Wednesday, February 25, 2015

A Skeptic at the UFO Congress, 2015 - Part 3 (final)

In which we finally get to The ROSWELL SLIDES!

SATURDAY FEB. 21, 9AM: Richard Dolan.

"UFOs: The Real Power Structure and the End Game"

He Talked about a shadowy secret power structure, involving the military and Wall Street. Dark money goes into secret technologies. anti-gravity etc. They are weaponizing recovered technologies, and mind control technologies. "Breakthrough technologies" are based on recovered ET technology. There is a group of "others" who have been here a long time. ETs? They have powerful telepathy.

"Disclosure" as people envision it will probably not happen. It might open individuals in positions of power to criminal prosecution. They would never risk it.

The UFO cover-up is international. Brazil, India, China, many nations involved. The conspirators - primarily, the U.S. - use bribery, blackmail, and threats against foreign leaders. NSA has been spying on them. Fearing the consequences, they comply with the cover-up.

Breakaway trans-national organizations are being formed. Nations are becoming less relevant.

He gave a conspiratorial analysis of Middle Eastern fighting, centering around a proposed "Islamic Pipeline" that would undercut Russia's energy dominance in Europe. Putin is hoarding gold.

The conspiators' goal is a police state, fascism. Government and corporate dominance. Disclosure, if it could be obtained, would prevent this. Fascism would lose, and we would have "Power to the People," if some future president tore free of these encumbrances, and disclosed the presence of aliens.

Afterwards we ran into each other several times, and had some nice chats. I told him that I found it impossible to believe that the U.S. government is able to make the likes of Putin or Iran's Ayatollahs do its bidding. If that were so, we would have dissuaded Putin from swallowing up several provinces in Georgia and the Ukraine (unless UFO secrecy is so much more important than that!). Dolan's vision of a global cover-up is, in my view, impossibly large and unwieldy. We agreed that we should have more discussions  at future events.

Yours truly (again forgetting to smile) chatting with Richard Dolan


The title of his talk is "BREAKING NEWS," meaning the most significant UFO developments of the past year. "New video technology shows that there are not just invisible UFOs close to us but even invisible creatures," says the program. Maussan has a 2-hour weekly program on national TV in Mexico. We have so much evidence to promote every week, he says.

He showed a photo of a huge "invisible" UFO seen in Las Vegas at sunset. A big translucent UFO was hovering behind the Paris casino Eiffel tower on the Las Vegas Strip. It was only seen because it was "reflecting the sun."

He showed a NASA Curiosity rover photo of a "woman" on Mars (although in my opinion she looks like Bigfoot). What looks like a rock is really a Martian house made of stones. A UFO is seen hovering over Mars.

A UFO video from Russia is clearly a reflection of a flashlight on a window.

A UFO was seen in the Rosetta photos of Comet P/67. Amazing sounds were coming from the comet (in space).

Maussan showed dozens of low-grade UFO videos, from the US and elsewhere, all from the past year. Dots of light in the sky. UFOs going in and out of  ''portholes," this has been proven. The statue of Liberty UFO video. Still no mention of the Roswell Slides.

Next he showed his best UFO videos from Mexico, starting from 2004. Then videos of "Shadow people" - semi-visible shadowy beings. They look like dark smudges, just a blurry dark spot, sneaking around. One sat in a rocking chair, and rocked it. One entity "Shadowed" Maussan in a crop circle.

Then there were "Invisible UFOs". Night-vision UFOs (flocks of birds).

Some new Crop circles, one showing the 'eye of God.'

Two minutes before his talk's scheduled end, Maussan said "I want to talk about something very important." The Roswell Slides? Nope! From Brazil we have a video in which the aliens are producing a strange sound. (A deep musical hum). Then he showed a solar balloon in Los Angeles. Weeping statues worldwide. The face of Christ in the clouds.

His talk ran five minutes late (I know this was frowned on, as they attempt to stick very closely to the published schedule). Then at that point, Maussan unexpectedly brings Adam Dew onto the stage, and promos his unveiling of the Roswell Slides in Mexico City on May 5. He showed a brief English-language video "beWitness." The narrator has Spanish accent. Donald Schmidt & Tom Carey will be there in Mexico City, as will moonwalker Edgar Mitchell. 3D & holographic technology will be used, to present the evidence as never before.

Jaime Maussan, and Adam Dew
Afterward, a number of people sought out Maussan, but nobody was talking to Dew. I introduced myself to him, and began asking him questions.

