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The 2014 International UFO Congress, Part 2

Kewaunee Lapseritis
Thursday, February 13, the second day of the UFO Congress, began with a talk by Kewaunee Lapseritis titled Interdimensionalism: The Secret to the Bigfoot/UFO Connection. The summary of his talk is wonderfully descriptive: "In 1979 he was telepathically contacted by a Sasquatch and Extraterrestrial... Kewaunee will be speaking about his in-depth encounters and how both the ETs and the Sasquatch people have helped him numerous times." That about sums it up!

And the Sasquatch people are indeed people, says he, so we must not treat them badly like we did African slaves or Chinese laborers, just because they look different from us. In fact, they are far more highly evolved than us! Lapseritis says he has been "taken" many times both by Sasquatch people and ETs. Their purpose is to raise his vibrational frequency. He lives a mere 30 feet from a Portal in the woods, which the Sasquatch people use to enter other dimensions. He related an elaborate Space Opera of good ETs who Dr. Peters would describe as 'Cosmic Saviors,' and bad ETs who are cannibalistic. He predicted that there would be three Superquakes over the next 15 months. On America's Pacific Coast, he said, sea lions and other animals are dying off because of radiation from Fukushima in Japan. (Apparently he has never visited La Jolla, California, where a thriving colony of protected sea lions has become a huge, smelly nusiance to humans.)

Lapseritis said that he knew J. Allen Hynek, who visited him in his home three times. Hynek related to him a tale about four hunters in the woods who allegedly saw a UFO land, saw a being, and shot it. But somehow the body could not be found. I seem to recall Hynek telling a similar story while I was at Northwestern.
Don Schmitt with his latest book

Next was Don Schmitt, introduced as "the premiere Roswell researcher!" Schmitt says he was a skeptic on Roswell until he investigated the case for CUFOS. He was convinced by the quality and quantity of the testimony about a crashed saucer and ETs. He didn't mention the Inconvenient Fact that most, if not all, of the major Roswell witnesses who claim to have seen ET bodies have been shown to have fabricated at least part of their stories (see Karl Pflock's excellent Roswell book.  For that matter, Schmitt has had his own credibility problems, hopefully not to be repeated).

He quite rightly debunked Annie Jacobsen's crazy claim that the crashed object was actually a Commie Nazi Saucer devised by Stalin and Mengele. 

Schmitt's new book is about The Real Area 51, which he says is, in fact at Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio. This is where all the crashed saucers & dead aliens end up, not in the Nevada desert. Much of his talk was taken from that book. I won't say much about it here. I have already written a review of the book, to appear in a future issue of The Skeptical Inquirer. 

For a second day, Government Agents bombarded the conference with poisonous Chemtrails
The next speaker was supposed to be Dr. Ardy Sixkiller Clarke, speaking on Encounters with Star People - An Indigenous Perspective (the Congress takes place on an Indian Reservation). However, she got sick and was unable to come to the Congress. So substituting for Clarke was Yvonne Smith, a well-known UFO Hypnotherapist and Abduction-Finder, a direct disciple of Budd Hopkins / David Jacobs / John Mack.

Smith told about her work with small children, who draw pictures of "monsters," or "spiders," or of three bald men with big heads. This apparently establishes that the children were abducted by aliens. Her new book is Coronado Intrusion. In 1994 she held a small meeting of some of her abduction-clients in the famous Hotel Del Coronado, near San Diego. Amazingly, a mass-abduction of some of these people occurred during the weekend of her meeting.

Richard Hoover
 Next was astrobiologist Richard Hoover, speaking on Is Life Restricted to Planet Earth? He established the Astrobiology Research Group at the NASA/Marshall Space Flight Center in 1998. He talked about organic molecules found in meteorites, and showed pictures of what he says are microscopic fossils found in them. He says that we can rule out them being contaminated by earth life forms, because of the absence of certain vital bio-molecules found in all earth life forms. If contamination had entered the meteorite, all such earthly bio-molecules would have been present, not just some of them. The Orgueil meteorite that fell in France in the 19th century is rich in such forms. Fossilized diatoms, he said, were found in a meteorite that recently fell in Sri Lanka. He even pointed to what appear to be macro fossils in photos from the Mars rovers.

