Sunday, April 18, 2021

Gone With The Stars.........

UFO News has been dominated for the past three years by the antics of Tom DeLonge and his "To The Stars Academy of Arts and Sciences." They seemed to be on a roll, despite their history of providing clueless misinformation. They even produced two seasons of a popular TV series Unidentified, on the "History" Channel, which surely must have been quite profitable.

Earlier this year, I wrote how TTSA seemed to be "unraveling," losing most, perhaps all, of its best-known people, apart from DeLonge himself. Well, this afternoon I happened to be in Encinitas, so Istopped by their "Flagship Retail Store" to see what might be happening with To The Stars. Here is what I saw:

This used to be the "To The Stars Flagship Retail Store."

This photo was taken from the same spot in February of 2020.

How the Mighty have Fallen! I've not heard any official report on the future (if any) of To The Stars, and I suspect that those who "invested" in that scheme are simply out of luck.

Google Maps has this to say about that Flagship Retail Store:


  1. The investors deserved to lose their monies, because they s/have known better to have invested with the likes of Tom, Luis, , etc., etc. I read the their filing papers, that TTSA was listed as an entertainment company, and that from public donations, the top leaders were to be paid FIRST, before any research! And I knew Tom was probably a con man, because he sold "them there" alien materials to his own company!!! As they say, "nuff said, folks!"

  2. Dude...they're moving their location. Tom said so.

    1. Details, please. Where did Tom say this? When? Why is the status on Google Maps "permanently closed" instead of "Moved to xxx"?

    2. Come on, son. Don't expect me to speak to why Google Maps does what it does, and doesn't do what it doesn't do. I don't agree with this notion that people on my side are supposed to, necessarily, provide evidence or reasoning to people on your side - a statement that people on your side love to repeat as if there can be no reasonable disagreement - but, in this case, I'll provide some evidence - just don't get mad that they are talking bad about you:

  3. OK. So DeLonge reportedly said that he wants to decrease the rental expense, while moving to a "more optimal location" in downtown Encinitas. That makes no sense: a "more optimal location", offering more space, will cost him MORE, not less.

    And why is there no sign at the former store location, saying "Visit us soon at out new location...", instead of just being flat-out "gone" with no explanation?

    1. "And why is there no sign at the former store location, saying "Visit us soon at out new location..."

      Because the former store is someone else's property that apparently has a new business going in. Why would they care about promoting the new location of someone else's business?


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