Sunday, March 21, 2021

Mike Rogers Says that he is "No Longer to be Considered a Witness to Travis Walton's Supposed UFO Abduction"

 On March 19, 2021, Michael H. Rogers posted the following image to his personal Facebook page:

What exactly does this mean? Mike Rogers was the guy driving the truck at the time Travis Walton reportedly ran out into the woods toward a UFO, and was abducted by aliens.

Now on Rogers' Facebook page, he refers to "Walton's supposed abduction," but is rather vague about exactly what that means. Several people, including myself, have asked Rogers to please clarify what he is saying. Jay Michael asked him, "Are you saying the event didn't happen, or you no longer want to be associated with it?", Rogers replied "I want nothing more to do with Big-T specifically. The event most definitely happened, from our perspective anyway." Whatever that means. 

Replying to a post saying, "It is unfortunate that after all of these years you have chosen to say that the abduction never happened," Rogers said "I am not saying it didn't, Chuck. We witnesses all took polygraph tests, remember. All I have said is 'supposed'. Like in Yippee Maybe. All I mean by supposed is like 'still steaming pasture pie' maybe." So maybe the abduction did happen, and maybe it didn't. And maybe it's a still-steaming pile of manure.

Later, Rogers writes, "I am sure I will loose (sic) a lot of friends over this, but I hope not. I have been waiting a very long time to say this...  I am very tired of holding this in."

In a reply to this same posting on the Facebook group Desert Hart Paranormal, Rogers says, "Travis tried to keep a new remake of the movie a secret from me. He has always had his big secrets that he has kept from me. It angered me. I tried over the last two weeks to reason with Big-T, but of no avail. I don't believe Travis is an honest person, and therefore I want nothing to do with him." This brings to mind what Steve Pierce, another member of the woodcutters' crew, said about Travis:

Travis is the most ignorant, stupid person I've ever met in my life. He ain't got enough sense, you know the book he wrote, he couldn't have wrote that book by himself. He ain't got enough common sense to write that book." (It was widely rumored that John G. Fuller, author of The Interrupted Journey and other rather sensationalist books, was Walton's ghost writer.) 

Pierce also says that he never liked Travis in the first place, and explains why..

Some are suggesting that this is just a spate involving money between former friends, in fact, in-laws (Travis Walton is (or was) married to Mike Rogers' sister. I hope this is not just another episode of Family Feud.).

However, Rogers' statement can be interpreted another way: He seems to be saying that he will no longer vouch for Travis' account of the event. Travis' story is either a "real" alien abduction, or else it is a hoax. There is no other reasonable possibility. Rogers was in a position to know with certainty whether or not it was a hoax. In fact, if Travis' story is a hoax, Rogers must have helped him plan it and pull it off.

On March 20, Travis Walton wrote on Rogers' Facebook Page "In his sudden attacks on me he wants attention and it's working." To which Rogers replied, "Travis Walton, You hope? But they are right, get off my page, or I will get even more truthful. All I tell is the truth about you, Big 'liar' T."


Update May 8, 2021:

Travis Walton:

I, Travis Walton, apologize to Mike Rogers (and any others who might have been offended by the exchange) for negative things I have said about him during the last few years.

I asked Rogers,
Does this mean that you are, once again, "considered a witness to Travis C. Walton's supposed abduction of November 5, 1975"?

He replied,

I always was Travis Walton's main witness, Robert the unrelenting skeptic. How could I not be? I was just trying to get his undivided attention, and it worked. 



  1. And another supporting pillar of UFOlogy topples over. How long before we lose the temple?

  2. From the start, I knew in my heart that the event was all a lie, just knew it. One reason for my disbelief, and if I am correct and remember this correctly, those boys were paid something like $5,000 dollars by National Enquirer for the best UFO story of the year! Mike Rogers stated, "I am tire of holding this in." Well, he sure let it all out, a pile of BS crap...however, he said nothing about this in the past! Rogers wants it both ways, and is just sitting on the fence with his UFO BS, he's completely discredited in my view.

  3. It was a brilliant con, one that was so absurd they actually got away with it. Travis made loads of $$ and I assume each of the "loggers" got a cut. Things turned ugly when Mikey wanted more $$. As for lie detectors, those are dependent on the examiner and a psychopath can fool the poly. Rick Doty said you can beat a lie detector by clenching your buttocks tightly. I'm not sure who should get the Poolitzer Prize for pulling the best BS con...Whitley Streiber of alien anal probe fame or Travis Lumberjack. They're equally creepy but Travis is as thick as a plank and his eyes are dead cold.

  4. I don't know Walton or Rogers or have any information on a possible new movie version, but I can tell you, generally, if a film producer or screenwriter contacts the main subject and rights holder of a proposed project, there may be a nondisclosure agreement requirement or informal request to keep it a secret and not inform other secondary rights holders or the press until pending terms are worked out, after which, others involved begin to be contacted. If instead the primary subject is out there publicly pitching the idea or hope for a new movie to anyone who will listen, it is reasonable to assume that secondary rights holders will want to be kept informed and if they are not, may not like being shut out.

  5. If anyone evaluates the entire totality of incidents and facts, with a critical eye, as you should, the obviousness that this is/was a epic HOAX. What is sad is current UFOologists accept Walton's version(s) without ANY critical review. Mike Dolan etc.


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