Wednesday, October 11, 2017

At Longe Last - Tom DeLonge's Dramatic UFO Announcement!!

This past February 15, rocker Tom DeLonge, formerly of the band Blink 182, was named the UFO "Researcher of the Year" at the International UFO Congress in Arizona. This award struck many people as unusual, since DeLonge has not actually published any UFO research. However, in his acceptance video, he hinted at his great UFO disclosure announcement that is to come:
 I'm into some serious shit. I'm making really good progress. I can't tell you what I'm about to announce... There's going to be an announcement in like the next sixty-ish days...
DeLonge's promise that it would come in "sixtyish" days stretched out to two-hundred-thirty-sevenish days, but finally on October 10, 2017 he posted his long-awaited announcement to Facebook:
Thank you all for waiting for an announcement that is literally 2 years in the making. I have assembled a team of insiders that I believe can possibly change the world. All are current consultants to the US Gov on National Security Matters, and some literally left days ago from the Department if Defense to join me in this initiative. Fmr. High Ranking Government Officials and Senior Intelligence Officers from CIA, DOD, and also a Chief Engineer (Director of Advanced Programs) from Lockheed Martin’s the Skunk Works have come together aiming to BUILD A REVOLUTIONARY TECHNOLOGY for the world, research the unknown and finally tell the “story of the millennia” through Feature Films. NO ONE GOVERNMENT, INDIVIDUAL OR INSTITUTION should own what can truthfully help the world. We all can own it together. To The Stars Academy of Arts and Science is allowing a group of those who are interested to join us on day one. 
In other words, DeLonge is not announcing anything about UFOs. Instead, he has announced the formation of his new corporation to look into UFOs, and he wants you to fund it. What a truly breathtaking announcement! Here is your chance to give money to the very wealthy Tom DeLonge! Don't miss this opportunity of a lifetime!!!
Countdown to DeLonge's great announcement Broadcast
Participating in DeLonge's exciting dog-and-pony show are:
Chris Mellon: FMR Deputy Asst Secretary of Defense for Intelligence
Jim Semivan: FMR Sr. Intelligence Service, CIA’s Directorate of Operations
Dr. Hal Puthoff: Director of DOD/CIA/DIA Scientific Research Programs
Steve Justice: FMR Advanced Systems Director for Lockheed Martin’s “Skunk Works”
Luis Elizondo: FMR Director of Programs to Investigate Unidentified Aerial Threats, USG
Something extraordinary is about to be revealed. Former high-level officials and scientists with deep black experience who have always remained in the shadows are now stepping into the light. These insiders have long-standing connections to government agencies which may have programs investigating unidentifed aerial phenomena (UAP). They intend to move into the private sector and to make all declassified information, and any future knowledge, available for all to see.
Is the presence of "government insiders" in a UFO organization unprecedented? Does it promise significant informational breakthroughs? Most UFOlogists today may not aware that back in the 1950s and 60s, NICAP had several former high-ranking CIA officials in its leadership. In 1957, Roscoe Hillenkoetter, the first Director of Central Intelligence (1947-1950) became a member of the board of NICAP. Also in 1957,  Colonel Joseph Bryan III, the founder and head of the Psychological Warfare Staff at the CIA, became member of the NICAP board. Several other former CIA officials also became affiliated with NICAP. Nonetheless, despite all these government insiders, NICAP never obtained or revealed any supposed UFO secrets held by the government.

Nor is this the first time that those with a background in science and technology have been brought together in a UFO research organization. In 1973 with much fanfare, former Air Force Blue Book consultant Dr. J. Allen Hynek announced the formation of the Center for UFO Studies. Despite the participation of numerous scientists who were previously part of Hynek's "invisible college," CUFOS ultimately changed nothing in the UFO controversy.

What is unprecedented here is the stated intention to mix UFO "research" with cinema and other forms of entertainment. It is impossible to predict how successful this will be - obviously some UFO and Sci-Fi entertainment has been extremely successful. Just ask Steven Speilberg or George Lucas. But just producing a space or UFO related movie does not in any way guarantee success. Just ask the investors in the independent Sci-Fi film Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets. Now that Harvey Weinstein has a lot of free time, perhaps he can give some good advice to To The Stars' entertainment division. In the absence of major Hollywood directorial and production talent, their odds do not look good.

