Friday, February 24, 2012

A Skeptic at the 2012 International UFO Congress - Part 3

Written after the close of the Thursday sessions:

The Thursday sessions began with Peter Robbins, who was the personal assistant to the late Budd Hopkins, giving "A Personal Appreciation" of the late abductionist. He read from some of Hopkins' publications, and gave his own as well as others' recollections of Hopkins. He related the highly-dubious tale of how Linda Napolitano, Hopkins' favorite abductee, supposedly used a stun gun to escape a guard trying to keep people inside the WTC towers after the first plane hit, dashing out amid the broken glass. I didn't hear the whole talk, so I don't know if he mentioned the criticisms of Hopkins' methodology and integrity from his ex-wife Carol Rainey. I suspect not, and I suspect he also did not mention James Moseley's anecdote of how when he walked by Hopkins at a UFO conference, Budd gave him the finger. He did say that Hopkins "did not suffer fools gladly." The problem was, anyone who disagreed with Hopkins in any significant way was branded a 'fool.'

The Matreyia's "Gathering Circle of Light."

David Sereda told us all about the "Breakthrough" in "Faster than Light Communication with ET." It's easy when you use the "hidden harmonic codes of the universe." The secret? It's all done with crystals. The Great Pyramids are also "crystal oscillators," since they're made of stone, and stone contains crystals. They were used to send faster-than-light messages to the stars in Orion's belt. Sereda has discovered more about electricity and magnetism just using magnets and a voltmeter than did Faraday and Maxwell combined. You can buy the CD of Sereda's Harmonic Contact with the Pleiades for just $25.

In the vendor's room I enjoyed hearing a bunch of double-talk about the Matreiya, the World Teacher, who is living in the world today, but who has a secret identity, like Batman. I was told that in recent years, the Matreiya had done numerous TV interviews, but without revealing who he is. So you might see some guy on TV talking about UFOs or whatever, without ever realizing that you are seeing the enlightened one.  British author Benjamin Creme, who plays a sort of John the Baptist heralding the new savior, says that a bright "star" that mysteriously appears and disappears all over the world heralds the Matreiya's "immanent public appearance." They have lots of implausible photos of "the star" (one is obviously the Norway spiral UFO, a failed Russian rocket launch). If you see a bright star that you can't identify - it's his!!

Roberto Pinotti runs Italy's equivalent to MUFON, CUN. He showed many photos of UFOs from Italy and nearby countries, many of them Golden Oldies in black-and-white, including flying cigars, and Mother Ships. He seems especially fond of USOs (Unidentified Submerged Objects). It almost felt like I had fallen into a Time Warp and was listening to a talk by Major Keyhoe in the 1950s. This was a good talk for a nap.

Lynne D. Kitei, M.D., gave a very scatterbrained and rather emotional talk about the Phoenix Lights, which she seems to have adopted as her very own Cause Celebre. She told Indian legends about the area. She has seen the "orbs," or "lights," numerous times, as well as the famous mass sighting. What I never understood was why she keeps peddling the second sightings of the Phoenix lights, the Maryland Air National Guard flare drop, as if it were unexplained. It turns out that Bruce Maccabee found that the lights she had photographed were in a different position than others'. So while everyone else photographed flares, Lynn Kitei apparently photographed Real UFOs. Some of her orbs appear to be not airborne, but lights on the ground. When she is not photographing orbs, she is seeking Entanglement, atonement, AT ONE MENT, an UP, and a transformation. Can you say "New Age?"

Steve Pierce (left), Travis Walton, John Goulette
Travis Walton brought out, for the first time, two of the guys who were present when he was "abducted," Steve Pierce and John Goulette, although 25 minutes was squandered watching video clips from TV programs, and from the movie version of Travis' yarn Fire in the Sky, so they didn't have to exert themselves too hard. Travis said that it wasn't far to the 'abduction' site from the work site, as the movie makes it seem. When they saw the UFO it was less than 100 feet away. Steve described the sound it made: beep, beep, and said it lit up the sky. He said he didn't go out the next day with the police to look for Travis, he hid in his girlfriend's house. (The police, when told that Travis had 'disappeared' in the woods with a UFO, naturally assumed these guys had killed him and were making up a ridiculous alibi. Of course, Travis was hiding out someplace for five days, while his mother urged the police not to look for him.)

