Friday, December 16, 2011

Join the Boycott to Protest the CIA Coverup of President Obama's Trips to Mars

You just couldn't make this up:

For the past few years I have been reporting from time to time on the absurd claims of a group of UFOlogists calling their study Exopolitics, "political implications of the extra-terrestrial presence." Alfred Lambremont Webre claims to have been the founder of Exopolitics, although in reality Michael Salla can probably claim that dubious honor. Webre has the website, while Salla has .

Michael Salla's "Exopolitics" banner
Lately Webre's claims have gotten so bizarre (the war between the Andromeda Council and the Reptilians, Americans being teleported to a secret base on Mars to meet with aliens) that even others in exopolitics became alarmed, and began distancing themselves from him. (This recalls the old joke about the tenor who was so stupid that even the other tenors noticed it.) As Salla recently wrote, "Webre is a marginal and controversial figure in the network of exopolitics researchers and activists that has formed around the world. Webre's writing and behavior is seen as too bizarre and controversial for most credible exopolitics researchers to use." Nonetheless, Webre's far-out articles on the Examiner were being read by as many as 400,000 people each month. Until recently, that is, when gave him the boot.

Webre's colleague Jon Kelly, "a world-famous expert in the application of voice-based disclosure technology for revealing UFO secrets" (WTF?), writes
Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal Judge and founder of Exopolitics Alfred Lambremont Webre is calling for consumers to occupy an immediate boycott of pay-per-impression advertising funded news website’s corporate publication ban against the Seattle Exopolitics Examiner is an Illuminati agenda-inspired media hit targeting the columnist who revealed President Barack Obama’s participation in the CIA’s secret Mars visitation program."

Pieces on are presented to make you think you're reading a news story. One time a colleague and I were discussing one of Webre's absurd columns in claiming that NASA was promoting (not debunking)  fears of an "extinction level event" from Comet Elenin, and he asked me "What kind of newspaper is publishing crazy stuff like this?"  I replied "I don't think it's actually a newspaper, it's more like this guy's blog." Well, in his feud with, Webre spelled out's business model:
During 2009 many of the writers were receiving $0.01 per page view. later offered a variety of pay scale options to their writers. now bases compensation on variables such as subscriptions, page view traffic and session length.... derives the bulk of its revenue from consumer (reader) click-throughs.  Every time you as a reader click through to read an article on, the company is paid a royalty by its advertisers.
Let's see, one cent per page at 400,000 pages per month gets you $4,000 a month, although Webre suggests  that was only in a good month. So the formula for success as a UFO writer seems to be: make up the most outrageous claims you can think of and put it on, then sit back and collect the coins dropping into the hopper. And here am I, stupidly wasting my time and effort writing a skeptical Blog! Webre does not say exactly what happened to get him kicked off It cannot be that they are concerned about their journalistic credibility, for they have none. Webre does say, " has been criticized for its lack of verification and fact-checking of stories published on the site, including accusations of plagiarism."

Webre's request is simple: "Please let your friends and networks know you are boycotting because it is promoting the CIA’s Obama on Mars cover-up, and its direct assault on the Truth movement and Truth movement journalists like Alfred Lambremont Webre." How would that be for a Facebook status?


  1. Mr. Webre,

    Thank you for your comments. You say that my article is filled with "misinformation, distortion and innuendo," but you didn't specify anything that is wrong. The comment I quote by Michael Salla is taken directly from his website, it's in his "Statement on Alfred Webre and his role in Exopolitics" at . If you guys have since settled your differences, I'm glad to hear that.

    Not only am I glad to publish the links you provide, but you'll find that my article already carried a link back to your article "Mars visitors Basiago and Stillings confirm Barack Obama traveled to Mars." Just click on the words "CIA's secret Mars visitation program" above. I always encourage people to read articles and book whose authors disagree with me, and then make up their own mind about who to believe.

    Happy Holidays to you!

  2. I can only conclude that Mr. Webre is part of a secret government plot to discredit exopolitics. :)

  3. Alfred Webre is a genuine researcher and starships are real. I know this to be true first hand....

  4. I can only conclude that 'Ross' is part of a secret government plot to discredit Mr Webre. :)

  5. Apologies, have just read the please don't post as "Anonymous" comment. I posted "I can only conclude that 'Ross' is part of a secret government plot to discredit Mr Webre. :)"
    I would like to say that I am new to this expolitics literature but have to say I do feel that Webre, tolec, Basiago etc..... are telling the truth and should not be considered liars or disinfo agents. Im not some crazy person and like Tolec I do also work for an IT company but more in high level sales and I know I have a strong intuition when it comes to people telling the truth. Thank you for your bravery Mr. Webre and continue the great work!!! (Not long now for all the heads to come out of the sand) :-)

    (typed in a Dublin hotel before some christmas shopping)

  6. I would guess that "voice-based disclosure technology" means that he plays people's statements backwards and looks for understandable statements, on the theory that people subconsciously say what they really mean backwards.

  7. UFOs seem to destroy human sanity. That's part of their charm, I suppose.

    Merry ufological Christmas, everyone.

  8. Ross, I disagree. UFOs enhance human sanity. They allow us to look into the Light of Truth without being blinded.

  9. Some once asked George Adamski when he lectured in the UK: "where are you going for your holidays this year?" You now wish Mr Webre 'happy holidays'.
    Where do you think he will spend them - surely not on earth?

    Also, now that Ike's great granddaughter has 'outed' the Mars colony project, can she please once-and-for-all confirm that her great granddad DID see those aliens (and the Roswell craft) at Edwards Air Force Base. I have been worried sick over this claim for decades.

  10. The problem with Mr.Webre approach is that he blocks on a Facebook anybody who not just disagrees with him (and me. Basiago) but questions. This is not truthfull approach and rises a big question about everything what comes from Mr. Webre. If somebody have real evidence, he is absolutely open to any criticism, I think. And open to discuss.

  11. Mr. Webre is a lawyer, Sergey. Lawyers are not noted for open-mindedness or a sense of fair play. They are loathed by virtually everyone.

  12. Nice post, Mr. Sheaffer. I have a personal appreciation for the way you presented your points as well as the way you moderate the ensuing discussion. Well done on all important counts.

  13. To play or be played is the question.......

  14. Now for just $45 you can listen to Webre and Basiago talk practically all day long about how President Obama went to Mars:

  15. Webre has a link to this posting on his site with the label "DISINFO POST - Bad UFOs: Skepticism, UFOs, and The Universe: Join the Boycott to Protest the CIA Coverup of President Obama's Trips to Mars."

    Now if only the CIA would pay me for all this DISINFO work, I could afford a new car!

  16. As an avid UFO researcher, I tend to lean toward believing the more outlandish crap I hear these days. But, Webre's claims and stories, most notably his friendship with "Tolec", have even a believer like me shaking my head. Maybe he is part of the disinfo program.

  17. More absurd claims from Basiago: "Seattle Attorney Andrew Basiago Claims U.S. Sent Him On Time Travels"

    "Basiago claimed he can be seen in a photograph of Abraham Lincoln at Gettysburg in 1863, which he said he visited in 1972 via a plasma confinement chamber located in East Hanover, N.J....In addition, Basiago said he traveled to Ford's Theatre the night of Lincoln's assassination on five or six occasions. "I did not, however, witness the assassination," he said."


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