Friday, July 8, 2011

Happy World UFO Disclosure Day!

As you may have heard, UFO activists have declared today, July 8, as the first-ever "World Disclosure Day". This date was chosen because it's the anniversary of what they see as the beginning of the  supposed Roswell crash cover-up. According to AOL Weird News, Stephen Bassett is "a registered lobbyist who runs the Extraterrestrial Phenomena Political Action Committee, an organization that since the late 1990s has been demanding Congress release information about the presence of aliens as soon as possible." He says "There was an arms race, a space race, and now we have a disclosure race. There are a dozen or so countries that might well effect disclosure tomorrow. It is hoped the Obama administration will become aware of this and take action." However, the Big Oil companies are pressuring the government to keep secret the free energy that alien technology offers us. So here we are, sixty-four years later, and the U.S. government still has not "disclosed" the presence of aliens all around us.

In honor of Disclosure Day, let me quote a few of the optimistic "disclosure" predictions of the past:

  • " It is my analysis that the ending of the official government's UFO cover-up began August 7, 1996... we may expect further announcements related to UFOs and extraterrestrial life, after the November 5 election." UFOlogist Dr. Richard Boylan, 
    • “Before the year is out, the Government perhaps the President—is expected to make what are described as 'unsettling disclosures' about UFOs” - U.S. News & World Report, April 18, 1977.
    • “Aliens... will begin trans­mitting their secrets to us no later than August, 1977” - Jeane Dixon, 1976.
    • “We predict that by 1975 the government will release definite proof that extraterrestrials are watching us.” - Ralph and Judy Blum, in Beyond Earth: Man's Contact with UFOs (1974).
    • “The time is getting near when the U.S. Air Force will have to end its longstanding tactic of concealment.” - Syndicated columnist Roscoe Drum­mond, 1974.
    • “FLYING SAUCERS—THE REAL STORY: U.S. BUILT FIRST ONE IN 1942. Jet-propelled disks can outfly other planes ... By choosing which [jet] noz­zles to turn on or off and the angle of tilt, the pilot could make the saucer rise or descend vertically, hover, or fly straight ahead, or make sharp turns… a big advance in the science of flying... No official announcements are being made yet, but about the only big secret left is "who makes them." Evidence points to Navy experiments... ” - News “scoop” in U.S. News & World Report, April 7, 1950.

    Happy World Disclosure Day! (But don't hold your breath waiting for it.)


    1. For the record:

      July 8 was my mother's birthday. It was also the date of my first ever flight in a plane (seaplane over Long Island, New York). It was also my daughter's wedding day, exactly a century after after her grandmother's birth.

      Now you see the importance of this earth-shattering day.

    2. Hi Robert, I don't know if you are aware of my work on the Billy Meier UFO case but I'd be delighted to discuss it with you. Since the common belief among skeptics is that it's a "hoax", I should also inform you that not only does the evidence prove otherwise but I've had quite a good time engaging my friends at IIG West on the matter and, well, let's say I think that you and I could have fun, spirited conversation about it.

      Please see my recent blog:

      Saying Goodbye to the Skeptical Challenge

      I look forward to hearing from you!

      Michael Horn

    3. Robert. Please debunk the myth about giant ufo's orbiting the sun. Thx.

    4. I don't think my knee jerk reaction is "Its a Hoax". Rather my knee jerk reaction is..."What will identify it". Or "How can we identify it?" and "will it be worth my time and effort to decide one way or the other?

      Unfortunately, I am rarely in possession of enough facts to make a decision either way, so I tend to fall back on occams razor...if I don't know what it is, then it must be an "Unidentified" flying object.

      My other fall back position is "I can't be bothered to find out one way or the other". I think most people feel that way, and if they take any side, it will be the side that provides the least work for them. Since the world seems to be filled with punkers, con men and tricksters, my feeling is that anybody with evidence must eliminate the con artists and tricksters from the mix. I have found that to be really hard to do.
      Just sayin'.

    5. Behind all these you will see a lot of government Cover-Up
      One of the biggest coverups is regarding to Free-Energy Technology
      Just go to Google and Search for : "Top Magnet Generator" -- Click the First Result
      or just go to
      The evidence will shock you - you'll see for yourself even a Video from Fox-News
      regarding the zero point energy magnetic generator which 'somehow' was not developed...


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