Monday, June 26, 2017

"Disclosure" Mania Flares Up Again

As most of us know, that strange subculture called "UFOlogy" has its own peculiar madness concerning a belief called "Disclosure": the belief that governments (especially the U.S. government) have long secretly known about extraterrestrials - perhaps have even been communicating or cooperating with aliens - but have kept it top secret. And that supposed "secrecy" is about to end. This is the equivalent in the UFO religion (for that's what it is to many people) of the "Second Coming" of Jesus in the Christian religion: a joyous event eagerly anticipated for over two thousand years, but hasn't happened yet.

The latest instance of Disclosure Mania purports to come from the hacker group Anonymous, best known for its attacks on Scientology. It is a mishmash of irrelevant quotes from NASA having nothing to do with discovery of ETs, hoax UFO photos, and general stupidity of the highest order. Watch it, and weep.

This was reported by Newsweek the Russian news site, and the British tabloid paper The Sun. But was this video really issued by the famous hacker collective Anonymous? Patrick Donohugh writing in Squawker says it's "fake":
 there’s just one small problem: NASA wasn’t hacked, and Anonymous Global isn’t Anonymous.

That’s right. This breaking news flash, urgently recycled and regurgitated throughout many respected realms of cyberspace, is based entirely on a bogus claim from an opportunistic Youtuber that has shamelessly commercialized the likeness of Anonymous – the true heroes of hacktivism.

But what’s even worse is that no one even seemed to notice.

In fact, everything that Anonymous Global “reveals” is actually based on public information. That is to say, the extent of this supposed ‘NASA hack’ is limited to openly accessible, non-classified data that anyone can find simply by browsing the web.


Simultaneously, there is a frenzy surrounding the forthcoming MUFON Symposium in Las Vegas July 21-23. A lot of this surrounds 94-year-old William Tompkins, who has been telling his rambling stories about Reptoids, Nordics, Nazi saucers, and similar nonsense to pretty much anyone who will listen.  A speaker at the July Symposium, Tompkins is set to "reveal 60 years of secrets on the Secret Space Program." Talking with some of the MUFON folks, it appears that all kinds of  rumors are swirling around concerning what kinds of UFO revelations (supposedly) will happen in conjunction with the 2017 Symposium. Supposedly there will be some huge, worldwide Disclosure event, backed by big money. I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for it.

Meanwhile, rocker Tom DeLonge continues to post meaningless stuff on Facebook, stringing people along who are breathlessly waiting to hear the UFO Disclosure announcement that he promised in "sixtyish" days on February 15. It has now been more than onehundredtwentyish days since that promise, twice sixtyish days, with nothing tangible in sight.

Grant Cameron, who has long been peddling stories about "presidents and UFOs," has a new book available on titled Managing Magic: The Government's UFO Disclosure Plan. It promises we can
-Get a revelation of the 14 magicians in charge of this secrecy.
- Find out who the 5 Messiahs are, the ones chosen to carry out the disclosure message. 
- Learn the 64 reasons that led United States presidents to keep the UFO information secret. 
- Discover what WikiLeaks has revealed about UFOs. 
- Learn of the latest disclosure effort by rocker Tom DeLonge. 
-Become aware of a US president that was abducted. 
- Understand the story of "Trump the Aliens." 
- Gain insight on Trump's UFO briefing. 
- Learn about the eight possible disclosure efforts being run at the present time including the disclosure of a portal.
Real estate investor Robert Bigelow is the head of Bigelow Aerospace, a company developing inflatable space modules for NASA to launch into space. For more than twenty years, Bigelow has contributed significant sums of money for investigation of UFO and "paranormal" claims, and thus is well-known as  a UFO proponent. Some people found tremendous significance when, as Bigelow was recently interviewed by CBS' 60 Minutes about his laudable aerospace ventures, he repeated his long-held UFO beliefs:
Lara Logan (CBS): Do you believe in aliens?

Robert Bigelow: I'm absolutely convinced. That's all there is to it.

Lara Logan: Do you also believe that UFOs have come to Earth?

Robert Bigelow: There has been and is an existing presence, an ET presence. And I spent millions and millions and millions -- I probably spent more as an individual than anybody else in the United States has ever spent on this subject. 

Lara Logan: Is it risky for you to say in public that you believe in UFOs and aliens?

Robert Bigelow: I don't give a damn. I don't care.

Lara Logan: You don't worry that some people will say, "Did you hear that guy, he sounds like he's crazy"?

Robert Bigelow: I don't care.

Lara Logan: Why not?

Robert Bigelow: It's not gonna make a difference. It's not gonna change reality of what I know.

Lara Logan: Do you imagine that in our space travels we will encounter other forms of intelligent life?

Robert Bigelow: You don't have to go anywhere.

Lara Logan: You can find it here? Where exactly?

Robert Bigelow: It's just like right under people's noses. Oh my gosh. Wow.
Many UFO proponents found great significance in this. Coast to Coast radio said, "The tantalizing exchange and the serious nature with which it was presented was remarkable for a primetime program on national television, especially the venerable 60 Minutes." But Bigelow was simply re-stating his well-known personal beliefs about UFOs, said nothing new, and presented no evidence of any kind.