Travis made a big thing about the accusation that Philip J. Klass had offered Steve a bribe of $10,000 to say that the 'abduction' was a hoax, that I recently wrote about. That accusation originated with Travis' pal Mike Rogers back in 1978. When Klass read the book where that claim was made, he phoned Pierce, who told him that he thought the abduction was a hoax, but he could not prove it. Klass recorded this phone interview, as he did every significant interview, and later sent a copy to Karl Pflock upon request. Pflock quoted other comments made by Pierce suggesting a hoax. But that was not Steve's story today: absolutely yes, Klass tried to bribe me. He flew out to Texas to wine and dine me and try to persuade me. He kept following me, I had to move to like three different states, to get away from him. Of course, there is no proof that this 'new version' of Pierce's story is correct, no photos of Klass and Pierce together, no documents of any kind to back up this implausible tale.

Walton returned to the theme that Klass was a paid government disinformation agent (an idea the audience readily applauded and obviously believed). He read from the purported FBI files released about Klass, which I believe to be genuine (more on that in some later Blogging). The FBI considered prosecuting Klass on two occasions for unauthorized release of secret information. Klass was a longtime senior editor of Aviation Week and Space Technology magazine, and not for nothing was it knows as Aviation Leak. Walton told another implausible tale about a guy who contacted him claiming to have witnessed the UFO abduction from another ridge, but this guy turned out to be some sort of government agent in cahoots with Klass.

During the Q&A, my voice will be heard on the session recording, relating Pierce's earlier suspicions that the case is a hoax, and asking him why he changed his story. He claimed he didn't. Pierce explained that what happened was, he got into a feud with Mike Rogers, and so in anger he grumbled it about that the case was a hoax, but that was not true.


  1. Good Day Robert,

    Re Kitei: Contrary to any erroneous statements (to be polite) that "Doc Lynne" made about Maccabee, HE HAS NOT CHANGED HIS POSITION re her "flare video." He did "re-title and date" his original paper; however, his thesis has not changed!

    I have spoken to him, as well as corresponded with him within the last few days, he sent me a copy of "REANALYSIS OF THE MARCH 13, 1997 VIDEO BY DR. LYNNE KITEI" (Jan 12), in it he writes (as he did originally):

    First paragraph–"In either case, above or below the ridgeline, it is not possible from 'her video alone' [my emphasis] to determine the actual distance."

    Final paragraph–"As pointed out in the first paragraph of this article, it was hoped that this analysis would provide a definitive answer to the question of whether or not the lights videotaped by Dr. Lynne Kitei could have been beyond the mountain ridgeline. Instead, the analysis has provided results that are ambiguous.. "

    Additionally, Bruce wrote (to me): "I haven't reviewed her tape in years(!)" [2-4-12]

    In my response to her e-mail (to me), sharing these false allegations I replied:

    In conclusion, Bruce hasn't wavered from his previous reports at all, as he reiterates the same thesis. Fortunately, we don't have to rely on any one video; we have a preponderance of evidence that confirmed what the flares were.

    The flare videos in my view have been a distraction since day one; some believe it was an "intentional diversion." If that in fact was/is the case–then it has been successful beyond anyone's dreams I would imagine.

    As I once told you: you and I agree on more important things then not; given your public profile with this case, I can only hope that eventually you’ll move on from the “flare videos” and focus on the “true unknowns” of March 13, 1997.

    Warmest regards,

    1. Frank,

      Thanks for your comments. Myself, I did not read any of Maccabee's reports on this question. I simply reported what 'Doc Lynne' said, as best I could reconstruct it from my notes. As I said before, it looked to me that some of the objects that Doc Lynn identified as UFOs were actually lights on the ground, and it looks like Maccabee was suggesting the same thing.

      I heartily concur with your suggestion that all of us stop talking about Phoenix Lights II (the flares), and begin concentrating on Phoenix Lights I. I'm slowly putting together a new UFO book, and I promise it will be in there. Or it may dribble out sooner. Tim Printy has pretty much all of the solution right here ( ).

