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Book Notes: "Belgian UFO Photos" and "The Children of Roswell"

BELGIUM IN UFO PHOTOGRAPHS. Volume 1 (1950-1988)

This is a new book by longtime researchers Vicente-Juan Ballester Olmos of Spain and Wim Van Utrecht of Belgium examining photos of purported UFOs from Belgium prior to 1988. One never would have thought that there existed so many UFO photos in a small country like Belgium, but here they are! 
The authors' release note states,

The book is a documented history of four decades’ worth of UFO incidents that we have investigated, weighing the evidence for real anomalies that might be occurring in our atmosphere. Though only a small country in Central Europe, Belgium’s rich UFO heritage serves as a representative sample of UFO phenomenology worldwide, as any UFO student will quickly realize. The analyses to be found in this volume will perfectly fit to cases from other regions of the planet.
The book has over 400 pages, 366 illustrations (pictures, diagrams, maps, sky charts, etc.) and, in addition to case stories, investigation and image forensics, it contains a statistical review of the cases that were studied. This is FOTOCAT Report #7 and, like the rest of the series, it is available free online at the following link:
Especially for book collectors, printed book lovers and libraries, a softbound, large format edition in full color has been published by UPIAR (Turin, Italy). It can be purchased through the publisher’s website at:

The printed book costs 40 Euros. There is a Forward by James Oberg, who writes,
Without taking sides on selection of explanations, Vicente-Juan Ballester-Olmos and Wim van Utrecht have been practicing a methodology of research that—were it far more widespread—could help determine the better theories from the more extreme ones. They are looking at, and recording, the raw data, in painstaking detail and depth, to provide current and future researchers with the rarest and most valuable resource in any mystery, authentic clues.
I think that Oberg has nailed it here. The most impressive aspect of this volume is its painstaking methodology. Even if you're not interested in little-known retro UFO cases in Belgium, the book is worth looking into just to see how the authors go about their investigations. Van Utrecht explained to me that 84 photographic cases were investigated in the first volume, and 92% of them could be explained as conventional objects or hoaxes. The remaining 8% "could not be properly assessed because of lack of information." We read about a streetlamp UFO,  ice pillars, mosquito pillars (!), and other unusual phenomena, as well as hoaxes.

Investigation of a purported UFO by a Belgian youth
Note that the photos covered in this book, Volume 1, go only up to 1988. The famous "Belgian UFO Wave" began in 1989, and is planned to be written about in the next volume. That one will get a lot of attention, I am sure!

CHILDREN OF ROSWELL by Thomas J. Carey and Donald R. Schmidt
(Wayne, NJ: New Page Books, 2016)

This book came out right on the heels of one of the biggest fiascoes in the history of UFOdumb, the so-called "Roswell Slides" in 2015, where Carey and Schmitt tried to convince the world that two photos of a body in a glass case showed a dead alien from Roswell. Within days of the photos being released to the world, skeptics showed that it was, in fact, the mummified body of a two-year-old Native American boy. If Carey and Schmitt had any integrity, they would have apologized profusely, covered themselves in sackcloth and ashes, and in any future UFO-related writings they would have explained what mistakes led to that fiasco taking place. Instead they mumbled something in their defense, and slinked away. Many people were curious to see what they would say in this book to perhaps justify their spectacular mistake. We now have the answer: nothing whatsoever. They say nothing in this book about their role in the recent "Roswell Slides" fiasco, and pretend it never happened.

One of the two "Roswell Slides" promoted by Carey and Schmitt
The government's great Roswell Conspiracy, according to Carey and Schmitt, is much bigger and more sinister than you ever imagined. In the original version of the story, as told by Berlitz and Moore, when rancher Mac Brazel brought some debris he found into town, nobody knew what it was, and the Army Air Base sent two officers out to gather more samples.

But in this latest telling of the fable, the government conspiracy has grown to be much larger and more sinister than before. Before Brazel brought the debris into town, he gave samples to some of his neighbors. Soon everyone and his little brother in the town of Corona had crash debris samples. They were even placed on display at a Fourth of July rodeo, where they "stole the show." Souvenir hunters went out to gather up their own samples. "Neighbors hid their bounty in caves, in water tanks, under floor boards, in sacks of feed, in fruit sellers, and even inside jars of canned peaches." Wow!

Somehow the government found out about this alien debris, and went into panic mode. "The White House resembled a war room, as unscheduled meetings continued to express the utmost concern for what had fallen out of the sky in New Mexico," a statement that seems to have no substantiation except in the authors' overheated imagination.

The government allegedly decided to make an all-out effort to recover every last piece of it, including those that had been hidden away in private hands. Civilians were reportedly told, "If you say anything, you will be killed. And your entire family will be killed as well." TV host Ben Hansen, who should know better, writes about the book: "We now know that the American government stooped to the lowest level of humanity by going so far as to issue death threats to child witnesses." But just because somebody makes a claim of government harassment doesn't mean that it's true.

Carey and Schmitt even go so far as to claim that skeptical Roswell investigators Robert Todd and Karl Pflock were part of the government coverup - "standard procedure within the U.S. government's 'damage control' phase of containment." If you like your conspiracy stories big and bold, this book is for you.


  1. I've been saying that ufology is a branch of showbusiness (Mendoza's Maxim No 42)for decades: Carey & Schmitt seem to have taken it into the realm of high comedy. Someone should send this to Mel Brooks to make the spoof version—tho' it might be hard to tell which is which.

