Sunday, July 29, 2012

News From Across the Galaxy, July 29, 2012

Niburu is visible above the Chemtrail layer!
This just in: the world will NOT end on December 21, 2012, but it may end in 2013. The well-known proponent of Exopolitics, Alfred Lambremont Webre, has just made a startling announcement. The alleged mystery object Niburu is not just a planet, but a "brown dwarf" star, and it will make its closest approach to the sun (perihelion) sometime in 2013.  However, the reason we have not been able to see it is that its path is hidden by Chemtrails! But hiding Niburu is not the only reason that the government has allegedly been spraying mystery chemicals high in the air: "Chemtrails Hide the Niburu Flyby while Depopulating & Brainwashing," according to Webre.
Futurist Alfred Lambremont Webre will present a compelling working hypothesis at the Consciousness beyond Chemtrails Conference in Los Angeles, August 17-19, 2012 whose speakers include actress Roseanne Barr who ran for the Green Party nomination for President in 2012 and is a strong opponent of the U.S. government's secret Chemtrails program.

If such a brown dwarf star were to actually enter our solar system, the result would be Chaos City. It's a good thing that Niburu is just a made-up object.

The "Phoenix Lights" have repeated themselves over Michigan. Military exercises in the northern part of lower Michigan have resulted in widespread UFO reports. Fortunately, this time it didn't take months or longer to establish what was happening.

Steven Greer

Steven Greer of CSETI announces that "The Disclosure Project and CSETI has teamed up with Emmy award winning filmmaker Amardeep Kaleka to make an historic new documentary on Disclosure, Contact and the suppression of New Energy." However, "No major studio or media group will touch this story : It is simply too explosive and world- changing for large corporate interests to embrace." So he is collecting nickels and dimes (and hopefully plenty of dollars, too, from folks just like you.) And it looks like he is very close to meeting his goal. The film is described as follows:
The Earth has been visited by advanced Inter-Stellar Civilizations that can travel through other dimensions faster than the speed of light. What we have learned from them about energy propulsion can bring us to a new era, but those in power have suppressed this information in order to keep us at their mercy.
 If all goes well, the film could be released as soon as December, 2012. Let's hope that it gets finished before we are all done in by our encounter with Niburu in 2013.


  1. The ancient Greek Philosophers said:''...Other people wills and other is the WILL OF THE LORD...''( free translation from ancient Greek).-

  2. Those two guys may be right. After seeing the queen walking through Buckingham Palace with James Bond, I now firmly believe that ANYTHING is possible in this day and age.

  3. '''However, the reason we have not been able to see this huge "brown dwarf" star is that its path is hidden by Chemtrails!''' This is clearly a mockery to all of us....;-)

  4. Last evening I saw a nearly full moon, Saturn, Mars and stars down to 3rd magnitude shining in the sky. With a busy international airport nearby, jets were laying a steady stream of chemtrails in the area. How can it be that only the image of Niburu is affected by such goings on? With Niburu supposedly clearly visible above the chemtrails, does that mean that every airline, each pilot, co-pilot, flight attendant and passenger other than the one who snapped the photo is in on the conspiracy against humanity? What are the chances any such questions will be voiced at the LA conference? I suggest that is roughly similar to the probability of our world being terminated by Niburu in 2013. Someone check my math...

    And at long last, Steven Greer will reveal what has been learned from the interdimensional space faring aliens and, in so doing, overturn the entire oppressive power structure of our world. Hard to believe that no corporation would embrace such potential. Harder still to get is the idea that the evil powers that be would sit back passively while Dr. Greer gleefully Kickstarts his way to their demise. If the evil forces do decide to eliminate him, won't they need to wipe out everyone who donated as well? Sure glad I held back.

    The good news is that, like Harold Camping, these guys set their own expiration dates. The bad news is they will be back, maybe even with the identical nonsense. There is the mockery.

  5. I wonder how long before someone uses Kickstarter for their special disclosure/implant testing/ultimate proof project, then "gets mysteriously disappeared by the government," with the money just as mysteriously disappearing. And when it happens, will anyone complain, or will they simply treat it as proof of their suspicions all along?

  6. Over on the JREF forums, commenter Bjorn Toulouse (who calls himself "Cavitus Rectum," out that on Greer's Blog he claims to have actually examined a dead alien now in non-government hands:

    "There is a chance that we may be able to include in the film “Sirius” the scientific testing of a possible Extraterrestrial Biological Entity (EBE) that has been recovered and is deceased. This EBE is in the possession of a cooperative institute desiring further scientific evaluation of the possible ET. We cannot reveal at this time the location of this being or the name of the person or persons who possess it. Dr. Jan Bravo- who is a STAR Board member and a fellow Emergency Physician- and I have actually visited the group that possesses this EBE and have personally and professionally examined the being. It is indeed an actual deceased body, and most certainly is not plastic or man-made. It has a head, 2 arms and 2 legs and is humanoid ."

    At the top of the Blog posting, Greer announces that they have met their fundraising goal to make the movie Sirius. But he now adds, if you want Sirius to include the dead ET, you'll have to send in Even More. The Bjorn Loser says, "I guess he can always say later "we didn't quite get enough money" to perform the proper testing." "

    Actually, all Greer needs to do is pick up the phone and call Ray Santilli, the guy who produced that hoax "alien autopsy" video. "Ray, this is Steven Greer. Remember how much money you made on that fake alien autopsy film? Well, I have a REAL dead alien - how much money do you think we could get for a video of that?"

  7. How much would it cost to examine this EBE? With an intact corpse, an entire spectrum of analyses from the gross anatomic level right on down to histology are feasible. Such work is routine and not hugely expensive.

    But this would represent a true bonanza of possibilities. DNA could be extracted and sequenced in depth to provide a detailed comparison to the human standard. While a full scale genomic sequencing project would entail more expense, it may be possible to establish uniqueness of the EBE by analyzing only a few key genes. If that is too much, send a sample to one of the many genetic profiling services and have them do a ancestry profile. People do that on their own without needing KickStarter funding.

    Bjorn Loser may be correct that the utterly bogus claim an unfortunate lack of funds has precluded proper scientifc investigation will be forthcoming. How long will we see this silly game of the EBE is held by someone, somewhere and we will do the proper science sometime? As long as the money keeps rolling in is my guess.


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