets, and similar "electric universe" theories about comets being "electric."

Just as you don't find "Creation Science" any more, just "Intelligent Design," you also don't find "Velikovskian" theories - it's now the "electric universe." As I understand it, all comets are filled with electricity according to these latter-day Velikovskiians, and so when Comet Elenin reaches the inner solar system, supposedly it's going to zap all of the planets with big lightning bolts. Ms. Jadczyk thinks that the greatest danger to earth will be on Sept. 27 and Nov. 23 of this year, although the comet will never get closer than about 21 million miles from the earth. This is indeed closer than the Earth ever comes to Venus or Mars, but still about 100 times the distance to the moon.

From a standpoint of science, of course this "electric universe" stuff is all nonsense. There are no regions of "positive charge" and "negative charge" in our solar system, and the sun does not produce its energy from electricity. (According to these guys, the sun and other stars are not nuclear furnaces, but rather electric heaters, heated up by supposed massive electric currents circulating across the Milky Way, energy apparently from nowhere.)  In any case, Comet Elenin will have about as much effect on earth as did Halley's Comet, which is none at all. And the Comet Elenin Doomsday will be as destructive as was Nancy Lieder's Doomsday from the imaginary Planet X in May, 2003, or that of the asteroid Toutatis in 2006.


  1. Those who accept the Hill's experience as a genuine abduction by ETs tell us, based on Betty Hill's famous star map, that the abductors originated from Zeta Reticuli. Yet we never hear of any channeling from these Reticulans. For example, have they ever predicted our ultimate fate or anything about our planet's future? Adamski's Venusians made such predictions but not, it seems, the Zeta Reticulans. Why not?

  2. You wrote:

    "However, I just learned that the world is ending (or at least getting all messed up) at least one more time this year, probably in September, when Comet Elenin (C/2010 X1) comes to Perihelion (its closest approach to the sun)."

    Well, to *learn* something you should study scientific sources (though not necessarily only from the "mainstream science". So called "black sheeps of science" also deserves a serious attention - the more sources your consult and scrutinize - the better. Other, non-scientific sources can only serve as a guidance or an inspiration - for a serious research. Also, there is no real learning without making errors and learning from these errors. You have made a small error about learning, now you got a chance to learn something from this error :-)


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