For your convenience, DeLonge's website includes a handy button for you to "invest".
But let's look at the fine print. This is a stock offering, and that entails a lot of legal red tape, "Filed pursuant to Rule 253(g)(2), File No. 024-10728."  "OFFERING CIRCULAR DATED SEPTEMBER 29, 2017 To The Stars Academy of Arts and Science Inc. Up to 10,000,000 shares of Class A Common Stock." I have highlighted some of the more humorous lines in this prospectus:
The company is a public benefit corporation founded in 2017 by a former senior Intelligence Officer with the CIA, a distinguished research scientist from the Department of Defense, and an award-winning artist with the goal of creating a dynamic Aerospace, Science and Entertainment consortium. We strive to be a positive vehicle for change by supporting progressive thought through academic research, exotic engineering, and
entertainment media. In the course of the company’s organization it acquired To The Stars, Inc. (“TTS”), an existing business that now comprises the company’s Entertainment Division.....

The company’s Aerospace Division is dedicated to finding revolutionary breakthroughs in propulsion, energy, and communication. We intend to employ lead engineers from major Department of Defense and aerospace companies with the capability to pursue an advanced engineering approach to fundamental aerospace topics ranging from Beamed-Energy Propulsion to warp drive metrics. Our team will seek to develop next-generation
energy and propulsion concepts for spaceflight, as well as new technologies for space communications.

The company’s Science Division will be a theoretical and experimental laboratory, challenging conventional thinking by discovering a new world of physics and consciousness-related possibilities and exploring how to use them to affect the world positively. TTS AAS has access to a global team of research scientists with advanced knowledge to pursue the company’s research projects, including Human Ultra-Experience Database, Engineering Space-Time Metrics, Brain-Computer Interface, and Telepathy....

To date, our revenues have not been sufficient to fund operations. Thus, until we can generate sufficient cash flows to fund operations, we are dependent on raising additional capital through debt and/or equity transactions....

The offering price has been arbitrarily set by the company and the valuation is high.
Valuations for companies at this stage are generally purely speculative, and even more so in our case. We have not generated any revenue from the aerospace and science projects we plan to pursue, nor do we have deals in place yet to do so. Our valuation has not been validated by any independent third party, and may decrease precipitously in the future. It is a question of whether you, the investor, are willing to pay this price for a percentage ownership of a start-up company. You should not invest if you disagree with this valuation.....
The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission carefully regulates all proposed stock offerings, and requires that risks to investors be clearly disclosed. To fail to do this is to invite future lawsuits from investors who might suffer losses. I would have to say that To The Stars, Inc. has done a very thorough job of disclosing "risks." If anyone thinks after reading this stock offering (and after watching the video below, in which DeLonge talks about the "pyramids and stuff on Mars"), that To The Stars represents a good investment, I have a bridge for sale I'd like to tell you about.

Dude, where's my Saucer?


  1. These are some of the points I was going to raise. NICAP had "insiders," and so did CUFOS when Hynek first created it. In fact, CUFOS had more on the go than ToTheStars (TTS) because they at least focusing on gathering data and actually investigating UFO reports, something TTS doesn't seem to need to do because they apparently already know aliens are here.

    Furthermore, Bigelow created a very similar think tank and initially affiliated with MUFON, which sounded great on paper, too. But good intentions and vast quantities of money don't necessarily produce expected results.

    We can also mention the Fund for UFO Research, Project Starlight International, and perhaps even the Raelians' Clonaid organization, which all boasted "scientists" in a think-tank-like atmosphere, devoted to studying alien technology.

    In short, this is nothing new.

    1. We forgot about Joe Firmage, who founded the International Space Sciences Organization to research weird UFO-related physics. He blew through a bunch of money, but never discovered anything.

    2. Beat me to it.

      Also observe that Leslie Kean (to whom you probably could sell a bridge) tells us that these geniuses will be making use of *declassified* information in their ground-breaking endeavours. Obviously somebody missed something the first time round.

      Judging from the photies, Weinstein is clearly an alien. I am amazed that David Icke hasn't outed him already. Ms Kean, investigative journalist, should interview Weinstein forthwith. Although dressing in something robust in addition to her trademark tinfoil hat would seem to be advisable.

      —Peter B

    3. Quoth the Duke: "Leslie Kean (to whom you probably could sell a bridge)"
      Too late – Linda Molton Howe gazumped her.

    4. Guffaw—but Nah, Ian—that was the _other_ bridge that Linda Molten Cowe went and bought. There are plenty to go round. And they (we know who they are) have been selling them to one another for years. I believe there's a rather pretty one running through Rendlesham Forest...

  2. Harvey Weinstein? Yes, of course he is the very man needed to provide a firm financial footing for this new organisation.

    We can only hope he does not run out of funds fighting off these ghastly female predators who are now preying on him.

