Thursday, June 23, 2022

Meet the Face of the Pentagon's "UAP Task Force" - Dr. Travis Taylor!

For some time now we have been hearing about the Pentagon's Task Force to investigate UAPs/UFOs. We didn't know who any of them were, but honestly we were not impressed by their investigative skills. They apparently were fooled by a Mylar balloon photographed by a pilot, described as an  “extremely clear” photograph of an unidentifiable triangular aircraft (but looking very much like a Batman party balloon). They did not understand that the 'triangle shaped objects' supposedly swarming US Navy ships were just out-of-focus images of an airplane, stars, and the planet Jupiter. And the Task Force apparently made little or no effort to seriously investigate the original Pentagon "big three" UAP videos, about which there is a great deal of analysis on Metabunk and elsewhere, suggesting they are prosaic objects. If the UAP Task Force believed that the object in the "go fast" video was actually "going fast," then they didn't understand simple geometry.

But on June 21, the UFO reporter with the mostest, George Knapp of KLAS-TV in Las Vegas, revealed one of the members of that task force to be none other than Dr. Travis Taylor: "Physicist reveals he’s a UFO hunter for the Pentagon".

Television viewers know astrophysicist Dr. Travis Taylor as an intrepid investigator of UFOs and the paranormal at Skinwalker Ranch and on other History Channel programs. Only a handful of people in the world knew that Taylor was leading a double life, secretly working as the chief scientist for the Pentagon’s UAP Task Force. 
“I would say other than the people who already knew on the task force, you’re the first person to figure it out, George,” Taylor said.

As a scientific prodigy, Taylor earned advanced degrees at a young age and has spent his entire adult life working on classified projects, first for the U.S. Army, then for defense contractors. He wrote a book about how the U.S. government should prepare for alien contact which caught the attention of Jay Stratton, a high-ranking intelligence official who has been involved with each of the Pentagon’s Secretive UFO investigations including AAWSAP, the largest UFO program of all, managed by the Defense Intelligence Agency, based at Bigelow Aerospace in Las Vegas, funded with $22 million secured by late U.S. Sen. Harry Reid.  Stratton worked with AAWSAP, then its successor program AATIP. Later, he took charge of a third effort, the UAP Task Force, long before Congress formally created that team.   

Dr. Travis Taylor uses his knowledge of astronomy to help seekers of buried treasure (so far unsuccessfully).

So now we know the names of two members of the UAP Task Force - Jay Stratton and Travis Taylor. Blogger Jason Colavito wasted no time in responding:

Travis Taylor Admits to Being a Paid Government UFO Researcher... While serving in this capacity, Taylor appeared on CBS Sunday Morning in 2021 to analyze UFO videos and comment on the imminent UFO report without disclosing to CBS or to the audience that he was a paid government UFO researcher working on that very report. He has appeared since then on both Ancient Aliens and The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch to analyze and research UFOs without disclosing to the audience that he served as a paid government analyst of the same material he discussed on the History channel as an “independent” analyst. Taylor also works for a defense contractor analyzing UFOs for the federal government. Taylor and his former UAPTF boss both now work for the same contractor.

The shocking lack of ethics astonishes even me, as does the incestuous relationship between government UFO “research” and cable TV UFO media. This is the second time a star of a History channel show “investigating” UFOs admitted to also serving as a paid government UFO researcher. Lue Elizondo’s lawyer, Danny Sheehan, recently admitted that Elizondo has been the lead UFO analyst for Space Command, during a period when he presented himself in the media—including on 60 Minutes as well as his History channel show Unidentified—as an independent ex-government analyst...

We should all be disgusted that the Pentagon and Congress continue to patronize the same crew of lying spooks and kooks orbiting Skinwalker Ranch—people who have turned up no evidence of aliens or space ghosts after decades of taxpayer-subsidized research, people who frequent shows claiming racist space aliens had sex with prehistoric women, people who grift across UFO conferences and media, people who have no compunction about lying to the public while collecting media and government checks. It’s corrupt, and bright red line that should never be crossed.

Dr. Taylor is a big star on the "History" channel (I use parentheses because that channel no longer presents shows about actual history, but instead promotes far-out claims.) He appeared on  The Curse Of Oak Island (Episode "Rock Solid," Season 6) to suggest that a constellation map superimposed over Oak Island yields the location of buried treasure of the Knights Templar. (Those avid treasure hunters have now been searching Oak Island for eight seasons, but have yet to find the treasure.)

