Saturday, May 31, 2014

Welcome, Space Brothers! - Unarius Hits the Cinema

The headquarters of the Unarius Academy of Science in El Cajon, CA. (I added the UFO.)

The Unarius "Academy of Science" is well-known in UFOlogy as one of the few survivng institutions from the Contactee glory days of the 1950s. It was founded in 1954 by Ernest L. Norman (1904-1971) and his wife Ruth E. Norman (1900-1993, sometimes fondly known as "Spacecraft Ruthie"). Wikipedia says,
The organization purports to advance a new "interdimensional science of life" based upon "fourth-dimensional" physics principles...Since Ruth Norman's death in 1993, the organization has struggled, particularly since 2001, when a space-fleet landing prophesied by [her successor] Charles Spiegel in 1980 failed to occur. Unariuns believe in immortality of the soul, and that all people have past lives. They also believe that our solar system was once inhabited by ancient interplanetary civilizations. The aliens are said to be “human beings” who have lived on Earth and on other planets outside our solar system. They are said to be more advanced than humans, spiritually and scientifically.
Ernest L. Norman claimed to be a psychic, and to channel cosmic messages. After his death, his wife concentrated on the show-business aspects of spreading the message of Interplanetary Peace and Love.
Ruth Norman, in full interplanetary regalia

But lest you think of Unarius as an irrelevant relic, let us point out that now there is a Unarius Film Festival going on in Los Angeles this weekend, and it is reported to be selling out!
Bootlegged and coveted by collectors for decades, these films have never before been presented as works on the large screen — until now. This full-immersion weekend includes core Unarius members onstage for live Q&As, the world theatrical premiere of Unarius’ 1979 16mm masterwork The Arrival, highlights from their massive archive of public access videos — plus a Unarius costume exhibit, pop-up reading room, workshops, and tea house on Cinefamily’s back patio.
 There is talk of repeating the Unarius festival in other cities.

Unarius is conveniently located just a short drive from where I live. I'm also conveniently close to the Museum of Creation and Earth History in Santee, CA. It's a very "enlightened" neighborhood! I took some photos at a Unarius ceremony in a park in El Cajon in 2005:

A Majorette leads the procession of Interplanetary Ambassadors


  1. Alas I never attended a conclave of light, but I did hear Uriel speak at one of their weekly meetings. Unfortunately, It's a long drive from my home in north SD county. Also visited the nearby Creationist museum when it was still owned by Morris and the Center for Creation Research at Christian Heritage U--these places were physically close, but cognitively and theologically vastly separate.

  2. Ruth Norman called herself URIEL, which in addition to being a biblical angelic name is an acronym that, unfortunately, I have forgotten. Unarius is also an acronym for Universal Articulate Interdimensional Understanding of Science, IIRC.

  3. I like the 'UNARIUS' license plate. Are there any other UFO groups, past or present, that had a car license plate related to either the organisation or ufology?

    1. Here’s some Vanity License Plates from the UFO community:

      UFO4EVR - International UFO Congress

      D9FACTS - “Close Encounters “ TV Producer

      0 PROOF - Mutual UFO Network

      DZCLOSR4U - Steven Greer

      I LV ROSWL - Stan Friedman

      PROVIT - Phillip Glass

      ALIEN NVASN - Nick Pope

      MR CONSPRCY - deano

      PROBD 1 NYT - Barney Hill

      LGHT N 4ST - Rendlesham’s Col. Halt

      BADUFOS - Robert Sheaffer

    2. Robert should get the BADUFOS plate.

    3. Sorry TS4072, but I would have "SCOOPED" or "ABDUCTD".
      Glad u r all safe, beginning to think Robert might have been abducted by one of those giant "Cigar-shaped" UFOs that are being seen all around the world on You-tube of late.
      Was probably at the "BAD" conference, chatting with Mick from Metabunk, Fitzy from Bad Archaeology, & Stuie Robbins from Bad Astronomy.
      Watch out Jim O, seems NASA has a new boy on the block!

      Its easy to see from the pictures above why UFO believers are classed as "NUTS". Only in America, Truth , Justice & the American way! Captain America Vs Uriel Unarias........
      However, I wont be swapping my "Tin Foil Hat", for "Kevlar Nazi Helmet" with alien tech night vision goggles.

      My latest Conspiracy Theory:

      MH370 was a military hi-jack of Chinese Cyber Security experts so they could be "interrogated",along with hard-drive retreival,at CIA facilities on Diego Garcia.

      PROOF? Eric Holders recent press conference indicting 5 Chinese military hackers working from Shangai.
      How did the US get the names,photos,rank & serial numbers of these hackers?
      Funny how it came to light after all media has forgotten the story.
      The US was silent for 1st 3 weeks, then suddenly provided sat info of location off Australia. Mmmm? Australia has had operation Sovereign Borders, the HMAS Navy, tracking 20ft fishing boats coming from Indonesia, but cant spot a 777 airliner?

      Well if it wasnt the US & CIA, must have been one of those "Bad UFOs", that beamed MH370 into a mother-ship...... it has simply dissappeared........Bad aliens....Bad Nephilim....Bad Demons & Bad deano for believing conspiracy theories & not the US govt!