Hoover obviously has a great knowledge of biology, and the presence of organic molecules in meteorites is uncontroversial. But it would be nice to get feedback from other biologists to these claims.
Timothy Good, Steve Bassett, Robert Powell, John Alexander
The last program of the afternoon was a panel discussion, "Is there a government Cover-Up?" The panel was, interestingly, evenly divided. Timothy Good and Steve Bassett argued strongly for a cover-up, while Robert Powell and John Alexander were not convinced. There is no active government investigation, said Powell.

Steve Bassett claimed that the U.S. Government possesses crashed saucers & ET bodies. Roswell is one of the greatest threats to the "Truth Embargo." As for the supposed MJ-12 papers, their mixture of real and bogus documents is typical of government disinformation tactics. 

Timothy Good said that UFOs are the most important subject facing the government and the military. There was a two-day meeting in 1954 between Sir Peter Horsley, and an ET. Alien technology has been used by the military since the 1950s. Powell objected that any technology greatly advanced beyond ours would be impossible to reverse engineer; we would have no understanding of it at all.

Bassett said so many people were 'coming forward' to give testimony about supposed government UFO secrets. Alexander replied that when you look into the backgrounds of those 'coming forward,' you see problems. Why, he asked, of all of the highly secret documents released by Snowden, do none of them have anything to do with UFOs? Bassett replied that UFO secrets are classified much higher than any documents that Snowden had access to.

The audience, of course, strongly favored the "pro" side. John Alexander told me afterward that several people had approached him privately, to say that they agreed with him, but they didn't want to say so openly! 

The Casino tells Arizonans to leave their firearms back on the ranch.


  1. I KNEW Bigfoot was going to come into it. The Bigfoot community, especially many of the "big names" hate this stuff. It cuts into their "I can have a TV show walking around the woods" gig credibility. You'll never find Bigfoot if he has supernatural powers.

    1. There's also a world of difference between an undiscovered species of earthly ape vs. intergalactic, interdimensional beings of high intelligence which kidnap and experiment on/educate humans.

  2. I know "Area 51" will sell more copies, but wouldn't "the Real Hangar 18" have been a more accurate title for the Carey-Schmitt book?
    By the way, an associate of mine was used as a source in this book, and the Dream Team gave him a promotion to Air Force Lt. Colonel. Hope that includes retroactive pay, 'cause he never served!

  3. Well at least Richard Hoover gave a decent talk, so your time wasn't totally wasted....

  4. More Chemtrails? They dont even care anymore, the ridicule & conspiracy theory line has everyone fooled just like the UFO phenomenon.
    Do you think anyone would have known how deep the NSA spy program is without Snowden?
    They are very scared about what Snowden might reveal next, especially as he has spoken that Chemtrails are an additive in the jet fuel. But it is still very compartmentalized because he couldnt pinpoint its exact purpose, he just stated that there had been no studies on the health & enviromental effects.

    Can you honestly believe that the HAARP facility in Gakona , Alaska is shut down when they have spent millions on building & enlargening it?
    That the Navy places its latest hi-tech X-band phased radar onto a slow-moving 8knt ex-oilrig called the SBX-1?
    The weather radar anomalie over BAE,Raytheon,Northrup Grumman & Decibel in Huntsville , Alabama was Chaff 188? (All connected to Haarp)
    The prolonged drought & heatwave temperatures for Alaska are just a thing of nature?
    Why has "Global Warming" now turned into "Climate Change"?
    Is it not a "better ,coverall" term for extreme weather events & "natural" disasters? (drought west coast, snowstorms east coast-Florida?)
    The MSM does not mention the large OZONE hole over the North Pole?

    Thats 2 photos of "condensation" trails appearing over the drought-affected Arizona desert?