    Then, finally, we can all relax and wait for the great UFO Truth to emerge. Whew!

  3. Other famous UFO promoters are sending messages suggesting that this is the real deal. They failed to mention the stock sales and other shady BS connected with this puerile project.

    I think this sort of thing is a touchstone of the current state of society...Instead of Virtue Signalling, we have UFO Signalling....."We are not going to actually do anything, just make it look like we are...."

  4. After perusing Mr. DeLOnge's prospectus, I'd love to hear more about that bridge you mentioned.

  5. Jason Colavito looks into the details of To The Stars' funding, and notes " DeLonge is giving himself a minimum $100,000 annual income just for the use of his music and image." Also, "The money taken in through the stock offering—one million dollars or more—is already earmarked to the tune of $700,000 minimum to DeLonge himself."

    1. O dear, it gets better all the time. How much is DeLonge worth already?

      At least Joe Firmage put his money where his curiosity lay. (And you and I, Roberto, were both beneficiaries of that, and to overall good effect.)

  6. One of the speakers at the TTS press conference went into great detail about an incident involving the USS Nimitz and a UFO that was visible for hours near the ship. Does anyone have any further information on the truth or otherwise of that story?

  7. So what if it stretched out to two-hundred-thirty-sevenish days ? You can't rush "serious shit".

  8. I thought I noticed a full set of 'Encyclopedia Britannica' in his bookcase. Surely this is absolute proof that this guy deLonge MUST know what he is talking about. He just needs a bit of practice at facing the camera and his audience, that's all. We must be patient (again) and await the revelations to come.

  9. "Our valuation has not been validated... and may decrease precipitously in the future."

    I'll be keeping my 'dole' money in my own pocket then...

    And Leslie Kean's still flogging a UFOlogy horse, she must know decayed into a skeleton a long time ago.

  10. Although it's fun to watch the various factions within ufology argue and flame against one another regarding the TTS, and it's obvious that TTS is more an entertainment company than a scientific investment offering, this does raise some concerns for me within the scientific community.

    Why is there no comment from Temple University regarding their prominent alumna Adele Gilpin's inclusion in TTS? Or Stanford's reaction to Gary Nolan's appointment to the TTS board? Similarly, with regard to the other scientists on board.

    Why are their peers not commenting publicly? Surely the scientific community should take notice of these scientists with numerous accolades becoming involved in TTS. Telepathy and instantaneous travel? Shouldn't these scientists know better?

  11. Even if they are sincere, which i don't buy, in the best case all these guys are basically saying the government doesn't actually know anything about UFOs hence the need for this company to study it. There are and were organizations that are studying this. So much for disclosure. Was interesting to see the more you extreme alien believers talk about this as a govt disinformation campaign and DeLonge is just a easy mark,

  12. It's the sa,e old stuff again, there will never be disclosure because it has never happened......a wild statement but I haven't seen anything to persuade me. If this new group brings in any of the old UFO nutters then this will convince me that it is all a waste of effort and money. I ve been waiting for the break through in energy tech since Greer's Orion project in the last 2 decades.

    1. Hardly a wild statement when you consider the 'null hypothesis' still stands unfalsified. All wild statements issue from the True Believers.

  13. So it took Tom DeLonge this long to announce he's basically starting a fancy flying-saucer-themed Patreon for himself and other people?

    Tom, buddy, you could've already been making money off suc- I mean, willing investors. You gotta fire your internet guy.

  14. I am between contracts right now and so have the time for a little UFO research, but not the dosh. Perhaps I should start an online fund to get me to the University of New Hampshire to read through its archive of Betty Hill's papers. All I need is:

    * return plane ticket, Toronto/Manchester, NH Airport
    * two week accommodations, Durham, NH
    * two week per diem: meals, local transport, librarian bribes
    * laptop computer with the alien face on it
    * portable scanner (or if they don't allow scanners, digital photograph receptor contact lenses)
    * mass spectrometer wrist watch (to secretly analyse blue dress space goo)
    * tinfoil-lined hazmat suit (to block Kathleen Marden's purported psi abilities)
    * $5000 MUFON inner circle contribution (to assure my findings are published)
    * return plane ticket, Toronto/Stockholm (to receive Nobel Prize in the One True Science From Which All Other Sciences Are Derived - Ufology)
    * tuxedo for above
    * Stan T. Friedman fee for writing introduction to my book ($5 CAN) before slagging book in his MUFON column

    I reckon this will cost $750,000 CAN, which should get me to retirement age.

  15. As Freud might've say, sometimes a couple of kites are just a couple of kites.


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