    4. "But advancing human exploration into the outer reaches of space will require decades of work, hundreds of billions of dollars of funding and "significant risk to human life," according to the (congressionally mandated) NRC report."

      Strange that they don't use all of that "alien tech" at their disposal to alleviate these issues.

    5. You believe Congress? Didnt Boehner shut down the US govt in Oct 2013 because it was broke & about to default?

      If NASA cant use space-shuttles any more,how are they going to launch or fix satellites in space?
      Just exactly what is USAF Space Command ?
      If you have seen the film GRAVITY, the real problem faced in space is the "debris" & "junk" in orbit, & all of these "Cold War" satellites that have atomics>RTGs,Propulsion & possibly weapons!

    6. Please read more carefully. Congress' only role was to mandate the study, which was done by the organization listed.
      It was in regards to a manned trip to Mars, which they felt would be disastrous if a straight shot was attempted, since the technology was lacking, despite all of the amazing, reverse-engineered, FTL-capable equipment available.
      Decades of work and hundred of billions to get to Mars. Read that again if necessary. It aint Star Trek out there.

  4. I'm still sitting at my TV late Sunday night, microphone in hand, waiting for David Susskind to re-run the Ruth Norman interview. Unfortunately, they only showed it once. I had very sore ribs the next day. 8D

  5. The people in this story are trying to find some external authority to answer their questions about existence; it's quite pathetic. Real human beings observe nature, conduct experiments, and develop hypotheses and theories to explain the patterns found. They don't abdicate their mind....

  6. Sounds like the start of another religion. Just what we need.

  7. To Robert, Please give accounts of the LATEST UFO reports!
    It seems as if you are stuck in the "OLD" Ufology Paradox/Paradigm of reporting incidents. This "Cult" was waiting in 2000 for events
    The fact they are "Nutters" helps your site, but I am willing to engage others on REAL incidents. The Scoopmark on my knee confirms REAL evidence for me.No matter how many "Skeptics" can say otherwise, is their lack of non-acknowledgement. That is physical,scientific,medical proof!
    Why. can you not,start real investigations into POST -2000 claims.You must have realised by now that even your ardent followers are becoming tired of 40s.50s,60s stories., with maybe Rendlshem Forest thrown in!

    I dont mean to dig into your private life, but where were you for a month, then come out with Unaris Cult BS that was easily downloaded ?
    Us CT people are always the "Doubting Thomas" of Bible disciple fame, & is that a Bad Thing ,as everyone here likes to call themselves a SKeptic!

    1. Hey deano!

      It's pretty early on a Saturday morning there in Oz to be talking "UFOs," huh? Have you had any sleep? Drunk (or medicated) posting is Number 13 on the Woo-Woo Credo. Just saying....

      But seriously, if you really believe that an easily obtained scar on your body is veracious evidence of an extraordinary event of any kind--much less your "alien abduction" fantasy--then how could you expect rational people to reason with you and hope to persuade you otherwise? It doesn't seem very likely, so why bother?

      Scars don't prove anything, deano! Or more correctly said: Scars are not evidence of anything but healing after injury; scars don't indicate precisely how a body was injured, and it's much more likely, completely in fact, that your scar is the result of a mundane injury rather than tissue sampling by interstellar ET!

      See what real skepticism is, deano? It's the inclination to doubt extraordinary claims about the world first, and then make judgments based on a thorough examination of all the evidence.

      You could not possibly have been sampled by ETs because there are no ETs visiting the Earth; and until someone shows otherwise, that's an indisputable fact about the world. Visiting ETs stealing human DNA exist only in the minds of hardcore victims of the "UFO" delusion, deano--it's a delusion, a demonstrably false belief.

      deano, a century of "UFO" reports has not produced one real "UFO." How can you have been abducted by ETs that aren't even here, couldn't get here if they exist, and probably don't even exist since the sort of consciousness and directed intelligence we possess that allows you to imagine ET is a completely random accident of biology on one rare planet.

      Remember, deano, ALL the evidence--not this phony and pointless Believers vs Skeptics game you imagine. Your claims have been judged by the world and found monstrously lacking, preposterous. It's ridiculous, deano! Give us one bit of evidence to begin to consider the reality might be otherwise.

      ufoolery is history already; let's make popular belief in the myth and delusion history as well.

  8. Gday Zoam, glad you r still with us, & just as staunch as ever.
    In my defence ,I am nut some UNARIS CULT whacko in a uniform, or Trekkie,or even superstitious about black cats & Friday 13th.
    If I am so deluded, I am then one of thousands, to be singled out & I am proud that there is astronauts,pilots,military officers,presidents,police,scientists & many highly acclaimed by society,in this "delusional" group of human beings.
    Since man has travelled in space, I cant see how you reason that it is an impossibility, & infer that it will never happen.
    By spectral analysis, astronomers can agree on the key elements that go to make up planets & stars, Hydrogen being very common in the universe, so H20,the bringer of life, must be common as well. Take comets.Ice!
    Proof? This is where we part ways Zoam.
    "Inclination to doubt extraordinary claims, then make judgements based on a thorough examination of all the evidence".
    9/11 is an extraordinary claim that 2 planes caused the total collapse of 3 bldgs at the WTC. All evidence points otherwise! Molten steel>Thermite, Vapourisation of falling concrete>explosives, Controlled inquiry>cover-up, Eye-witness statements>explosions, let alone NORAD,missing sniffer dogs, Silverstein insurance payout & many other questionable coincidences.