    Even the NSA & USAF have stated on numerous documents that UFOs pose no threat to "National Security". However , breathing in Aloxide(Alumina) is very bad, bad, BAD to your health.
    Bad UFOS = No threat to National Security
    Bad Chemtrails = Real threat to National Health.., Natural weather

    1. > Snowden...has spoken that Chemtrails are an additive in the jet fuel

      Has Snowden said this on a legitimate news site with a citation from an actual government document? Or has "Snowden" only said this -- without citing any documents -- on a fake news site whose principal commentor is named Deano?

    2. Is FOX news a legitimate news site, calling for the murder of Snowden?
      Can any MSM news site be considered real for pushing the lies of WMDs which became the IRAQ invasion?
      And what about Mick West's METABUNK, a site whose sole purpose is to decredit anyone or their claims about Chemtrails?
      Even David Suzuki, is associating chemtrail conspiracy theorists with climate change deniers!
      I absolutely agree with global warming, a quick look at Arctic sea ice & Glaciers receeding confirms this. But to "VALIDATE" geo-engineering to limit this(solar radiation management via chemtrails)is a method to justify future chemtrail programs.

      Maybe those of you in California when the actual COST of the drought starts to hit your wallet might begin to question why all of the Pacific rain clouds seem to deviate up & around , or down through central America, might have something to do with weather control. With 80% of food grown in California, & its depeted water supplies, the consequences should be obvious to all............

    3. > Is FOX news a legitimate news site, calling for the murder of Snowden?


      What happened to your Snowden claim? It collapsed under the merest scrutiny then you abandoned it.

      Are YOU a legitimate source of information, Deano, or are you just a stream of consciousness recitation of every conspiracy notion ever?

    4. The article explains that it was a testimony because he feared he might endanger the scientists who are involved.
      The way the US govt has treated Manning,Assange & Snowden, is it any wonder? Reporters revealing whistleblowers info have been in the firing line of late.
      I've listed the documented proof "project Cloverleaf" & the "Welsbach Patent" which describe adding micron sized Al particles into jet fuel.
      STADIS 450 is MANDATORY in Jet fuel as a static-dissapator, & it contains Barium salts.
      USAF document "Owning the Weather by 2025"-Cohen admits
      Kristen Meghan is the airforce whistleblower who couldnt explain where all the chemicals were being used, but now tests rainwater to prove Aloxides & Ba are very high in the samples.
      An airline mechanic whistleblower has told how there is special tanks in the lavatory tank section on commercial jets, which leads through piping into the wings.
      There are numerous videos on youtube that show trails stop/start or normal contrails beside chemtrails.
      Robert on this site has shown us 2 photos of chemtrails in a drought baked desert.(Contrails need humidity)
      The govt explanation for weather radar anomalies(rings,circles,donuts,spirals) is that they are Chaff 188, which is Al coated plastic. We have a lot here in Aus & our airforce would be lucky enough to cover a suburb, let alone half a state.

      And as with any conspiracy that I believe in >JFK murder, 9/11 was inside job, & UFOs, it is the incredible lengths that the US govt goes to debunk the topic. Chemtrails by Metabunk & calling it a conspiracy theory. David Suzuki? Shame,shame Ex-fan now!

      The underlying LINK to all of these being connected in someway is BIG OIL & its muscle> the military industrial complex.
      a) UFO tech could provide free energy>lose profits>silence>Dbunk
      b) JFK might stop Vietnam/ reveal UFOs >silence>CTheory
      c) 9/11 will give cause to occupy middle-east,control oil, more military spending,more harsh laws,quick insurance cash grab,destroy nefarious records>deny>control investigation> silence anyone by anymeans>CTheory
      d) Chemtrails & HAARP can control the weather,heat Arctic ice, tomography(underground radar for bunkers & oil deposits),endless military applications,earthquakes in IRAN & CHINA> use secret method to spray(Cloverleaf-additives in jet fuel),the machines can be denied(Alaska's COBRA DANE & SBX-1 are missile defense)

      Only a couple of days ago, John Kerry in Indonesia, stated "Climate change is a Weapon of Mass Destruction". WTF?
      US politicians LOVE this phrase, or should it be Words of Mass Deception?
      This is probably all a bit too complicated for you too connect the dots, but I'm a real Sceptic ie I dont swallow the garbage the MSM or your govt tries to sell us
      And all of these topics, have so much conflicting evidence as to what really happened, they really should be questioned in the lime-light, which is WHY THEY ARE.