How did you first obtain the slides? The slides were found by the sister of my friend as she was cleaning out a house to be demolished in Sedona, AZ. They said, Adam is a video expert, let's give the slides to him.

Who is the owner of the slides? My company is the "owner" of the slides, it controls the slides. 

How did Schmitt and Carey get involved? I've spent two years researching and investigating the slides. I wanted to speak to people who have seen the bodies. 

Did Schmitt & Carey claim to see bodies? No, but they are the professionals. They spoke with credible people who did. I explained that Karl Pflock (certainly no UFO debunker) showed that all of the supposed "witnesses" who claimed to have seen alien bodies in Roswell have been discredited  ("only four persons claiming firsthand knowledge of alien bodies have been interviewed by Roswell authors and identified publicly... there can be no reasonable doubt that none of the purported firsthand witnesses to alien bodies and a lonesome survivor is credible. Not one." Pflock, Roswell - Inconvenient Facts and the Will to Believe, p. 118, 120.). I should also have mentioned Schmitt's well-known loose relationship with the truth. (Neither Schmitt or Carey was at the Congress this year. I spoke with Schmitt when he was there last year, but nothing was said about the Roswell Slides.)

How did Maussan get involved? Schmitt and Carey brought him in. Maussan offered a nice package.

I explained how the fact of Maussan's involvement made many knowledgeable people in the UFO field immediately suspect a hoax, given his reputation for promoting many UFO hoaxes in the past. I had the impression that Dew, clearly a newcomer to UFOlogy, was not familiar with Maussan's oeuvre, or his reputation as a purveyor of rubbish. I suspect that Dew did not realize how much trouble bringing in Maussan would cause. He felt that some people were being very unfair and making unfair accusations about the slides, that they have not even seen.

I referred to Maussan's just-concluded talk, invisible beings and such, as illustrating my point. "Was all of it fake?" "Yes" "How can you prove that?" I explained that the burden of proof is on Maussan to show that his wild claims are valid, not on me to disprove them. Dew agreed.

I'm interested to bring this thing to the public, to people who don't know Maussan. I just did an interview about this in Chicago, on WGN. 

Adam Dew interviews the interviewer - me!!

A few minutes later, Dew came up to me and asked if he could interview me about the slides! I agreed, and signed his standard release form.

We talked about the controversy over the slides.

He said to me, You realize, I hope, that nobody gets rich making documentary films? Look at my crew, he said, pointing to himself and his camera. I replied, yes, I have heard that before (I was thinking of similar comments made by Paul Kimball, when he took on the late Roger Leir.). But in a few cases, I explained, large sums of money have been made, the most obvious example being Ray Santilli's Alien Autopsy hoax twenty years ago. Dew was indeed familiar with this. When the Alien Autopsy video was shown on TV, it got tremendously high ratings and made a lot of money, even though most serious persons realized it was probably a hoax. But that couldn't be proven yet. By the time that the hoax was exposed, Santilli had already made a great deal of money on it, and I said that many people think that you, Mr. Dew, will travel that same path. So I ended up comparing him to Ray Santilli, by which he seemed slightly taken aback, but I think he saw the reasoning behind that and took it humorously and without offense.

I closed repeating the observation that "extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof," and that two photos of unknown origin, no matter what they seem to show, cannot possibly suffice to prove the reality of crashed saucer aliens. He seemed to agree with my point.

So if someday you see my face in one of Dew's videos about the Roswell Slides, don't be surprised!

I asked Dew did he live in Chicago? He said yes, that's where I'm "based." I don't want to talk about where I live. He also told me, No matter what you hear on the internet, I really am a graduate of Northwestern University, in Journalism. I told him that I am  a Northwestern graduate, too.

Based on our conversation, here is what I understand the history (and planned future) of the "Roswell Slides" to be:

Jeremy Corbell

Jeremy Corbell

"An investigative filmmaker with unique and unprecedented access to military and private techno industry." However, he seems to believe every wild story he hears. He gave a long and rather confusing talk based on the weird people and weird stuff he has filmed. One of his films, Patient Seventeen (about Roger Leir digging out alleged alien implants) was shown at the film festival. Corbell is very pro-Lazar and pro-John Lear (which is surprising, since Lazar considers Lear to be a fabricator, and probably vice-versa.)

George Knapp.

