Tuesday, April 20, 2021

The Navy's Triangle Bokeh UFO Video shows Jupiter and Stars

In a post on April 10, I talked about the recently-leaked Navy video of supposed "triangle shaped" unidentified objects, taken on a Navy ship. (Since then, that story has exploded in the press.) I wrote that the triangular-shape of the objects was apparently due to Bokeh,  "the way the lens renders out-of-focus points of light." On April 15, Mick West released this video, showing pretty conclusively that the shape of the objects in the video reflects not their actual shape, but instead the shape of the lens opening. Jessee3939 on Metabunk found that his night vision monocular indeed had a triangular-shaped iris inside it, and this device, too, produced trianular-shaped images of out-of-focus objects, just like in the Navy UAP video.

Night Vision device with a triangular iris. Out-of-focus objects look triangular.

On April 13, some dude calling himself Dylan the Villain posted the following on Twitter, identifying the objects seen at the start of the now-famous video as Jupiter, and several stars in Scorpius:

"Dylan the Villain" identifies the objects seen at the start of the video

Mick West took the matter further, identifying stars seen later in the video. On April 17, he posted on Twitter that
Those two "pyramids" that the "pyramid" UFO flies towards at the end of the video are Okab (the lower, brighter one) and Deneb al Okab Borealis (Epsilon Aquilae) above it. It all matches, angles, intensity, positions.

It's a plane, flying past some stars.

Mick West's identification of many of the stars seen in the Navy's now-famous Bokeh UFO Video

As a longtime amateur astronomer, to me all of the above looks absolutely correct (apart from the fact that nobody ever actually uses or even recognizes star names like "Okab" - let alone "Deneb al Okab Borealis" - but "Zeta Aquilae" will be easily understood). 

On April 19, West posted a short video in which the flashing object is stabilized (roughly) using two stars for reference. All of the objects are triangular-shaped, because of Bokeh. In it he demonstrates that  "the "UFO" moves and flashes in the way a plane does. (And at around 400-450 knots, if @33K ft)." The complete thread discussing this video on Metabunk is here

Meanwhile, Corbell is basking in the media's uncritical exploitation of this video for ratings and clicks, having been interviewed by numerous news organizations in the U.S., as well as in the UK and Australia. He appeared  on Fox News, saying that the film is "potentially the best the world has ever seen." Wow! Some out-of-focus stars and a planet. Nice work, Pentagon "experts"!




  1. I came to almost the same conclusion, minus the stars, when this ridiculous video came out. Another Ufological shot in the foot.

  2. Twitter links working in the article but for images #2 and #3 I'm seeing only blank boxes. No need to post this if there's a fix.

  3. I just stumbled on another nightvision "triangular" UFO case. Don't know if you've seen it. I'm amazed at how many people have jumped to the conclusion that it's aliens and the government has confirmed it. https://www.livescience.com/21672-invisible-ufos-fill-skies.html


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