      USAF Roswell Report, Case Closed

    5. > I've listed the documented proof

      Setting aside whether it is "proof," your documents didn't come from Snowden, did they? So your Snowdon claim was false, wasn't it?

    6. According to that so-called news site, "chemtrails are part of a benevolent program aimed at countering global warming".
      They've really overdone it this winter, haven't they?

    7. Exactly Ian! This is all he had access to- chemtrails to COUNTER global warming.
      The spokesman scientist for this is David Keith. Solar Radiation Management, Geoengineering, Terraforming, Space mirrors call it what you like, but he is trying to justify chemtrail spraying. The trouble is they cant produce surveys of the enviromental risks, or long term affects.
      It is the same deal as the NSA has protected the USA from terrorist attack because of the spying. Suddenly congress & senators were showing attacks that had been prevented.Really?

      The trouble is ,yes the oxides reflect sunlight & radiation, but they also act as a blanket trapping the warm air from rising, & so contribute to more heating.
      As for this winter, look at the west coast. Drought stricken & the continuous heat wave in Alaska-- to melt the sea ice to expose oil!
      This steering of the jet stream has caused it to spill down from the Arctic all the way to Florida! (Haarp sites in Alaska)
      NEWTONs LAW: To every action, there is an equal & opposite reaction.
      Have a good look at synoptic & radar weather patterns.
      You seriously cant believe in a "Drunken Jet Stream"?

    8. Deano, You're evidently an American. You don't do irony, do you?

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    As Seen In Popular Science magazine.

    No Advanced degree in Physics or special tools required!

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    1. I want to meet an interesting and exotic people from a distant planet...and kill them.

      I want to be the first kid on my block to get a confirmed alien kill.

  6. By 'government cover-up' did the panel mean a US government cover-up? Or did they mean an international cover-up?

    Surely by now the US can't be the only country possessing actual UFO hardware? Or are we to suppose that the ETs only ever crash over the USA?
    Why, for example, no crashes on Easter Island?

  7. There has been quite a few! The Russians even have a video of a retrieval in a snowy forrest, narrated by Roger Moore.
    South African Air Force shot one down, sealed the area, & had to wait for the US retrieval team to arrive.
    A recent interview of a US marine in either Chile or Peru describes how he & a few others went to find what they thought was a crashed plane, but was in fact a UFO wedged into a hill/cliff side, saw the special retrieval team arrive, & then was interogated & told to keep secret & forget it ever happened!

    The US is extremely powerful militarily wise, & most countries seek to obtain their cutting edge tech, especially in fighter jets & spy/radar/comms tech.
    The only countries that are not US aligned are communist, Russia, China,North Korea,Iran & a few other near east countries. If they have UFO tech, they too would keep it secret for military use!
    Central American countries dislike the US because of the CIA supported dictators placed in power. Now they have all gone, they face embargos & US restrictions> Cuba a perfect example.
    Dont forget the Iranian Revolution that toppled the US placed Shah, to control OIL . Why do you think all we hear about is Syria & Iran?. US already has control of invaded IRAQ, & Bush ties to Saudi Arabia.