A well-known television journalist in Las Vegas.  He was the first to interview Bob Lazar, who he compares to Edward Snowden, who blew the whistle on NSA spying. Knapp says that the comparison is valid. Knapp basically defends Lazar's reputation against 'unfair' charges.
George Knapp

He told a lot of alien jokes that were mostly pretty funny. He is certainly a good entertainer.

Knapp says he knows of dozens of Area 51 veterans who confirm Lazar's descriptions at least in part.

Special Q&A with Bob Lazar and George Knapp. Questions for Lazar had to be submitted in advance at the registration desk, for Knapp to ask him.

Asked what he is currently doing, Lazar explained that he is basically in the business of selling radioactive and otherwise dangerous stuff. He said, "I unfortunately live in Michigan." He says he moved there because the state promised aid for his business, but implied that he was disappointed in what he actually received. In his previous home in Nevada, he had a 30 ft particle accelerator(!).
Bob Lazar

Referring obliquely to questions about his credentials, he said people told him "you don't act like a physicist." He decried the kind of pompous physicists you meet at at Los Alamos and other places, implying "I'm not like them." Lazar threw some barbs at John Lear, who he suggested is not telling the truth about saucers at Area 51. (Apparently the two of them have made up mutually-inconsistent fables about Area 51, and thus can never be reconciled.)

Lazar drew an illustration of a supposed saucer hangar at Area 51, and did several other illustrations. These were all ARVs, Alien Reproduction Vehicles. He talked about gravity amplifiers. They run on element 115 (Lazarium?), of which there were 500 lbs at Area 51. The craft distorts space-time and pushes itself along. Since Lazar first told his fables about "Element 115," scientists have actually synthesised that element, albeit for an extremely brief period of time. It did not turn out to be a stable element, as Lazar claimed it was.

At the Evening Banquet, awards were given out. A "lifetime achievement award" was awarded to the late Dr. Roger Leir, a California podiatrist who would remove what were claimed to be "alien implants" in people. The Film Festival award for best documentary went to the movie Travis, that I wrote about in the previous installment.

There was much picture taking at the close of the banquet. I was asked to take photos of a group of people that included James Gilliland. Because that phone was very different from mine, I accidentally took two brief videos instead of still photos. One of them included a fast-moving object that was immediately described as an "Orb" (orbs are supposedly paranormal phenomena that are sometimes seen in photos or videos where psyschic powers are involved). I said I thought it was a tiny moth, attracted by the light on the camera. It could have been either one, I suppose. When I was on Dr. J's internet radio show Dark Matter a few days later, the woman in the photo called in to tease me about my psychic ability to cause orbs to appear.

I did not attend the Sunday session. However, I heard from a friend that there was a great shouting match between Stanton Friedman and Jeremy Corbell on the final panel. Friedman kept laying out his reasoning of why Bob Lazar is a fraud while Corbell defended him. The two of them argued for about 30 minutes straight. I'm told it was the best drama and entertainment of the entire event! Here is a Twitter report on Friedman vs. Corbell.


  1. Great report, and congratulations on being featured in the new Roswell documentary. What did Adam Dew tell you about his Kodachrome film?

  2. I've been looking forward to your recap Robert. It was great to talk to you. I would say though that you are clearly paraphrasing me in a few spots here (including any discussion of an attractive "package" I was offered. I think that's a far stretch). I am however very appreciative of the unique venue and stage we'll have for the release. Maybe you had your tape recorder out, but I don't think you did?
    Id like to be clear... I don't have a sister. As I corrected WGN, it was the sister of a friend who brought me the slides as I own a video production company. Also, no offense meant to A/V guys but I think I'm one step beyond A/V guy (queue Paul Kimball arguing otherwise).

  3. Adam,

    Your Maussan publicity says that you are an Emmy winner. Now around here, there are lots of low-level video guys who talk about their "Emmys". What they are actually talking about are Local or Regional Emmys (often awarded for local news stories, etc), completely disconnected from the real Emmys . People in my industry (I am a film editor) get a good laugh at the disingenuousness of not clarifying the award.

    I usually watch the Emmy awards but I missed your acceptance speech. What was your Emmy for?

    Great piece Robert!


  4. Lance you don't remember Preps Xtra on WBBM in Chicago? Best Sports Series in the Midwest Region 2003. I don't even brag to my mom about it anymore. If it's in some literature promoting the event, I apologize. It was a great show though. And I did edit/produce/voice nearly the entire show each week. It was a shock at the time for a high school sports show to win in this market. But your "skepticism" is more than warranted in this circumstance.

