Thursday, May 23, 2019

Travis Walton Saw a Giant Black Triangle UFO, but Apparently Forgot to Mention it.

On May 22, 2019, Tucker Carlson's program on Fox News carried a cute little puff piece about a UFO Festival being held in Pine Bush, New York.

One of the people at the UFO festival was Travis Walton, the famous "UFO abductee" who was allegedly held by the aliens for five days in 1975. When asked by the reporter if he had seen anything since then, Walton replied,
It was February 19, 2014. A giant black triangle came over, stopped right over the top of us. Rotated 90 degrees, and shot off toward the ocean. It was quite amazing because I didn't believe anything that big could actually fly.
Walton does not say where this alleged sighting occurred, or who else was with him. Walton has been on numerous UFO programs and panels since 2014, but has somehow forgotten to mention this sensational,  dramatic sighting.

Travis Walton describes seeing a giant black flying triangle in 2014.

I posted this information in the Facebook group UFO Updates, which contains some of the most knowledgeable and active current UFO researchers. Everyone else seemed to be as surprised to hear this as I was.

Tucker Carlson's commentary stated, "Big news tonight! Finally, after many decades, the Pentagon has officially confirmed what has long been obvious: they are in fact, and have long been in fact, investigating UFO sightings." This represents To The Stars' "spin" on the Pentagon UFO matter, and is a gross exaggeration of the facts, as I explained in the previous entry

Tucker Carlson recyclesa long-debunked photo of a contrail that was supposedly a UFO.
Carlson's commentary was illustrated by the long-debunked photo of a black contrail that is supposed to represent a 'genuine UFO.' Tucker Carlson needs to be more skeptical about claims made by UFOlogists. Nick Pope and other UFO proponents have appeared on his show several times, but he has never interviewed a UFO skeptic.


  1. Didn't Travis acknowledge that maybe he was "zapped" by charged plasma or lightning and that his mind filled in imaginary details as a way to explain what happened? Pretty good movie made of his story.

  2. Mr. Travis Walton is one of the few surface humans who met Atlanteans and Little Grey Abductors.

  3. Mr. Travis Walton is one of the few people who met Atlanteans and the Little Grey Abductors they bio-engineered.

  4. I've never believed Travis on anything. He's using the UFO system to keep making up and telling his false tales-it's no surprise he mentioned this so-called UFO, with NO details at all. He's been conning the public since 1975 folks...and winning! OMG, and you wonder why no one takes the so-called UFO field seriously!

  5. Can the Martians who abducted Mr. Walton's hair bring it back, please?

  6. I'm pretty sure Travis Walton mentioned this triangle sighting in an interview with Art Bell - must've been around 2015 (Art's 'Midnight in the Desert' show (or maybe 'Dark Matter')).


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