    So to answer your question,cda, the US govt does do cover-ups, the CIA & the NSA the main offenders, all in the name of "National Security".
    Relation to UFOs?
    In 1954, the NSA produced a document (JANAP 146) to a meeting of civillian airline chiefs. Part of the publication was headed CIRVIS:> Communication Instructions for Reporting Vital Intelligence Sightings.
    "All persons aware of the contents of a CIRVIS report are governed.....(national defense & Espionage laws).....unauthorized transmission or revelation of the CIRVIS reports in any manner is prohibited."
    The penalties for any civillian pilot who freely spoke out about their UFO sighting were severe & ranged from prison terms up to 10yrs & a fine of $10 000. In reality, those pilots who did speak out of turn were severely disciplined or instantly dismissed.
    A perfect example of this was the JAL (Japanese) pilot who spoke about the UFO over Alaska, now confirmed by FAA radar tapes, who was grounded immediately after wards.
    This is WHY we never hear more reports from pilots(unless they blow the whistle). Ridicule & debunking were set out in the Robertson Panel report to stop alarm of the public reaction to UFOs., Fines & prison terms the method to silence pilots.
    OPERATION MOCKINGBIRD ( the placement of CIA in media circles) is how they have controlled the media on this subject. Every time a UFO sighting hits the news these days, comes the inevitable X-files or Twilight Zone music in the background & the reporters laughing & ridiculing it.
    Did you know Russian President Gorbachev said "The phenomenon of UFOs is real. I know there is scientific organisations which study the problem."

    No crashes on Easter Island? Simple! They dont have an Airforce, or secret reverse engineered lasers & electromagnetic pulse weapons to shoot them down.
    Did you think you would have heard about NSA if it wasnt for Snowden????

    1. Silly me.

      The reason the UFOs do not land or crash on Easter Island is that they could not stand the sight of all those ugly stone faces. Simple isn't it?

      The rest of your writing possibly makes some sense, Deano, but it will take me some time to digest.

      By the way, in answer to your final question, I had heard of the NSA a long, long time before I had ever heard of Mr Snowden.

    2. I SO sympathize with you and have spent many long hours online in forums like this a painstakingly making the same points; often to the same (at least in regard to sheer obstinence) people. I have actually exchanged numerous emails with Mick West from Meta-debunk. I've come to the conclusion that is was wasting valuable time that I could have been using to further enlighten myself. Remember this bro, OUR side IS winning the war in the court of public opinion. More people than not in NYC now believe that our government has not been entirely honest. Because of the Gov's slow, intentional, cultural acclimation/disclosure plan, many more people than not believe that ET has probably been here. Using only logic and rational thought, the statistical probability of this truth is entirely self-evident. Those who precariously cling to the moronic idea that all UFO reports can be explained by some earthly phenomena are either;
      1. Disinformation agents (yes, we now KNOW, thx to Snowden, that such people are all over the net) or
      2. Suffer from cognitive dissonance
      My advice is to use your obvious extensive knowledge to educate those not suffering from CD and/or those you KNOW have no ulterior motive; like being paid to spread BS.
      I seriously wonder about West in that regard and made those feelings known to him. I'll give him credit, he didn't flip out like some, but he denied being on the cabal's payroll.
      Perhaps those on this "skeptical" site are open minded and not completely attached to ideas that have been shown conclusively, in my opinion, to be obselete.

  8. If the alleged aliens were so advanced, why do they crash so much???

    1. Why did the Space Shuttle crash? Because it was made using reverse-engineered alien technology, of course. Proof!

  9. A quick look on youtube & you will see with your own eyes the latest military tech that uses laser beams & electromagnetic pulse weapons. The South African Mirage jet that shot down the UFO in S.Af was using a new laser canon,this supports how much US tech is envied by other countries.
    This can be found at "Kalahari UFO Crash" ,Wright-Patterson retrieval team

    The US Marine was an air-gunner in Peru by the name of Weygandt. The Men in Black that came worked for Dept of Energy "Delta,oscar,Echo"

    Sorry cda, to be 100% precise I should have added NSA Spying Revelations.
    Germany & Indonesia are extremely cranky because their heads of state had their phones tapped > these are US allies by the way!