  5. I thought this had the potential to be the most entertaining day, so thanks for the recap. I wondered if Stanton was frustrated in not being able to take on Lazar directly, so he had to settle for Corbell. But I also have wondered how he would feel if Lazar was able to confirm MJ-12. We all have our levels of tolerance and acceptance.

    I have thought about going to some conferences again, but there are certain people on my "do not patronize" list.

  6. Adam, thanks for your comments. People are very interested to hear what you have to say about the slides.

    You're right. I didn't record our conversation, I wasn't prepared for that. If I'd known you were going to be there, I probably would have. Sorry for confusing your "friend's sister" with "sister's friend." I'll take care of that. And you're a video wizard, not an A/V guy. I don't recall if you said Maussan submitted a "package" or an "offer" or "proposal", but it was something like that. Maussan will put an a very fine show for you, I don't have any doubts about that. He's had a lot of experience doing these things, and he has a whole office full of people working for him. Whether anyone will believe the slides after Maussan presents them - that will be your real problem.

    For what it's worth, I don't think that the slides are a "hoax." But I don't think that they show an alien, either. I suspect that not long after Maussan's circus, some independent analyst will show exactly what they depict - and it will be something right here on earth.

  7. I think this is all a con (not sure if Dew is in on it or not), but the regional Emmy thing looks to me to be a red herring, Lance. On his LinkedIn page he references it, which is fair enough (it might not be an Emmy, but an award is an award, so long as it is accurately described). He notes:

    "Emmy Award for Best Sports Series - Preps Xtra on WBBM
    Midwest Regional Emmy
    October 2003
    I produced/shot/edited/voiced a program called Preps Xtra, a weekly high school sports television show airing weekly on WBBM-TV in Chicago. We produced the show out-of-house for WBBM and delivered to them each week. I was pretty shocked to win up against more traditional local sports shows. Matt Gomberg and I essentially produced/shot/edited the entire show as a two-man crew. Thanks go to Jeff Evanson for coming to to finish the late-night edits and polish the show for delivery."

    This seems kosher to me. It is entirely possible that one of the Dream Teamers made reference to it in a more dishonest way without Dew's knowledge. When you're dealing with proven liars with a track record of larding up his own resume like Schmitt, it's possible.

    If Dew is in on the con, shame on him. If he isn't, then I feel sorry for him, because he's gotten into bed with a bunch of loons, liars, and laughingstocks. Either way, however, it seems like he plays the regional Emmy thing fair enough... and he even thanks the other guy, which always goes a long way with me.

    Just my two cents.


  8. I have one more minor beef Robert. "Nobody seemed to want to talk to Dew". Ouch. You walked up to me as Univision was finishing up with Jaime. No surprise that they were mostly intersted in Jaime. I'd suggest that there were a lot of people at the Congress (including Paul's uncle) who were very intersted in talking to me over the course of the weekend.

  9. Thanks Paul and Adam, I'll accept that a mistake occurred somewhere (the Emmy isn't qualified in the Maussan materials) and that this isn't Adam's fault.


  10. Good stuff, Robert. Some thoughts:

    > Schmidt


    > Schmidt and Carey brought him in. Maussan offered a nice package.

    Oh! Is there anything to be got from those two sentences but feelings of shame?

    > But in a few cases, I explained, large sums of money have been made
    > I ended up comparing him to Ray Santilli, by which he seemed slightly taken aback

    Ow! Clearly, Dew doesn't know ufology. He set himself up for that.

    > if someday you see my face in one of Dew's videos about the Roswell Slides, don't be surprised!

    If he does put you in, and gives you ample time, that might show he's a good sport. Or it shows that all he cares about is getting content, regardless of what he's done to get it.

    > Seeking out 'Roswell experts,' Dew (not surprisingly) happens upon Schmidt and Carey.

    In his WGN interview, Dew eschewed the term "Roswell slides," stating that people on the internet had invented that name. As I pointed out on a few blogs, that was total bullshit, as Dew sought out Roswell investigators before any outsiders heard of the slides. I hope Adam will explain this seeming contradiction. (He has refused to answer any of my questions on other blogs.)

    > the twentieth anniversary of the premiere screening of Ray Santilli's Alien Autopsy video

    Ohhhh! Coincidence? Adam, care to chime in?

    > Maussan told an Italian journalist...