    2. Actually Frank the real meet of Dr. Maccabee's new data sits in the Reanalysis of the CR Video he did at the same time as Dr. Lynne's. See other info at

      Dr. Maccabee's reanalysis of the Mike Krzston/Chuck Rairden arc of Lights (KRA) as he refers to them in the paper recently published, is based on factoring out Dr. Lynne Kitei's March 13, 1997 lights from the sighting which he had relied on to find Chuck Rairden's March 13th angles that he published in 1998.

      Dr. Maccabee also assumed that Dr. Kitei's January 14, 1998 line of sight (another major Phoenix sighting) was exactly the same as the March 13, 1997 sighting line which Dr. Kitei has not agreed with. Both the March 13, 1997 and the January 14, 1998 triangulations were published at the same time in 1998.

      "Accurate triangulation requires a large baseline and accurate viewing angles (sighting directions) as measured relative to the baseline. In the 1998 analysis the baseline of the triangle, that is, the distance from CR to MK, was found to be 32 miles, so it was expected that the CR-MK triangulation would be quite accurate. However, the analysis of the CR video with the video equipment then available did not produce sufficiently accurate sighting angles from the CR location (there was low confidence in the values of the angles). Therefore the CR sighting directions were based on a triangulation that used the reasonably accurately determined (angles to within a degree and a 7.5 mile baseline) LK and MK sighting lines. The CR sighting directions, obtained in this way, combined with the MK directions, yielded triangulated locations that, unsurprisingly, agreed with the LK-MK locations (as shown in the “Report on Phoenix Lights Arrays,” Sept. 1998).

      Now it is assumed that the LK lights play no role in the MK-CR triangulation so another way must be used to determine the sighting lines from the CR location. An analysis of the “raw data,” that is, the CR video and a comparison/reference video was undertaken using modern equipment. This analysis resulted in the determination, with reasonable confidence, of the sighting line directions from the CR location and for a new triangulation of the light array. The results of the new analysis are described below."

      Read the entire report at

    3. Dr. Maccabee's conclusion in that report:


      In the previous analysis the intersection of the MK and LK sighting lines was used to “calibrate” the sighting directions from CR’s location. This was because, as described above, the ground reference images that were obvious in the daytime reference video were very indistinct in the CR video and so this author did not feel confident in using the indistinct images, such as that of the house roof, to establish sighting directions. However, there is now a new consideration, namely, that it is possible that the LK video does not show lights in the MK-CR array. In that case the intersection of LK and MK sighting lines is irrelevant and cannot be used to calibrate the CR sighting directions. Instead, the MK-CR triangulation must then be based on sighting line directions determined from the CR and reference videos alone. Fortunately better equipment now available has made this possible, as demonstrated above.

      Even though the new analysis shows that the sighting directions in the old analysis were wrong by about 5-6 degrees (e.g., sighting line 1 was 2260 in the previous analysis, 2200 in the new analysis), it is important to realize that the general conclusion of the first analysis is supported and even strengthened by the new results. The general conclusion is that the “Krzysten-Rairdon Arc” was far southwest of Phoenix rather then over or close to Phoenix. As pointed out in the previous analysis, this places the lights in the vicinity of the Goldwater Training Range where, it is said, at about 10 PM, the Maryland Snowbirds Air National Guard unit finished a training exercise that used very bright LUU-2 flares and then ejected the remaining flares so they would not have to land with flares in the loading bay. According to the spokesman for the Air Guard these flares were dropped at high altitude and therefore could be seen by people, such as MK, who were at the higher altitudes in the Phoenix area. As has been pointed out in the previous analysis, the lights move slowly downward and to the left, as would parachute flares falling in an air mass that is moving eastward, which was the general wind direction at the time. Also, the durations of the lights are less than the maximum burn time of these flares (about 5 minutes). Therefore this investigator concludes that the lights were flares dropped by the Maryland National Guard.

      END NOTE: The previous analysis also discussed the January 14, 1998 (J14) light arrays which were described by the witnesses as appearing just like the M13 lights discussed here. This new analysis would also impact the triangulations carried out for the J14 lights: it would move the lights 20 - 25 miles farther from the witnesses than calculated previously.