    To Transpower, I might ask "IF the US military is so advanced, why did it take them 10yrs to find Osama bin Ladin?"
    "IF NASA is so advanced, why have we never returned to the moon?" ( I do believe they landed in Apollo missions,& Mitchell & Cooper)
    We could play this game for ever! Part of UFO folklore is How many pilots have died trying to intercept UFOs? Nearly every airforce in the world have these stories.Especially the jet malfunctioning in close proximity, only to regain normal function when UFO has left.
    The other folklore says that their are different types of aliens >benevolent & malevalent. If they are just scout ships, they might not have the room or power to provide adequate shielding or defensive weapons, especially if they are a peaceful race. A lightening storm might be lethal to their craft if it is run by some sort of electro-plasma propulsion system?
    "Crash so much?" ...... That infers a lot. How many have crashed?
    If we can believe Bob Lazaar, there is 9 at the S-4 hangars at Area 51. The 2 in Russia(publically known) & the one in Sth Africa. & the one in Peru. That makes 13 in total that are publically known about.

    The A-12 Oxcart which became the SR-71 had more crashes due to malfunctions than that number, & it was the fastest jet around. High tech stuff has more to go wrong with it. 2 space-shuttle disasters & how many rockets have exploded?
    Maybe you are in an old Landrover on an African Safari Tour. In some nearby bushes are some terrorist rebels with a bazooka & they blow up the Landrover. You could have ventured out in a tank, but you didnt>your dead!
    Maybe the bad aliens shot down the good aliens or vice versa?

    There is video footage from a satellite showing a UFO (ball of light) starting to enter the Earths atmosphere, & then suddenly exiting in a reverse angle because a light beam (laser) is firing at it. Whether this is another UFO or our own weapons technology(Star Wars by Reagan), who knows?
    I'll try & find the link for you.

  10. Deano: According to Above Top Secret--

    "Cynthia Hind of Zimbabwe, a world famous UFO researcher and author of a book on UFO's in Southern Africa subsequently wrote an article that was published in the 'UFO Times'. It was titled;

    'Anatomy of a hoax. The UFO crash on the South African/Botswana border.'

    This article exposes one James Van Greunen as the originator of an extremely elaborate hoax."

    It's important to exercise critical thinking in issues like this.

  11. So OK, scratch one off the list. That makes 12.
    The point I was making is that nearly every country in the world except the handful mentioned are aligned with US policy so they can obtain advanced military tech.
    So the cover-up is worldwide as well, implementing CIRVIS statements from all commercial & military pilots, ie those most likely to encounter UFO sightings.
    I do look at Above Top Secret, but some of their stuff is disinfo & pure hoax.
    Remember Bush's claim of WMDs in IRAQ >pure hoax & lies. How many young Americans died because of this?

  12. Saddam moved his WMDs to Syria. Both America and Israel have developed "death rays" (photon beams) which can vaporized missiles. Deano, you should consider hoaxes, natural phenomena, and military technology first before positing "it's the aliens who did it." I keep hearing that the supposed aliens have underwater bases; OK, so prove it: get funding, buy the most advanced submarine you can get, and explore all the world's oceans.

  13. Deano, I am waiting for an asteroid to strike the earth. Which event will happen first, a UFO crash on the White House lawn, a similar crash on Red Square or Tianamen Square, or an asteroid impact?

  14. Sorry Transpower, but please dont get me started on WMD- the biggest lie ever told. Especially as Daddy Bush gave most of these weapons to Saddam to fight the enemy in the Iran-Iraq war. US govt didnt care about chemical weapons then,but now Kerry & Obama have been rattling the sabres over this happening in Syria? Thank you Putin & alternative media for stopping that.
    Now Kerry is saying "Climate Change is a Weapon of Mass Destruction". IT is if the US can control it :> "Owning the Weather by2025" -USAF