    Clicking on the link results in an error message.

  11. Terry, try the link now about Maussan and the Italian journalist. Also I fixed the spelling of "Schmitt."

    Adam, OK, I didn't mean that in the sense you're taking it. I meant to express surprise that nobody seemed to want to talk to you about the Roswell slides. I didn't see you interviewing, or being interviewed by, anyone else. I'm not saying it didn't happen, just that I didn't see it. I expected you would be a media star there.

    Care to share with us what Friedman said about the slides?

  12. > Here is a Twitter report on Friedman vs. Corbell.

    (What, no hat tip, Robert?)

    Stan's Twitter account is still down after 24 hours. I sent him an email but got a bounceback (that could just be out of date).

    Could anyone tell us if Stan took down his Twitter account or got hacked? I am wondering about the latter because he was whipping Lazar pretty good before the account went offline, and Lazar's foam-flecked groupies seem to be both tech-savvy and pretty intolerant of fact-checking.

    And if anyone finds video/transcripts of the confrontation, please link!

  13. Robert. I wish we had met at the conference. And thank you for your blog! I’m a reader, and it’s an honor to be referenced in your work.

    You mentioned that I had a “long and rather confusing talk based on the weird people and weird stuff”. The “weird” people you refer to must be Lear, Lazar, Knapp, and Dr. Roger Leir. So yes, they each hold Extraordinary Beliefs that might be different from yours or mine, but they’re each fascinating. My film subjects have come to their opinions based upon personal experience (not by the words of others). This I respect deeply. People forming their own opinions, NOT by the claims of others, are forward thinking.

    It was an honor to speak at the 2015 UFO Congress, and the people I spoke about have powerful life stories. If you find their stories “weird”, that was not the point. The point was that YOU need to come to YOUR OWN conclusions. I hope you received this message.

    You also mention, “Corbell is very pro-Lazar and pro-John Lear”. To be accurate, I’m not PRO anybody. I’m simply telling it like I see it, or understand it at this time. Broad statements are dismissive to dialogue. As you astutely mention, the individuals related to my research, do not fundamentally agree. Such is life. But let’s be clear on my PERSONAL position. I do believe Lazar. This does not mean I’m “PRO-LAZAR”, but rather, it means that as an investigative filmmaker I’m currently satisfied with the weight of evidence that Lazar’s telling the truth. This comes from being somewhat close to the inner-circle of characters within this epic saga. It also means that until I encounter evidence or data that contradicts my, I will speak my mind based on my findings.

    About Sunday’s panel that you missed. I would not characterize it as a, “shouting match”, as your friend seems to have. It was HEATED and EXCITING! A debate that was LONG overdue. Stanton Friedman has been spouting the same half-truths for the last 25 years, and they are simply misleading, inaccurate or completely false. I was responding to these statements with as much clarity as I could. And I stand by every word.

    I wasn’t “defending Bob”, I was puncturing holes in the inflated position that Stanton took. Which in my opinion has ALWAYS been deceptive.

    Stanton demands “proof” of Lazar’s education (missing the big picture entirely), yet supplies NO PROOF for his antidotal statements on Lazar’s credibility. If you watch the debate for yourself, you will see that Stanton admits that he “never had an in-depth conversation with Lazar”. In-fact, I don’t believe Stanton EVER had ANY conversation with Lazar. And yet he persists that Lazar is “not a real scientist”, and hides behind semantics and presumptions attempting to discredit Lazar as a scientist.

    Stanton persisted for a quarter-century in repeating half-truths and spouting ambiguous statements. It was simply time for that to end.

    The truth is, Stanton is full of baloney, and it’s time to go Vegan. He simply doesn’t know what he speaks of with the Lazar case. George Knapp has been digging for 25 years, and Stanton stopped at the 25 minute mark. Knapp continues to reveal more and more, Stanton simply regurgitates his own words, deceptively, and with impunity (until last Sunday). I refuse to contribute to this, or let it slide. When I smell BS, I call it out. So that’s what Sunday was about.

    I would ask that you to take a look at the debate yourself, and for journalistic integrity, feel free to contact me directly at

    You’re a good writer Robert, a good journalist. I’m excited to engage the issue! My interest is in uncovering a deeper truth, and weaponing the curiosity of those who have the tenacity to research the issues for themselves.