The one and only full-time lobbyist for Extraterrestrials and Disclosure, Stephen Bassett of the Paradigm Research Group, went to Russia in May to talk about Disclosure. He is now suggesting that Russian president Vladimir Putin may be the first world leader to disclose extraterrestrials, beating the U.S. government in the new space race, the one for UFO Disclosure. Bassett was the organizer of the farcical "Citizens Hearing" on UFOs at the National Press Club in Washington, DC in 2013. Intended to raise public awareness of, and interest in, UFOs, it didn't accomplish much. In fact, according to the website Parapolitical, "Google Trends actually recorded a decrease in online interest in the term “UFO” during the carnival."

Previous Episodes of "Disclosure" Mania 

    “Before the year is out, the Government perhaps the President—is expected to make what are described as 'unsettling disclosures' about UFOs” - U.S. News & World Report, April 18, 1977.

    “Aliens... will begin trans­mitting their secrets to us no later than August, 1977” - Jeane Dixon, 1976.

    “We predict that by 1975 the government will release definite proof that extraterrestrials are watching us.” - Ralph and Judy Blum, in Beyond Earth: Man's Contact with UFOs (1974).

    “The time is getting near when the U.S. Air Force will have to end its longstanding tactic of concealment.” - Syndicated columnist Roscoe Drum­mond, 1974.

    “FLYING SAUCERS—THE REAL STORY: U.S. BUILT FIRST ONE IN 1942. Jet-propelled disks can outfly other planes ... By choosing which [jet] noz­zles to turn on or off and the angle of tilt, the pilot could make the saucer rise or descend vertically, hover, or fly straight ahead, or make sharp turns… a big advance in the science of flying... No official announcements are being made yet, but about the only big secret left is "who makes them." Evidence points to Navy experiments... ” - News “scoop” in U.S. News & World Report, April 7, 1950.
Believe it if you can.

I promise, we really will have Disclosure this time!


  1. Dr. Thomas Zurbuchen, the NASA scientist quoted in the pseudo-Anonymous video, has tweeted,
    "Contrary to some reports, there’s no pending announcement from NASA regarding extraterrestrial life."

  2. It is that last revelation in your summary that is the key. Of course the US government built a UFO in 1942 and have been fooling the US public and the rest of the world ever since by encouraging them to adhere to this dotty ETH idea. The real truth at last!

    Blue Book and all the rest of those official investigations - a complete diversion and fraud, but a clever one. It is what magicians call 'misdirection'.

    As for those 'disclosure' guys, boy have they got egg on their faces, all of them, poor chaps. But what a relief, at last, that the truth is finally out, even if it took 70 (or is it 75?) years!

    Dr Zurbuchen's quick response is adequate proof of everything I have said. (Well, almost)

  3. All of the serious UFO sightings are of top secret military aerospace craft from America, Russia, or German ex-pats. These latter were previously based in Argentina and have moved to a secret base in the Andes. I think the "UFO Hunters" should scour the Andes to locate the base--that's where they'll find various "flying saucers." Given the huge R & D cost, it should also be possible to trace money flows to the region....

  4. The whole idea of disclosure is not about UFOs. Like MUFON's effort to "benefit humanity", it is a smoke screen for people to make themselves famous and/or rich at the expense of the suckers who believe them.

  5. Disclosure is a self licking ice cream cone. No matter what information the US government lets out (assuming there is to begin with) it will NEVER be enough. I will always be grist for conspiracy buffoons that the government his keeping the "good" stuff under lock and key.

    Think this is B.S.? The JFK assassination conspiracy(s) is a perfect example despite commissions and congressional hearings...the legacy hangs on LBJ whispering to a stripper...

  6. Alex Jones is getting into the 'Disclosure' game as well, even if his version has more than a whiff of Alternative Three, but sadly NASA again had to deny whacked out nonsense...

    1. Alex Jones is nothing more than a self-promoting, slimy and irascible fraud.

    2. Alex Jones is nothing more than a self-promoting, slimy and irascible fraud.

  7. There is definately an uptick in the number of disclosure realted posts on my social media feed. On our website, ,we do try to be part of that movement but doubt its coming any time soon.

  8. “Aliens... will begin trans­mitting their secrets to us no later than August, 1977” - Jeane Dixon, 1976.

    What else did you think the Wow signal was? ;)

  9. I haven't read Grant Cameron's book but these points are rather funny:
    - Understand the story of "Trump the Aliens."
    - Gain insight on Trump's UFO briefing. (Did Greer do this "briefing" à la CIA Director James Woolsey-style that left egg on Greer's face?)

    If Trump was abducted by aliens and given an anal probe I would be willing to open my closed mind to the possibility that there *IS* intelligent life out there -- protecting us from tweeting orange clowns with bad combovers. Until then I call pure hogwash on the entire "disclosure" money-making bandwagon including Steven Greer. When I close my eyes I see epic douchebaggery from a pompous, self-important windbag strutting about with muscles he never stops flexing.
    As usual, Robert hits the nail on the head with rational thinking and good points that debunk the entire UFO/ET hoax.


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