    We are told that UFOs are weather balloons,satellites,Venus,swamp-gas or other explainable atmospheric mis-identifications. However, there are thousands of photos & videos showing strange things,numerous reports on a near weekly basis, & obvious intervention by some agency to hide all of this.
    CERVIS reports that block pilots, sworn secrecy oaths revealed by whistleblowers,continual internet takedown of good images, the planting of fake videos to discredit (Jerusalem Dome of Rock-Mississipi video) & either denial or flares,weather balloon stories from the airforce.
    The reason Roswell has persisted is because it was the base that originally told the press "WE HAVE A FLYING DISK". The balloon was inferred later.

    I know you laugh at Cropcircles, yes some are manmade, but most Skeptics point to the group "Circlemakers" as the origin,because of their blueprints & videos. Do you not find it strange, that they themselves ,on their own website,have photos of the balls of light(orbs) & even a UFO, & said they ran out of a field because they were scared?
    The FACT no one has claimed ownership of the "pixallated",TV/Newspaper style of images, such as the Alien face,Mars face or response to the Arecibo Message, lacks evidence of human origin. The FACT that military helicopters have been filmed near the cropcircles, implies the UK govt is interested, even if they claim they are not.

    So evidence is in the eye of the beholder. As I point out in my MH370 CT above. The US is claiming the plane went down in the Indian Ocean off Perth.
    Where is the debris? Why didnt HMAS Navy confirm with their radars from boat turnbacks? They have made the claim. With dubious sat pings as proof.If they were not 100% confident, why relocate the whole search?

    The point I keep making, is that in the interest of "National Security", the USA has shown without a doubt, that it will deny,hide,shift the emphasis or use threats & ridicule, or release disinformation(WMDs in Iraq) to achieve the goal or agenda they seek. This is why I have become SKEPTICAL of anything the USgovt(CIA,NSA,NRO,USAF,NASA) claim as fact or reality.
    Do you think we would know the true depth of the NSA if it wasnt for Snowden?
    Collateral Damage video from Manning & Wikileaks?
    The Vietnam War from Daniel Elseberg?
    7 countrys in 5 years from Gen Wesley Clarke?

    America IS being judged by the world & found monstrously lacking.........

    P.S. Google Barge was getting to much media attention.Solution? Tow it up to Stockton & hide it. Can anyone here tell me why ex-head of DARPA,Regina Dugin, is now a director at Google? Cyber security?

    1. So, you're saying that the "black-ops" can unerringly remove all real evidence of UFOs, yet thousands of people are out making claims about their "experiences", unhindered?
      With all this important, truth-piercing information you're getting out there, aren't you a little afraid, Deano? Some organization with initials must have you on their RADAR.

    2. No jozzcooper, I am not afraid. The system has me covered, & would say I was a "crazy,delusional" UFO believer. If I had a Security clearance, or military career, they could threaten me with imprisonment or cut my pension>I have neither.
      Here in Aus, our new Liberal,USA aligned govt, has placed bounds on social media, & now the press cant even cover the boat turnbacks from Indonesia, as it is under the secrecy of a military operation> Sovereign Borders. Sounds like in the interest of "National Security" doesnt it?
      There use to be news & political comment forums, but they have all been taken down. I would comment on these regularly, but if they didnt conform, my comments were taken down by "mediators". Especially any reference to Free Trade Deals with China, or any military thoughts that questioned alliance with the US.
      I now watch US news intently, as this is where the "Big & Influential" decisions are made that will affect the free world. Some of the comments on "Sodahead" are incredible! My factual,truth-piercing info is applauded by some, & hated by the "Republican,Consevative" types that still think Russia is communist evil, & every Muslim has a bomb strapped to themselves.
      Yes, you are probably right. I think there is members of the CIA & NSA that would love to drop a drone on my ass!

  9. Deano, why don't you join the Unarius cult? That is what this topic is supposed to be about. I expect there are plenty of people in that cult who share your views.

    1. Dear cda. We dont have UFO cults like that here in Aus. However, I am in a small "Close Encounters Support Group". Our numbers are slowly growing as people search for answers, & we give support & "acceptance" to all newcomers after proper screening to weed out those that are just interested in UFOs, yet have had no "experience".
      One grandma, was told by her mother to be prepared, now her daughters, & grandaughters have been abductees. The fact she has had to keep this secret from all the males in her family, is the hardest thing she has to cope with, & the fact she cant protect her grandaughters. This woman is very intelligent, holds an executive job,& is no way in it for money or fame> just support & the comfort that she is not alone!


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