    Jeremy Kenyon Lockyer Corbell

    1. Jeremy;

      The burden of proof rests on he who makes the claims. Lazar has not provided one scrap of veracious evidence for his wildly fantastic claims about himself or his version of the cosmic conspiramyth.

      >> Got a Masters degree in Physics from MIT

      >> Was hired to work as a scientist at Area 51

      >> Browsed inside UFOs powered by Element 115 parked in a hangar, tried to sit in seats but found them too small

      >> Saw secret reports documenting grey aliens involvement with mankind for over 10,000 years

      >> Says aliens are from Zeta Reticuli <<

      What the records show is that Lazar is a junior-college dropout and a self-employed photo processor with a criminal record.

      So what can any adult with good sense conclude about Bob Lazar and his wildly fantastic claims?

    2. For all his mistakes over the years, the one thing that Stan has indisputably gotten right is the Lazar scam. Full of baloney? Not on Lazar the proven liar. Anyone who believes his story, based as it is on the hooey of "they erased all of my records" is, simply put, nuts.

  14. Hi Terry. I've never called them the Roswell Slides. Not once. Is there a surviving Roswell first-hand witness who claims the slides match what he saw? Yes there is. But Ben Hansen, Neil DeGrasse Tyson and dozens of others have also seen the slides. Maybe they should be called the Tyson-Hansen slides? Part of what has been intersting in all of this is how so many people want to hijack the narrative and also how the rumor mill churns. This has been a unpaid 2-year side project. I made a decision to not get sucked into the minutia and let the story stand on its own when the time came. I dont have the time or the inclination to monitor the expectations of a few impatient strangers (especially people who, in my estimation, have a near zero chance of being swayed by two photos no matter how compelling they are).

    1. The Patterson-Gimlin film has not changed science's opinion of Bigfoot. I am not sure what these slides will show but they are not enough to convince people outside the UFO community.
      You can always have the "believers" on your side but if you really were interested in finding out what the slides really show, you never would have gone to people like Schmitt, Carey, and Maussan. Going to them indicate you believed it was an alien from the get go and associated it with Roswell. So forgive us skeptics when we doubt that you don't like calling them the "Roswell slides" and they you are trying to be neutral here.

    2. they = that. Need to look before I "Publish".

    3. @Adam Dew
      > I've never called them the Roswell Slides.

      You sought out Roswell investigators. You have to own that, not repeatedly pawn it off onto others.

      > Is there a surviving Roswell first-hand witness who claims the slides match what he saw? Yes there is.

      Can he demonstrate he saw an alien body? If not, he is a witness to nothing, and thereby cannot verify the figure in the slides.

      > Maybe they should be called the Tyson-Hansen slides?

      Or the Alien Autopsy 2.0 slides? Lots and lots of similarities, as I pointed out on Rich Reynold's blog. I'm not saying the slides are fake, but your scavenger hunt has a nearly identical checklist so far.

      > Part of what has been interesting in all of this is how so many people want to hijack the narrative

      Like Anthony Braglia, tireless propagandist for your team? He who declared on Kevin Randle's blog, "THE ONLY CONCLUSION" is that the figure in the slides "is not a creature that finds its origin on Earth" and "it is not a jump or stretch to then conclude that these slides indeed show the corpse of one of the creatures found fallen at Roswell."

      Do you agree with Braglia's statement, Adam? Or have you not been monitoring that "impatient stranger"?

  15. "Is there a surviving Roswell first-hand witness who claims the slides match what he saw? Yes there is."

    Who is that witness? I assume it's the guy we see in the Kodachrome trailer in his driveway, but as far as I can tell even UFO guys don't know who that is.

    1. There are a few ufo guys who know who he is.

    2. At this point I agreed not to use his real name. However with a little research, I'm sure you could track him down.

    3. The challenge was accepted and now everybody knows who he is.

  16. He is in the Roswell base yearbook for 1947. He rarely speaks publicly about Roswell.

  17. Not actually an answer to the question I asked. What's his name? If he's in the "base yearbook" then presumably that's public information. Who interviewed him first on the subject of the Roswell crash, and when?

  18. An "investigative filmmaker" who has looked into Lazar's story and still believes it might want to investigate the meaning of "investigative".


    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Ha! Admittedly it's difficult to grasp when you are looking in from the outside. I guess that's why a film simply needs to be made on the subject. Thanks for your comment Lance. I look forward to putting a spotlight on this case soon.