Dr. Taylor is a regular guest on The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch, where (among other feats) he devised a "startling experiment" that "proves alien civilization." (How it proves that is not explained.)

He has even appeared on Ancient Aliens, where he teamed up with Giorgio Tsoukalos to test the flight characteristics of a model aircraft made from descriptions of sky vehicles called "Vimanas" in ancient Hindu texts. They found that it's a good aerodynamic design!

Travis Taylor and Giorgio Tsoukalos check out a supposed aircraft design from ancient aliens

Dr Taylor told George Knapp,

One of the primary jobs of the task force was to write a report to Congress summarizing the known evidence about UFOs.  The team had already created a classified briefing consisting of the most intriguing military encounters, starting with the 2004 Tic Tac incident. The task force whittled down a huge database into 144 of the very best cases. Dr. Taylor helped write the final report.

“We picked sources that were, we knew had a chain of custody of the data,” Taylor said. “And out of those 144 to 143 of them, we still couldn’t figure out what they were, where they came from and what their intent was.”

I'm starting to see why the Task Force was so unsuccessful in identifying its UAPs! 


  1. I was the Pentagon’s top UFO scientist – I’ve seen more mystery objects than I can count & we don’t know what they are

    1. Robert...Travis Taylor is right about the supernatural. I have witnessed ten fold or more what he has claimed to witness. Mortal aliens in our mortal realm are real but we are probably isolated far enough away. The ones we need to worry about probably reside in the immortal realm and could be ancient from distance galaxies. You would think one government could stumble upon proof of aliens on Planet Earrh and share it with each other and not keep it from our planet and species. If mortal aliens do not currently inhabit our planet there can be an explanation for the images captured by our government. The supernatural is indeed real and most likely those images were projections and were not really made up of physical real objects. However, many humans claim mortal aliens are here and governments that know keep it secret. Either way aliens are kind of here affecting humanity in positive and negative ways and former mortal humans in the immortal realm also affect our reaLm. Travis Taylor is a genius and very privileged to witnessed what he

  2. So you claim that the History Channel has NO shows at all that are about history!!?? That's not just an exaggeration, it is a blatant lie.

    1. hahaha the "History" channel, check out their list of shows

  3. As a sidenote, Oak Island was the site of a tar-making operation run by the Royal Navy in the 18th century, and none of the 'treasure' suggesting finds have been independantly verified (coded stones, etc.) All the actual archaeological evidence suggests the 'shaft' is the remains of a tar kiln that has slowly subsided into a sinkhole.

  4. You continue to hype Metabunk on the Nimitz videos and its claim there's nothing out of the ordinary to them, when other analysts with better credentials than Mick West say the Gimbal video does show out of the ordinary activity. Deceitful, disingenuous, close-minded, biased -- pick one to describe yourself.

    1. They can say it shows a flying dog if they want. That wouldn't be true either, but you'd believe it,lol.

      There's nothing unusual about the gimbal video. The only reason ufobros even care about it is because it's crappy video of a blob that can be anything ufobros want it to be.

      75 years of the same crap and you're still falling for it.

    2. I agree with you. I'm not saying it's little green men but there is something that should be looked into. You guys should watch the curse of skinwalker ranch, it's very interesting

  5. cognitive dissonance aplenty from the ufoologists as ever

  6. I and my wife watch Skinwalker on Hulu--for the sheer dumb fun entertainment value. Every episode elicits the same response: "how are these people so stupid!" And if Taylor is what passes for a scientist...I fear for the future of science. No one should watch this show seriously--you watch it like you would a Real Housewife show.

    1. We agree. I always find holes in their narrative. Just the name "Dragon" for the guy responsible for security is laughable. It is more of the same "let's make fun of serious UFO investigations.

  7. Other countries have been looking into UFO's for many years this country is way behind. But I guess that millions of people over centuries have been kooks and liers. Do I believe all of it no but something is going on if you don't want to believe it then keep your head in the sand

    1. UFOs/UAP/USOs, etc., do not depend on humans' mental conditioning (belief system), they just are. That is all we know about them. Believing is irrational and illogical. You either know or don't know. There are no experts, just fools who fool themselves into thinking they are.

  8. You sound like you don't even science... Do you know how hypotheses work? It's hilarious to think we humans know everytbing right now. We are just ants compared to a possible civilization that could be able to move through time and space. 🤦‍♂️

  9. Public Letter to NASA’s Head of new Independent Group studying “Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon” [UAPs] regarding NASA’s disclosure of anti-gravity tech space craft

    Namaste David Spergel, Ph.D.

