Monday, September 2, 2013

Just Published: never-seen Philip J. Klass papers on MJ-12 and the Condon Report.

Philip J. Klass (photo by author)

I have just placed on my Historical documents page on some newly-scanned "white papers" and correspondence by the influential skeptic Philip J. Klass (1919-2005) concerning the supposed MJ-12 papers, and a pre-publication critique of the Condon report.

In November, 1968, Klass wrote an advance critique of the not-yet-published Condon Report (University of Colorado study of UFOs), and circulated it to only a very few persons (fortunately, I was one). He notes that the persons involved in the study were supposed to be uncommitted on the the question of UFOs, but several were already UFO believers.


Supposed Harry Truman MJ-12 document, with a photocopied signature

Here are Klass' "White Papers" and other correspondence on the supposed MJ-12 papers (first series only. Even Stanton Friedman is reluctant to defend the MJ-12 papers of the second series!). He explains why they are hoaxes.  The discussion involves William L. Moore, Stanton Friedman, Peter A. Gersten. (57 pages)

Here is Klass' explanation of the $1,000 wager that he lost to Stanton Friedman.


  1. Missing Page 2 from the Majestic 12 document...

    PAGE 2

    I would like to thank Secretary Forrestal for recommending the name "Operation Majestic Twelve" for our annual White House golf tournament. As we all know, Operation Majestic is a more classy title than Dr. Bush's choice of "Operation Bourbon, Beer, and Broads".

    As I mentioned, we must proceed with caution and secrecy with this event.
    Secretary Forrestal, you will be in charge of lining up the golf course reservation and inform Bob Hope and Bing Crosby that they are invited. I will arrange the Drink Cart and the “Golf Cart Girls”.

    The Director of Central Intelligence will make sure our wives will not know of this "Operation", otherwise there will be hell to pay with Bessie.

    Harry S. Truman


    I also invited that nice fellow from the House of Representatives, Richard M. Nixon.
    I hope you don’t mind, he can keep a secret.

    1. I thought Truman was a bridge player, not a golfer. It was Ike who was the golfer. Yet there is no mention of golf in the big MJ-12 (Hillenkoetter to Eisenhower) briefing paper either, a very strange omission.

  2. Lets discuss some admirals.
    New York Times 1960
    Vice Admiral R.H. Hillenkoetter, Director CIA on ufos
    "It is time for the truth to be brought out in open congressional hearings" &
    "to hide the facts the Air Force has silenced its personnel"
    & from the UK
    Admiral Lord Peter Hill-Norton,Head of MOD,Chairman of NATO
    while speaking at the House of Lords about Rendleshem Forest:
    "weapons storage areas at RAF Woodbridge were struck by light beams fired from an unidentified craft"
    & at nearby HM Prison Hollesley;
    "removal of certain pages of records covering the time of the incident"
    These men were admirals at the height of the Cold War, & stating there is an obvious cover-up. The reasons apart from public panic, religous doubts, & the possible re-writing of history come down to 2 reasons;
    1. Our airforces & military are powerless to their technology
    2. They DONT want us using NUCLEAR weapons & power

    The whole phenomenon of the modern UFO started at Roswell near where the first atomic weapons were used. In recent times a lot of ex US military personnel involved with nuclear silos,missiles,weapons,etc are coming forward with eyewitness accounts of UFO interventions at these sites.
    There are many reports of UFO lightbeams interacting with Harrisberg, Chernobyl & Fukishima reactors to reduce radio-active fallouts.
    Latest Evidence: In Germany recently a semi-trailer truck was lifted from the road & emptied of its cargo. The footage is backed by cctv showing a bright light beam envoloping the truck & lifting it from the highway.
    OK a lot of you here are going to scream FAKE or HOAX, but what I would like to draw your attention to is the large number of men in RADIATION SUITS. These are not firemen in Hi-viz clothing wearing Haz-chem suits with oxy-tank breathing gear!!
    The way Obama & Kerry are so determined to bomb Syria & fist-shake at Iran- which could have dire consequences of a global scale involving Russia & China. I for one am glad our space brothers keep a very close scrutiny on Nuclear happenings.
    Messages from contactees state that they are not allowed to interfere with humans unless invited. However, they are allowed when it comes to Nuclear activies- the energy released has effects on different dimensions & universal effects.

    My belief in UFO cover-up has only been strengthened because of the amount of effort to de-bunk,dis-credit,dis-inform,denial,ridicule & character-assassinate anyone who tries.
    Paul Vigay:-deciphered binary message from alien-face cropcirle- found dead in English Channel
    Even team-satan/circlemakers(crop circle hoaxers) paid him respcts & admired him as a good adversary
    Ironic when they get paid by MI5 to put a human source as the crop circle makers to draw attention away from the ufo/alien theory. Why then would they go & create alien images,solar-systems ,DNA, & answer Carl Sagan's & Drake's Arecibo message?

