Monday, July 30, 2012

London Olympic UFO?

In some videos of the opening ceremonies of the London Olympics, an unusual object is seen. It appears to be glowing, and perhaps transparent. An article by Tom Rose in The Examiner has attracted a lot of attention. The above article references the following YouTube video:

The above video is "second-hand,"  taken from a broadcast. So I would not trust it very much. However, the following video posted to YouTube does appear to be first-hand, that is, directly from the news video. And it does indeed show the object, so I will assume that the object has not been added to the video or hoaxed in any way. So what is it?

It seemed likely that the object is the Goodyear blimp. As commenter Chris Jisi posted to the Examiner article above,
It's the Goodyear Blimp Spirit of Europe II, an American-made 130-foot-long "Lighship," which is lit by an internal bulb. With the Goodyear banner removed, as per the rules of the Olympics about no commercial advertising, it could look very much like a UFO.
This sounds very convincing, but can we find any additional support for it? Let's look at the photos on the British website of the Goodyear Blimp, some of which are uploaded by Mobile users:

Blimp Photo 1
Blimp Photo 2
Blimp Photo 3

 Remember that these photos are taken from the website of the Goodyear Blimp. And I think those people know their own Blimp when they see it. The resemblance between this object, and the unknown object in the video is obvious.

Case Closed: The object was the Goodyear Blimp.


  1. Yet again, another cover-up of alien least that's what staunch believers will think. You can't win from losing with these people.

  2. Yet again, another UFO chaser commeting before me. Dude, it even looks like a blimp.

  3. If it were anything that was not allowed to be there, there would be a couple of RAF Tornados from Northolt on it in minutes. I don't see any RAF. IT's the Goodyear Blimp.

  4. I personally don't believe it is an ET encounter. However, whether it is a UFO or blimp is irrelevant considering the vastness of space. Odds are we are not alone. I live in the Ozarks in Missouri USA and i have seen UFO's on a few occasions. And they were not blimps by no means.

  5. Hi Robert,
    There is some stuff I found here which is very much similar to what is shown in above photographs

    1. I guess that throws 12-21-2012 out of the equation. As my kids would say...."whatever"

    2. "The galactic messengers have announced that they will be coming on August 4, 2012! Let us welcome them."

      OK, we'll see about that prediction soon enough.

  6. Just because a stump was mistaken for a bear doesn't mean there are no bears in the woods!

    I don't believe every theory that comes up but it seems that normal brainwashed folks (and children) will grasp at anything to believe what their handlers tell them. Use your brain and think for yourself, do some research unless you are too afraid of what you might find. Unidentified objects are flying everywhere, a huge percentage of people from all over the world have seen them, captured them on camera and video, testified to by professionals from every walk of life. Presidents (not just a few), military pilots, Police, Astronauts, you name it have seen them or interacted with them. To deny their existence is silly, it just shows one's ignorance.

    1. Careful here. Someone (such as me) might ask you to name which presidents have seen UFOs. And I do not mean just US presidents either. If you can give details of each sighting made by such presidents, you will probably find they have all been adequately explained.

      Of course, I am not certain.

      Please do not give us the ones sighted by Idi Amin of Uganda or, possibly, by Eric Gairy of Grenada.

    2. || Just because a stump was mistaken for a bear doesn't mean there are no bears in the woods!||

      Doesn't mean that there are either. Just as people making "UFO" reports doesn't mean there are real "UFOs" of any kind. The mere failure to identify doesn't create an exotic unknown. The very idea of "UFOs" existing in Earth's skies and near-space is based in a negative, so it's fundamentally absurd. Innumerable, insubstantial and wholly inconsequential "UFO" REPORTS do not create one REAL "UFO."

    3. "To deny their existence is silly, it just shows one's ignorance."

      Or potentially it shows that one knows how easily people are swayed by stories without any kind of useful, solid evidence, as demonstrated throughout history by the millions of people who have 'interacted' with witches, demons, fairies, and the like. Still don't have a fairy corpse, do we? And in the half-century that encompasses all of those reports you're mentioning, we still don't have one solid bit of evidence.

      Much worse, however, is what you find when you do look close, which is ridiculous and shameless fudging and outright making up of details, arbitrary selection of conflicting eyewitness accounts, and sensationalism - all by those who insist that this is wonderful evidence. Shockingly, many of these same people are looking to make a buck from UFOs, though I'm sure that's just meaningless coincidence.

      People lie, commit hoaxes, and are mistaken all of the time. From my standpoint, only a fool dismisses such possibilities when examining UFO reports, failing to find a way to rule these out first. Witness A says this happened, Witness B says it didn't. Courts, used to dealing with such things, try to find supporting evidence for either, since one of the witnesses is obviously wrong. Pile on more witnesses, when we already know one's useless? What's the limiting number, anyway? If you have at least, what, a hundred people you've exceeded the number that could be wrong?

      Or realize that logically this is flawed, and find some other way to tell?

      You might have noticed that you openly admit that people can be 'brainwashed.' My question is, how have you determined who?

  7. Just read that you prefer a name rather than Anon. I'm the one who wrote "just because a Stump..." 9:18 pm 8-2-2012

  8. I guess there's no point in analyzing the footage that shows two other objects, aside from the blimp. They're probably mini blimplets...

  9. || They're probably mini blimplets... ||

    I doubt very much that the Goodyear blimp is the only aerial advertising vehicle over London; and there's an entire fleet of such 300-foot, internally lighted "blimplets" in service.

  10. I live in Greenwich, London - just down the road from the olympic park. For the last few months the goodyear blimp has been flying around. As soon as i saw the footage i knew it was the blimp. At the opening ceremony it was flying around.

    Case solved.

    Remember believers, Hitchens' Razor: "What can be asserted without evidence, can be dismissed without evidence."

  11. And how exactly do you accout for the missing anti-collision lights? They ARE mandatory by law for all airborne craft - even for the media and the commercials.

    1. I account for it by pointing out that this is horribly-compressed YouTube video of a distant object recorded by cameras with their irises set for a bright fireworks display. Anti-collision strobes aren't very bright, and are easily lost in ground clutter when flying above them.

      However, there's one visible in the third blimp photo, if that's what you're looking for. Did you miss it? Yeah, considering that at this resolution one pixel equals about a meter, I'm not surprised. And that photo is twice the size in the frame of the blimp in the video.

      But yeah, I suppose a few million people just missed this mysterious object loitering directly in their line of vision. I guess there were no police officers, airline pilots, or trained military personnel in the crowd - where are they when you need them?

    2. Hmm. This is the good year blimp flying at night in another video.

      None of the videos or the pictures you have shown seem to show those lights or that same blinking pattern in them. The argument about the distance and it no being captured on camera, is hard to believe. It is quite easy to see, with the naked eye, the blinking of lights of airplanes in the sky. If this is indeed the good year blimp it should be flashing similarly and the blinking should be as easily reproducible on camera.

  12. It's the blimp. I live near the blimp hanger in Pompano Beach Florida and you can clearly hear the characteristic blimp engine noise at the beginning of the video. Nothing else sounds like a blimp.

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