      Jeremy Kenyon Lockyer Corbell

  19. The Secret Government, NAZI Flying Saucers, Moon Bases, the Pipeline and 9/11?

    It's the "UFOs and Space Aliens, 500 light-year per gallon secret-technology carburetor" Conspiracy Theory. Yikes!

    "Dolan's vision of a global cover-up is...impossibly large and unwieldy." (g)

    "The Secret Space Program and Breakaway Civilization" is Pure Fantasy!

    Dolan's derivative spin on the old Cosmic Conspiramyth. After nearly two decades of this, frankly, insane baloney, you'd think he could come up with some new schtick. But he's just another sad example of ufoolery's gloomy, even morose failure of imagination. We can only wonder what happened.

    1. "Richard Dolan’s Tinfoil Hat"

      "He is at heart, a conspiracy theorist who believes conspiracy is at the heart of nearly everything important that has happened in the 20th and 21st centuries. Whether it is CIA mind control that caused the Jonestown massacre, the staged 9/11 attacks, or the assassination of John F. Kennedy as a result of Kennedy wanting to spill the beans on UFOs (not to mention Marilyn Monroe and Dorothy Kilgallen), it remains the work of vast unseen power elites in perfect coordination who secretly rule the world and have in mind one world government and a New World Order, all at the expense of humanity. UFOs and aliens may have been the catalyst that started all this, but they are incidental to the story of conspiracy itself. Reptilians from another parallel dimension would work just as well. Dolan doesn’t seem to care one way or another.

      "...A one trick pony with a tin foil hat, espousing a theory we have all memorized, but which is getting a little old and doesn’t do a single thing—not one single thing—to explain the UFO phenomena itself."

      -- Michael R. Schuyler January, 2010

  20. "I think this is all a con" --PK

    Every bit of this ridiculous hoax from the get-go.

    No results found for "roswell slides hoax".

    There will be now!

  21. Did anyone notice that the article in which Maussan is interviewed by the Italian journalist Maurizio Baiata contains blurred renditions of BOTH of the "Roswell slides"? Previous to this, I've only seen one.

    Also I must say I am impressed by Google Translate on this one. It has produced pretty good English, and knowing some Italian it looks to me like the translation is quite accurate.

  22. Thanks for the link, Robert.
    Was the info that one of the slides was taken with flash and one wasn't previously known. I can't remember.

  23. Jeremy, thank you for your comments. It would have been good for us to talk, maybe at some future conference we can do that.

    I confess I was confused by the gist of your talk, "The Invisible College." Descriptions like "Corbell will seek to weaponize your curiosity" didn't help me! I think most of it had to do with your experiences of filming people who make very strange claims. Jacques Vallee wrote about "The Invisible College," but what he meant was a group of academics and other researchers who are quietly studying UFO reports in secret. What you mean is obviously something different.

    I thought your film The Seventeenth Patient was well-made. However, you seemed to accept all the claims made by Roger Leir without reservation. I also didn't notice skepticism in yout talk as you told about other people making weird claims. I think you'd realize by now that at least 90% of claims made in UFOlogy are total nonsense, and the other 10% you can argue about. For example, as has been noted many times, Bob Lazar has made so many claims that do not check out, I don't see how you can accept his story (that's what I mean by "pro-Lazar") unless you can find a very good explanation for that (and nobody has). It's very difficult to avoid the conclusion that Lazar is a liar. I think you need to weigh the pro and the con sides better for a more balanced analysis of extraordinary claims.

  24. Robert –

    Your synopsis of Richard Dolan’s presentation made me smile because I felt I had seen something similar. Finding it impossible to tie together all the many threads he presented, I ended up with a long list of stuff and a strong sense of being led far afield from any answers addressing UFO phenomena.

    Mr. Dolan proffered pure UFO populism. Starting with a request for uncritical trust he artfully coupled a wholesale suspension of disbelief with an intensely focused skepticism and suspicion of authority. Predicated on a firm belief that they are here and actively undertaking covert actions against the common good of the people, in the end it was unclear whether the evil they he invokes are aliens, human or an amalgamated cabal. The expedient undefined evil elite provided a tent big enough to accommodate all manner of threatening geopolitical intrigues and he truly spun around the whole world in 75 minutes.

    It was a fascinating performance. The audience responded with a standing ovation.

  25. Has anyone else gotten a Twitter promo for the May 5 event from Jamie Maussan? The wild claims are beyond ridiculous, the price of a ticket is unbelievable, and there is going to be one hell of a blowback on May 6...