    —Peter B

  2. You aint seen nuthin yet. Just wait till "The Children of Rendlesham" comes out. This 'book to end all books' is, I understand, now being vetted by a UK special government committee before it can be published later this year. Obviously the committee will have to deliberate very carefully as to what can be safely released to the public domain. Please be patient.

  3. As we are all waiting for more from Tom seems book reviews are the topic now.
    Just read "Kennedy's Last Stand: Eisenhower,UFOs, MJ-12 & JFK's Assassination" by Michael E. Salla, Ph.D.
    It lists the MJ-12 members and a slight history of each but Dr Detlev Bronk caught my attention.
    What a coincidence!Bronk was President of the National Academy of Sciences. 1950-1962.
    Isnt that the same institution that P.J.Klass stipulated in his $10 000 bet/reward for confirmation of a UFO????
    The National Academy of Sciences was also started by the "Scientific Lazzaroni"....obviously more Vatican control of science/philosophy that was coping with Darwinism & Evolution theorys in the later 1800s. Even skeptics cant argue that Galileo's sun-centred theory was oppressed for nearly 200yrs by Jesuit creationists.
    It is not that unplausible that "James JESUS Angleton" was the Jesuit agent working for the CIA man on MJ-12. Jesus was counter-intelligence, helped Fascist Nazis escape war crimes,remained in Italy after the war, mafia connections, and a Christian as well as Zionist. Just on these few associations alone, this CIA agent cant be trusted. Especially when the CIA denied Area 51 even existed at all, until officially disclosed a few years ago......
    A good read that links UFO cover-up to the JFK assassination, and tells who was possibly involved.
    Being SKEPTICAL of the Lee Harvey Oswald story , this scenario seems far more logical ....Kennedy wanted NASA and the Russians to unite on space flight, and the CIA to hand over all info on UFOs ....a group like MJ-12 is the only one that could have controlled the shooting, and investigation afterwards....

    1. Don't be silly, Deano, it's been established now that the JFK assassination was part of the unholy Zionist-Reptoid alliance which began when the FBI fluorinated the drinking water supplies back in the '50s to poison all the Freemasons who were trying to fight it.

    2. I aint silly B R-V. But Reptilians? I love how they have been pushed in the TV mini-series "V" > TWICE!!! The way "Alien" & "Predator" depict bi-pedal reptiles, or the multitude of "Lizard faced" aliens in Sci-Fi images.
      Reptiles create Fear! I too am wary of snakes and crocodiles. The snake in the garden of Eden has always been the ultimate depiction of Evil.
      St George slaying the Dragon? Merely a Catholic re-hash of Horus slaying a Crocodile.
      Bel and the Dragon? Bel is Marduk of Babylon, and his Mushushu dragon. A chimera as depicted on the Ishtar Gate in the Berlin Museum.
      Chinese dragons came from villagers digging up dinosaur bones. Giants compared to the modern Komodo dragon. Cold blooded egg-layers with claws capable of intelligence and advanced tech?
      You have to have faith in walking on water and other such "miracles" to believe in that garbage!

      Zionist-Freemasons? Again Bible related...the recapture of Mt Zion....and the Masonic columns of Boaz & Yachim from the temple of Solomon.
      The higher degree one attains in Freemasonry, the closer they get back to God.(Jesuit sun symbols on their aprons, the same as Washington's chair!)
      The 1st Zionist Secret Society in the USA, is ZBT of Columbia Uni in 1898.
      Their logo doesnt have a menorah, or sheep's horn, or other Jewish symbols. It does have a "Masonic Handshake",a lamp of illumination,scales of justice, Fascists bundle & Axe, Skull & Bones and a temple with columns!
      All of these symbols come from "Ecclestiacal Heraldry"(Vatican Crusades) and the Jesuit infiltraitors brought them into Freemasonry. Knights of Columbus are the link between the Masons and the Vatican Jesuits.
      Funny how the FBI has the Scales of Justice logo...
      Funny how the CIA has the "Compass Rose" logo...
      and Mussolini's Fascist logo was in the USA long before Fascist Italy. It is on Lincoln's chair statue, Office of the courts,National Sheriffs,Knights of Colombus,State of Colorado seal,flanking the flag in Congress and was even on the dime(withdrawn rapidly after WW2)!!!

      My point B R-V ? Secret Societies started with the Jesuits to stop PROTESTantism. COMMUNEism was the target in the 2othC, and hence its links to the CIA. The CIA has been involved in multiple coups and wars, especially when Catholic priests are losing power, or have none at all as in Muslim countries. JFK assassination? ...too easy...
      The logo for Fascism is the "bundle of sticks & axe", dating back to Roman times. But Latin is on many University shields/seals/logos, and its symbols are throughout Masonry.
      The Order of Knights Templar Commandery with a "Papal" Cross is a perfect example. Skull & Bones of the Bush's, and on Zionist ZBT Heraldic shield another. How long was daddy Bush in the CIA?
      Did Jesus(Angleton) conspire with Jesuit agents in Italy after WW2?
      This is the unholy alliance....


    From now on, open your mind, this message comes from our brothers and other-not about misleading lines with fictional content or with the purpose of personal promotion and an initial step for the future of all mankind.
    Message: one of the races in the past tried to invade to capture the Earth and at a Convention was established that there would be no more attempts at invasions and the aim now is to adapt and coexistence with humans.
    So open your mind, focus and talk to them using your heart and you won't regret it.

    1. And they made you privy to this information, but the best minds humanity can offer, nor the population at large?

  5. In the article "Unexplained’ Cases—Only If You Ignore All Explanations", by Robert Sheaffer, "sodium pentothal" was misspelled as "sodium penothal". Shoddy work, Robert! What other sloppy mistakes were made?


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