    4. So the bottom line is that Dr. Lynne's Lights have been factored out and mine have never been fully addressed. In the minimal information D. Maccabee wrote concerning the Hamilton/King sighting (at my home) seen on page 5 of his report, he assumed an azimuth angle of 221-223 degrees. In my triangulation I show 217-220 degrees which is even further south then his, but puts them closer to the 1998 triangulation. Now they are 28 miles North for my Left light and 40 miles North for my Right Light.

      In addition, my line of sight over the range is 2,000 FT lower than Kryzston's which takes away the theory that my array of 5 lights was missing the other 4 because they were over the range. Kryzston and I were filming within 7 seconds of each other because we both saw a Light 0 which sent us for our cameras and were ready to film the array right when they appeared.

  2. > Linda Napolitano...supposedly used a stun gun to escape a guard trying to keep people inside the WTC towers

    *spit take*


    I can find no trace of this online. Is this new, or has it been passed around orally for a while?

    1. Terry, that was my reaction, too. The Yarn went: Linda went to the WTC to apply for a job. She was in the lobby when the first plane hit the other tower. The guards wouldn't let anyone leave the building, because of broken glass & debris outside. But Linda's ET telepathy was warning her "get out now!" So she pulled out her personal taser, and threatened to attack the guard unless he allowed her to escape.

      In my "Abductology Implodes," I briefly quote Bud's ex, Carol Rainey, lamenting a dubious tale involving Linda running from the falling towers barefoot, over broken glass. Budd believed it, of course. Probably Carol Rainey has that info on her website somewhere.

    2. I had forgotten that bit from Paratopia mag.

      Rainey: "...Linda’s presence in the lobby of the World Trade Center when the planes hit and her bloody, barefoot escape over shards of glass."

      Linda, that's in Die Hard!

  3. Peter Robbins co-authored "Left at East Gate" with Larry Warren, a large tome on the Rendlesham affair. I recall him lecturing to a London audience in 1997 that they had sent a free copy of this book to the Prime Minister (newly elected Tony Blair) and several other ministers, several MPs and other VIPs in the UK. Robbins then told how he was positive there was literally tons of documentation on Rendlesham stashed away in MOD archives. He remarked to everyone that the Rendlesham situation was exceedingly serious.

  4. I still remember the discussion that the aliens had on the issue of selecting the place for that massive display in Arizona back in 1997. Due to the anticipation of a cover up, one of the aliens asked this question: It raises into the air and burns. What is it? They look at me - as an earthling I should have known. So I said, "flares - and the mythical bird Phoenix. " In other words, if you don't have a reason for where- when- why in a case of a UFO display, you just don't have a UFO. Toward the end of the month, 39 members of the Heaven's Gate cult "left the planet." Since 39 has only one prime factor, 3x13, the aliens decided on 3/13, or March 13, to announce that intended suicide through "the Phoenix Lights." The whole thing related to a bet in connection with the 50th anniversary of the Roswell UFO crash - an event that never took place.

  5. G'day Robert,

    Shane from Canberra here. Thank you for your blog. It brings things alive to those of us who live far away!

    I was wondering how you found Randall Nickerson's presentation (on the Ruwa, Zimbabwe incident), if you were there for it?



  6. From comments posted here, seems you and Warren haven't actually inspected Dr. Kitie's photographs of the anomalous orbs, which she has also had authenticated and analyzed by the head of the University of AZ Optical Science Depart., Brooks Institute of Photography and other optical experts. Maccabbee is covering his --- as a Navy guy, so don't trust his assessment. He even presented the photos she captured during a close sighting at the 1999 MUFON International Symposium in D.C. as evidence of "missing time". Hello. On the other hand, give the doc some props. She went to great lengths to have her 35mm pics explained. To date they have not been. As a photo buff myself, all lights (street, plane, car, flares, etc.)reflect and glare, the unknowns do not. Easy to blow off the flickering lights in the videos as flares, even though the military has never re-enacted the Phoenix Lights. FYI 3 ANG units tried and failed in 2000 during a publicly announced flare deployment. Hmmm Best, NG


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