    I've written it up at

    1. Mark, those prices you quote are in Mexican pesos. At the current exchange rate of about 15 pesos to the dollar, tickets run from approximately $24 to $104, in U.S. dollars.

  26. > He was the first to interview Bob Lazar, who he compares to Edward Snowden

    Knapp was challenged about this on Twitter. He tried to deny it: "I don't recall anyone saying Lazar is Snowden. Do you?"

    But I found a 2014 MUFON post where Knapp made the exact same comparison.

    Knapp then admitted the comparison, but tried to minimise it: "Yes, I made a comparison, but in a very specific context."

    Silly man.

    1. I would hate to have to remember some comment I made a year ago. He probably says a lot of stuff he doesn't have recollection of. Which is why Knapp said "I don't recall". And in the light of day, it probably sounded ill advised to him when it was presented to him in the present day. I think everybody's been presented with something they didn't think they said, but they actually did say. Then when you look at it again, you don't know why you said it. Not the end of the world.

    2. No, Jason, you misunderstand. Knapp said it in July (eight months ago) and a few weeks ago. Knapp is saying this repeatedly.

      And it's catching on.

  27. Why is that people like Dolan, Lazar and Friedman and the exopolitical crowd repeat endlessly the mantra that "the government knows...". Is it purely the US government that "knows" or are other countries involved?

    As for Ed Snowden's revelations, has ANYTHING to do with UFOs ever emerged from these? If not, why not? (Yes I know the obvious answer, but what, for instance, have Dolan or Lazar to say about this strange omission?)

    Finally, have the ETs themselves co-operated in this grand conspiracy? Because if they are truly an uncontrollable race and unknown to science, would the US govt even try to cover up something over which they have absolutely no control?

    Yes I know the above sounds very elementary logic, but I sometimes wonder whether these extreme, or even moderate, conspiracy-fringe types have so much as one iota of common sense. Promulgating the idea that ETs are living amongst us, unknown to us, is the same idea as promoted by Adamski 60 years ago.

    Re part 1: I recall David Jacobs telling a London Conference in 1994 that he expected the reality of abductions to be admitted and made official in about 5 or 6 years (i.e. by the millenium).

    1. Ignore the obvious realities of the world and appeal to ignorance, the unknown, and then to an alternate (grand cosmic) conspiratorial "reality" is the MO of all "UFO" promoters because no rational story can produce the desired fantastical conclusion. ufoolery is so very debunkable because it is composed of utter bunk!

      "I sometimes wonder whether these...conspiracy-fringe types have so much as one iota of common sense." --cda

      Call me cynical, I call it realistic, but I say these shameless cosmic conspiracy promoters are in it for the money. As I said about Steven Greer, "If their personal beliefs on these utterly insubstantial subjects weren't secondary to their self promotion and money making from the start then they certainly are now."

      It's not a lack of good sense that caused these flying-saucer showmen to follow the path of Palmer, Shaver and Arnold; they made a career choice that has, as its fundamental requirement, a lack of scruples--they're shameless liars.

      Believe me, Chris, what I take to be your rhetorical question was mine for real when first encountering "UFO" nutters online decades ago. I asked seriously: Are they delusional and really believe this obvious nonsense? Is it an intentional act of social resistance, a new-age religion, inverted anti-intellectual resentment or stupid antiscientific contrarianism, an act for negative attention? In the case of book-writing and speaking-tour ufoologists, is it more like dramatic acting for money? "The Flying Saucer Physicist" being simply a character played by SF!

      You name Adamski, Jacobs, Dolan, Lazar and Friedman; I'll add Vallee here even if he is less visible. Complete and utter phonies like Bassett, Greer, Dolan, Hoagland and Howe (and half of overnight radio's C2C guests making similar outlandishly irresponsible claims) are still selling the very same "Space Aliens and the Hidden World Grand Cosmic Conspiramyth" baloney today, and making a living off of rationally challenged, scientifically illiterate Believers doing it.

      That's what ufoolery is really about: Money for telling the biggest and best lies, just don't deviate from the time-tested script of the Shaver mystery, mind control, lost and hidden worlds, secrets ancient and future, or you'll lose your audience.

      It's all about the money. But you know me, I think Arnold was a fantasy-prone hoaxster and fortune-seeker who saw nothing and made the whole thing up. (g)

      ufoolery is history; make belief in the antiscientific "UFO" myth history as well.

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