Friday, November 6, 2015

Remember, Remember, the Fifth of November - the Greatest UFO Mass Sighting in French History, 1990

Remember, Remember, the Fifth of November - it's now been 25 years since the greatest mass UFO sighting in French history, in 1990.

Drawing of the French mass UFO sighting, Nov. 5, 1990. This one was observed by seven people

From James Oberg:

  • Thousands of witness reports, artwork 
  • Mass media saturated 
  • Fireball reports common, but accompanied by more artificial structured objects 
  •  Some reports of EM effects on computers, car radios

Some witnesses described it as 'giant triangles' crossing the sky. Except that it was the re-entry of a Russian Proton rocket (designation 1990-094C), used to launch a Gorizont satellite. Satellite orbit guru Ted Molczan has prepared this map, showing the trajectory of the object as it traveled (west to east) across France. This matches up extremely well with the time and trajectory of the reported "UFO."

 From the UFO Working Group Netherlands: Analysis of the 1990 UFO reports by British jet fighter pilots.

Case Studies In Pilot Misperceptions Of "UFOs" by James Oberg.

"Credible people reporting incredible things." But quite inaccurately.


  1. Another rocket booster. The PSH of "UFO" reports validated once again.

    This just showed up in my gmail. Good talk, Robert, great to hear your voice!

  2. Is it me or do most UFO reports occur in countries that have a space program and are more likely to be part of launches? You hardly ever hear of UFO sightings in Australia for instance; but heaps go on in Europe and USA where re-entry happens (more often).

  3. No I think you are wrong. Years ago I read that most UFO reports originate from Brazil, more than the US (on a proportion to population basis). It may be different now, of course. On the other hand, there was an almost total absence of reports from India, China, Pakistan, & S.E.Asia at one time. I don't know the position now. 'Westernisation' and such things as 'industrialisation' may have changed all that!

    1. To point out, Brazil *has* a space program - just not its own, but located next door in French Guiana, where the ESA launches all its stuff.

  4. Robert, please check out the following link and tell us which satellite or rocket is the source:

    1. Ted Molczan is working on this and has a possible candidate. You can follow at

    2. Ted determined that it was a centaur booster from a spy satellite launch (2008-010B).Mystery solved transpower!

    3. A very professional report. Thanks, Tim!

  5. Thanks, got any links to stats? My other hypothesis is simply that more first world countries are prone to it because more Western people will have access to telescopes at home, more leisure time at night, more education on science, and more homes near airports or under plane routes. But it's probably also cultural in the sense that if there's a previous flap (ie Roswell) then it feeds into itself. Fewer flaps means less interest overall. That's my guess anyway...

  6. When i read this kind of blog, I thought why we people are fighting with each other. Why we are wasting time fighting with each other country. we have need to prepare for flight to Alien's very soon.



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