Thursday, January 31, 2013

"Psychic Vibrations" Now Available as an e-Book from JREF!

Good news! My latest book Psychic Vibrations, taken from my columns of that name published in The Skeptical Inquirer, is now available as an E-Book from JREF, the James Randi Educational Foundation.

The E-Book is available in all three major E-Book formats: Kindle, Nook, and I-books. The cost of the E-Book is $7.99. For more information, see

You can, of course, still get the paperback edition of the book. Follow the book icon at the top right of this page, and be sure to include the discount code SPK8R6GT to get 25% off. Your cost will be $14.96. Plus shipping  of course: unlike electrons, books made of paper cannot be shipped for free!


  1. Is it true that those who possess psychic powers do not need to obtain your book in either the paperback or the E-book form, but can read it simply by using their telepathic and/or psychic abilities?

    1. Yes, that's true. For example, Lt. Penniston of Rendlesham fame can receive binary data from UFOs, and record it. He and other top psychics could probably download the E-book for free. But I suspect that anyone who can do that would not go to all that trouble just to save the $8; they would go straight to Randi to collect his $1 Million.

  2. Great Cover! Skepticus Maximus is the Best!

  3. I'm a Psychic ("The Great Skeptini") and here are my Predictions for 2013!
    1. CGI UFO videos will continued to be posted on YouTube.
    2. Stanton Friedman will not become a UFO skeptic
    and continue to support the ET hypothesis.
    3. There will be no ET disclosure from the White House.

  4. There are a lot of misteries involving UFOs related views, but one day they will be solved and we will finally discover if we are alone or not in this big Universe.

  5. wow , this is true and good to share the e-book for psychics to know and involve to learn it . the cover page of your e-book is very awesome .so thanks.
    posted by Jim Sina | Psychic Readings Perth


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