Thursday, February 3, 2011

"Miracle UFO" above the Dome of the Rock? - Initial Comments

After the usual "travel time" of 2 or 3 days, the sensational UFO videos from Jerusalem, Israel have finally made their way to the Big Time (the mainstream media). The two videos (originally) appear to show a bright nocturnal UFO flying and hovering over the Dome of the Rock on Temple Mount, the point where, Moslems believe, the Prophet Mohammed took his "night journey" into the Heavens (al-Miraj), passing through the Seven Spheres to meet with Allah himself.

For some time, I have been pointing out the lack of consistent UFO videos or photos taken by multiple independent witnesses, who had not been in contact before the incident. That is what we appear to have here, unless the case is a hoax (widely suspected, but not demonstrated).

The first video was posted to YouTube on January 28 by a user called "eligael" ( ).  It has a length of 1:45. It purports to show a UFO hovering over the Dome of the Rock in the far distance. It descends quickly to hover just above the dome, then disappears with a flash some 23 seconds later. Two men are heard discussing it, presumably in Hebrew. One man is seen in the foreground (barely), and appears to be filming it with a cell phone camera. According to a video posted to YouTube on Jan. 30 by HOAXKiller1 titled "HOAX - UFO Over Temple Mount in Jerusalem - Motion Tracked" ( ), claims that there is a "parallax problem" where two lines that ought to remain parallel despite small camera motions, don't. Unfortunately, the video is so dark that this is extremely difficult to see.

A second video from this same perspective was posted by Eligael on Jan. 29. It has a length of 1:30. It appears to be consistent with the first.

A third video posted to YouTube on Jan. 30 by 50nFit seems to show the same UFO from a much closer perspective ( ). It has a  length of 0:48, and features people commenting in English. One woman with a thick Southern accent says, "We've seen 'em in Mississippi like this, but never like that." According to "Mr. Mask" on the Above Top Secret thread, "
The third video (though mistakenly called "second" in its title) was of the UFO from a totally different perspective and with what appeared to be many voices. One was a lady from Mississippi. The video was proven to be a moving computer effect added over a still picture easily found HERE  . The clip is clearly a Hoax and a bad one at that. Truly the work of a desperate and loathsome huckster."

"Eligael" posted yet a third video to YouTube on February 1, titled "Another night of ufo over Jerusalem - old city" ( ).This one has a length of 1:25. It appears to show a single point of light against a dark sky, dropping down, then flying off mostly horizontally to the right. Nothing is seen but the UFO. 

A "fourth" video, also in Hebrew, was posted to YouTube on Feb. 1 by Disclosur3. It has a length of 1:15. It shows a UFO hovering over the dome, looking brighter than in the other videos. ( ).

The UFO and Conspiracy Website Above Top Secret warns, "Due to the possible connection of these clips with a known Hoaxer who is banned from this site, this thread may be 404ed/erased at anytime or thrown in the hoax forum if it is proven that this hoaxer is behind this event" ( .

Whoever is responsible for this hoax, it clearly shows that at least a few people are willing to put far more effort into making a UFO hoax than ever before.  "Classic" UFO photo hoaxers such as Mr. & Mrs. Trent, the Lucci brothers, and Rex Heflin, probably invested no more than about an hour or two making their now-famous creations. If "Eligael" is indeed the mastermind behind these clever videos, it is obvious that he has been willing to spend hours or even days creating his masterpiece.

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  1. Something just does not look right to me. I also agree with the late Dr.Sagan There might and I believe there is other life out there but the universe is so vast and we really amount to a speck on a speck it is hard to fathom how we could be visited. The time scale and distances involved stagger the mind...


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