    Congratulations on heading the new Independent Study of UAP for NASA!! Such a group has been needed for several decades. [Never A Straight Answer]

    I have critical information to disclose to you and your group regarding UAPs and their possible origins being vehicles from NASA themselves. This is an incredible admission from NASA that you MUST know about and account for given your roll in investigating UAPs. NASA Chief of Security has disclosed in a voice mail publicly that they certify and register anti-gravitic technology space craft. As incredible as this sounds, it’s true and the evidence is here to prove it.

    While his voice may be a little off, i do certify under penalty of perjury that this voicemail is true, valid, and from NASA. If you know legalisms, you’d know how serious of a statement that is. Here is the voice mail from NASA Chief of Security disclosing certifications and registration of anti-gravity tech craft (1m):

    Here is my brief story. As an international lawyer, I was studying UN Space Law; which requires everything that goes into space be registered. Given the whistle blowers claiming anti-gravity space craft exist and are real, i assumed that if they were real, they would need to be certified and registered.

    So i called the FAA about the process of registering anti-gravity space craft; to which they said that they do not register things that go into space. The FAA gave me NASA’s Customer Service phone number. I left a message once a day for a month with NASA Customer Service voicemail about how to register anti-gravity space craft, but they never called back.

    So i called NASA General Counsel, and left a message on the voicemail of NASA’s General Counsel Intellectual Property Attorney. They certainly would have classified clearance to know what is going on. NASA Chief of Security called me back and left details on certification requirements and registration of anti-gravity space craft. Again. here is NASA chief of Security voice mail (1m)

    Given this Disclosure by NASA to certifying and registering anti-gravity space craft, here are my questions:

    1) How many are registered?
    2) when did NASA start registering these vehicles?
    3) what technology are they hiding?
    4) who makes these vehicles?
    5) How long will it take for the petro-dollar value to go to exactly zero?

    If NASA wanted to stop man-made climate change, they could by releasing this technology publicly any time they wanted.

    Please consider that any, and possibly all, UAPs could actually be registered vehicles with NASA. These craft would very likely have black boxes tracking them. You could sequester the data from these craft, if they are registered with NASA, and correlate the flight data with sightings of UAPs to possibly get a better idea of UAPs.

    This is an open public letter so that you can be held accountable for being presented this information publicly. You should be able to demand of NASA Chief of Security the application paperwork for registration of anti-gravity vehicles to get a better idea of what they are actually doing with what they call UAPs, possibly their own vehicles. It’s possible that they will not let this classified military information out of their classified hands into the public.

    Please do not let your independent group be captured by NASA to whitewash that NASA has nothing to do with UAPs or that NASA doesn’t have anti-gravity technology when they have literally admitted publicly that they do. Hold their feet to the fire, be Independent.

    If you have any questions, please ask me. I am open.

    In lak’ech ala k’in, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  10. There has been controversy over the claim that Travis Taylor was the 'chief scientist' of the Pentagon UAP Task Force. When interviewed on the Rick and Bubba podcast, Taylor says that he was "invited to be the chief scientist" of the UAP Task Force.

  11. Travis is a high level mason. He intentionally misled Oak Island treasure seekers for the purposes of throwing them off. The treasure is protected by masons. No one will ever remember you for anything other than the little smarmy man child who never made a name for himself because he was too busy hating on everyone else. Lol

  12. "Travis is a high level mason. He intentionally misled Oak Island treasure seekers for the purposes of throwing them off. The treasure is protected by masons. No one will ever remember you for anything other than the little smarmy man child who never made a name for himself because he was too busy hating on everyone else. Lol"

    Ah, so it's about "making a name for yourself" now, rather than a search for the truth. Gotcha.


  13. In his latest video about Skinwalker Ranch, skeptical reporter Steven Greenstreet tells how, after Ranch owner Brandon Fugal had invited him to come investigate the Ranch for himself, Travis Taylor tried to get Fugal to cancel the invitation. Mustn't have anyone asking difficult questions! Fugal, to his credit, refused to cancel the trip.

    Greenstreet also noted that Taylor had declined several requests to be interviewed. This places Dr. Taylor squarely in the tradition of Big Name UFO bullshitters for decades: make all kinds of incredible claims, but refuse to talk to anyone who questions them.


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