Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Apocalypse Made Easy

Now that the 2012 Apocalypse is fast approaching, here is a simple, easy-to-use guide to the impending End of the World.

Why is the world ending?

Because the Mayan Calendar is running out. Or so some people say. Other people, however, contended back in 1987 that the Mayan Calendar was ending then. As I wrote in my Psychic Vibrations column (Skeptical Inquirer, Winter, 1987-88, on p. 213 of the paperback book), "According to some astrologers, the ancient Mayan calendar, after allegedly counting more than 6,000 years (meaning the Mayans must have started it a few years before Creation Week, if Bishop Ussher's chronology is correct), came to an end on August 16, 1987."

But even if it is "running out," so what? The calendar on my wall showing scantily-clad women runs out on December 31. That doesn't mean anything is ending, it just means there will be different scantily-clad women on the wall come January.

What about the Planet Nibiru? I hear it's visible in the Southern Hemisphere? I've seen a picture of it!

Nibiru (sometimes called "Planet X") is a made-up object. People can talk about it all they want, but it's no more real than the Land of Oz. I've seen pictures of Bigfoot, the Loch Ness monster, and Space Aliens, too; the supposed photos of Nibiru are as authentic as those. Hundreds of millions of people live in the southern hemisphere. There are world-class astronomical observatories there, and major cities with professional news organizations. That's an awful lot of cameras and videos and telescopes. If Nibiru were real, we'd know all about it by now.
Oh no! The Apocalypse is almost here!!

What About the Galactic Alignment?

There is no galactic alignment: see my earlier Blog entry about this claim. But even if there were, it would not matter. Modern astronomy takes little note of "alignments," because they are meaningless. For example, last night I saw Jupiter "aligned" with Aldebaran and the Hyades cluster. What is the significance of that? It was pretty.

But What About the Sun's Alignment with the Maya Birth Canal?

What about it? At any given time, the sun is always aligning with something. In this case, at the time of the solstice it's the dark rift in the Milky Way that is supposedly the "Maya Birth Canal." But remember that "alignments" don't matter. See my earlier posting on The "Cosmic Alignment" and the Maya Birth Canal.

The demise of Twinkie is the first step to fullfilling Mayan prophecy. (C) (from The Beer Party on Facebook)
What about this guy who is going to leap off a rock at the time of the Solstice? 

That would be Peter Gersten, of Sedona, Arizona, a retired lawyer and longtime UFOlogist. I posted earlier about Peter Gersten's Leap of Faith. He writes, "On December 21, 2012 an 11:11 portal will open at Bell Rock in Sedona Arizona. The portal will lead to the galactic center." At that precise moment, he plans to leap off Bell Rock.

Peter Gersten
Is he still planning to leap? Gersten hasn't posted much in the time since that Blog entry was written. On January 26, 2012 he posted, "An Uncontrolled Growth of Abnormal Cells -   Today I was diagnosed with an unusual form of cancer. An ironic start to 2012 for me don’t you think? I assume my programming is ensuring that I complete my leap of faith. Bring it on! Stay tuned! My story is getting very interesting." His only related posting after that was on April 6: "My 70th Birthday Present: The Mark of the Dolphin." He explains how he went swimming with the dolphins at the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas, and one of them bit him on the right hand. "It was bleeding and there were three 1/2-inch deep scratches with a smaller one next to them." He later realized that the dolphin was trying to write "1111" (the time of the solstice) on his hand. He suggests, "Could it be that I will need the “dolphin stamp of approval” to get through the portal?"

On November 17 I contacted Gersten by email, asking him if he had perhaps changed his plans. He said that he would go up Bell Rock at the appointed time, but would not leap unless he saw an "extraordinary event" occur - something "supernatural." I was relieved to hear that. I think he will live to see the following day!

Earth, left; Nibiru, right. Good night all!
Gersten told me that he would be atop Bell Rock by 11:00 (AM, I presume), and stay at least until midnight. I reminded him that the solstice will be at 11:11 UT, which is 4:11 AM in Arizona. He replied that the important part was not the solstice, but the "symbolism." He wondered why people would rather say "I told you so" than see a "supernatural event" manifest, and he invited me to come out to Sedona and make the trek up to the top of Bell Rock with him. I replied that there is nothing I would rather see than a "supernatural event" manifest itself, and perhaps I would! Sedona is about a six hour drive from San Diego, but I'll see what I can arrange.

[I did not drive to Sedona. Gersten did not jump, and is still alive in 2013.]


  1. Robert,
    When you go to Bell Rock make sure you pack a lunch of Twinkies and especially Fruitcake (for the symbolism).

  2. Could it be the dolphin was used to being hand fed, and really wanted a treat?
    Is he going to be streaming his leap into whatever on the internet? I hope he has his insurance paid up.

    I know a lot of people talking about the end times yet again, but they are all also staying at their jobs and buying holiday gifts...just in case.

  3. Please, I beg you, if you do go to Sedona, make sure he jumps. Thank you.

  4. you know, I'm not against a slight push.

  5. HEY HERO,peter are you so full of yourself that you think by throwing yourself off a mountain that somehow you are going to save the world and mankind???.I dont know how big your house is but it must be a mansion with 50ft ceilings just so you can fit your head through the door.You really give new meaning to the word "ARROGANT".I noticed that you are selling T-shirts to your followers($$$)If these people really think that something is going to happen then they should be spending thier money on food,water and survival kits not on your factory made T-shirts.Well pete this is just my opion But it is getting close to the date ("its chrunch time")So if you decide to go through with this its your life but dont take advantage of the stupid and simple minded out there.Because at the end of the day your not saving the world your just another spoke on the wheel like rest of us.good luck peter whatever you choose....

  6. Gersten has just posted this to his Facebook page ( "And for everyone who still thinks I will be jumping off the top of Bell Rock, please read my lips: I AM NOT! I just rented a magical place by Red Rock Crossing for 2013." He also posted this: "Here is the house I will be moving into on January 1, 2013:" He obviously can't move into a new house if he jumps off the rock!

    And I'm glad that I didn't go to Sedona to watch this.

  7. "Peter Gersten says he's taking a "Leap of Faith" on top of Bell Rock near Sedona today, but that doesn't mean he's literally jumping off the prominent 547-foot-tall red butte in northeast Yavapai County.

    "I don't think it's going to involve risking my life," he said. "The Leap of Faith was bringing 120 people to the top of Bell Rock without knowing why." He said he felt like he needed to bring at least 111 people to the top of Bell Rock over the last several months to prepare for today."

    1. He's a coward because he won't throw himself off a butte? Is suicide a test of bravery? Should we all throw ourselves off Bell Rock? After you, manly man.

    2. no hes a coward because he led people to believe in his phony cause and ask the media to come and watch so he could get his 15 minutes of fame and oh by the way sell shirts in the mean time.he is a complete fraud. ROSS ,manlyman

    3. Did you refer to me as "manlyman"? That won't do. Like many of my fellow homosexuals, I'm actually rather feminine.


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