  3. @deano: Let me address the portion of your comment regarding UFOs and nuclear missiles/weapons. A while back I had looked into the history of the US ICBM programs, that is, the fielding of the systems and their respective operational histories. What I found was that all minor and major incidents were due to human error and poor systems design (combination of both).

    Further attempts, on my part, to correlate all ICBM incidents with a UFO component revealed that no such UFO angle existed...there were no reports that had shown up on MUFON, NUFORC, or any other UFO reporting data base.

    Off all of the ICBM incidents, only one was a true Broken Arrow...1980 Titan II site at Damascus, AR...again no UFO component to the story.

    BTW, there is a plethora of alleged UFO sightings/incursions involving the Minuteman system, yet nothing concerning the Titan II system. If we are to invoke a logical argument that UFOs/ETs are worried about nuclear weapons programs, then ET sorely forgot about the Titan II system that was designed to obliterate major population centers, hence, such logical argument readily converts to the illogical.

  4. Thanks for replying Tim. Providing evidence of such incidents would & should be impossible if the people involved are doing their job. However, peoples conscience will eventually come to the for.
    Example : Brad Manning(Chelsea?). None of us would have seen the collateral damage gunship footage unless he & wikileaks came forward with it. Remember, to get into the military you have to pass a psyche test, & swear to uphlold what is right!
    To the world he is a hero, to US military , he is a treasonous traitor.
    A lot of people wouldnt know about this! In the 60s my uncle flew Vulcan bombers for 617 Sqdn (Dambusters). Took of from the UK with atomic bombs every mission. At last minute before Russian airspace,they were ordered home! How close to Nuclear War is unconceivable!

    As men grow older, become grandfathers, & their views toward life mellow & change: so does their moral conscience & values.
    Its happeneing a lot now, & we will see a lot more from the likes of Salas,Halt,Fenstermacher, Dedrickson & the countless others including Corso,Cooper & Mitchell.
    These men were trusted officers of very high rank. Not prone to hallucinations ,dillusional or seeking attention.
    Are they all LYING?? Lost their MARBLES??

    Right now you have Obama & Kerry pushing another war. For reasons that are not about the benefit of the Syrian people. In fact, they even admit its about showing Iran who is boss!!
    Conspiracies & cover-ups do happen; just the same as promotion of dis-info- WMDs & Chemical weapons. Proven fact their were no WMDs in Iraq, but Bush & Cheney screamed otherwise.
    My point being, if they can lie about that, they can lie about Kennedy,Gulf of Tonkin,9/11 & U F O's !!!!

    If I can make one person step back & say "hang on aminute" on this site, it has been worthwhile.
    Apart from the hundreds of video shots,eye-witness statements (astronauts,presidents,military,pilots & police) if one really looks at cropcircles,abductions(scars & implants) & cattle mutilations, you begin to realize their is an unexplainable source. The real proof is the extaordinary lengths that some people , whether obliged or paid, go to hide, explain away or ridicule the topic.

    1. "If I can make one person step back & say "hang on aminute" on this site, it has been worthwhile."

      Geez, Deano, being a "Believer" doesn't mean you have to be an evangelist. (g)

      I doubt very much if you'll ever influence any rational person here with your confused and fallacious comic-book conspiracy-world appeals. Most of us have heard variations of the paranoid "Hidden World" cosmic conspiramyth and all of its parts in "their rich variety, wonderment, and terror" since the 1950s and found it and them lacking in the extreme.

      " begin to realize their is an unexplainable source."

      No, Deano, one doesn't, because there isn't. There never were any phantom airships, ghost rockets, or flying saucers, There aren't any real "UFOs" of any kind and there never were. There is a much simpler explanation for all of this fossilized pseudoscientific myth and delusion.

      For each and every supposedly extraordinary "UFO" report, there is a much more likely, if not completely ordinary, real-world explanation. The catalogue of these reports, each having been deconstructed and dismissed, is described by the Null hypothesis: everything remains exactly as it has always been, there just aren't any real "UFOs." It doesn't require any real "UFOs." The history of the "UFO" myth and popular delusion that provided the background, the motifs and cultural context, for those reports is described by the Psychosocial hypothesis.

      In short, Deano, the real-world facts of the matter and reason make a whole lot more sense than the "UFO" cosmic-conspiramyth fairy tale. The "UFO" myth is a brain-dead antiscientific delusion, an unreality. Is that really what you'd like to be known for advocating?

    2. Greetings, Deano.
      I am intrigued by the line about taking a step back and saying hold on a minute, but in a different way. What sort of reasoning might make you step back and perhaps find some doubt in the alleged phenomenon?


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