    Havent you heard cda? Russia did get hit by an asteroid early last year, or was it one of Jim O 's Cosmos satellites?
    The Washington UFO event shows UFOs flying over the White House in the 50s. The Robertson Panel set up the NSA & said to debunk & ridicule UFOs was how they should be handled to the public. A whistleblower (near deaths door) has an interview saying he was one of Trumans aides & thay had an interplanetary meeting with aliens.
    Astronaut Gordon Cooper swears they have filmed a saucer land & take-off at Holoman AFB.
    Being one of the only believers that visits this site, its expected that I show the proof. There are new videos of UFOs almost daily on youtube- but debunkers will write them off as CGI or fake.
    The CIRVIS reports(flight reports of UFOs) get the pilots in trouble, so its a no brainer why we arent inundated with sightings.
    NASAs fuzzy black & white images from space are explained away as space debris or water droplets- you cant argue with rocket scientists.
    Any whistleblower that comes forward is soon ridiculed ,slandered,delusional or telling lies. Why would Mitchell , Cooper & Corso put themselves in this sort of firing line, unless they are men of integrity & truthful?
    A UFO did crash at Roswell, the base rang up the newspaper & told them. It was the Fear & Panic that might have gripped the nation, that the govt was most afraid of & so denied it for reasons of "NATIONAL SECURITY".
    To cover, excuse,deny, defend,explain,justify,validate & give reason to any sensitive topic in the USA today, these are the TWO words you will hear!!

    1. > Astronaut Gordon Cooper swears they have filmed a saucer land & take-off at Holoman AFB.

      Cooper lied about most every part in his involvement in that. He claimed to be the boss of the camera crew; they said otherwise. He claimed there was video; no one else ever saw it. He claimed the object landed; the camera crew said otherwise. His description did not match that of the camera crew (landing gear). Etc.

      Could you fact check your fugues before you type them? Thanks?

    2. > Being one of the only believers that visits this site

      Is "believer" defined as "believes everything, no matter if it is true or false"?

    3. Deano, I've heard that astronauts Cooper and Mitchell are "believers"--but I have not seen any video from them or any hard objective proof.

  15. It all depends if you believe the base Public Relations/Press officer or Cooper?

    Now with military sworn to keep secrets, & civillian pilots that face heavy penalties if they reveal CIRVIS reports, the evidence is of course going to be lacking.
    Have any of you seen the "Secret NASA Tapes", or heard their voice transmissions, "Houston, we have a Bogey at 10o'clock".
    The images of the broken tether clearly show objects "Manouvering" in & around it.
    What, you believe these are ice particles?
    That can make rapid changes in direction?

    Everyone believed Bush , Blair & Howard about WMDs. Do you still believe that was the real reason for the invasion of Iraq?
    I believe 9/11 was an inside job because you can see & hear the explosions(& witness testimony), & 200ft steel columns disintegrated mid-air. Fire?
    Surely you must have a small ounce of doubt about Bldg 7 , which wasnt even hit by a plane...........
    Or do you believe everything your govt tells you?

    1. > the base Public Relations/Press officer or Cooper?

      I believe the camera crew.

      Check out NICAP's report: the camera crew never report the object landing or flying near them -- Cooper invented that. The crew reported to Frank Baker -- Cooper inserted himself into the story much later.

      Oberg: "As to Bittick and Gettys, they deny that Cooper was their boss -- Gettys wrote to me that he didn't even realize Cooper had been at Edwards AFB until after he'd been picked as an astronaut."

      Deano, Cooper lied about this, plain and simple.

      And this is just another example of your atrocious sourcing of facts. Clearly, you go to sites that tell you the lies you want to hear -- and you like it that way, or you would do better research.

      You are an embarassment.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. I'm a minarchist, not a statist or an anarchist. I'm therefore very skeptical of most of what the government does. But: If Cooper and Mitchell have proof of aliens, they should show it! If UFOlogists believe that aliens have undersea bases, they should show them to us!

    1. transpower;
      Did u expect Cooper or Mitchell to ask the alien for a business card? They have their word that what they reported was what they saw or knew. Now. You give ME some proof. Why would two of Americas bravest and finest, two men who's reputations have never been questioned, two men who had nothing to gain and everything to lose, why would they make this shit up? When you give me a plausible reason, I'll consider casting aspersions on their stories. Until then, I will consider their stories credible. However, their stories are a minuscule part of the evidence supporting ET reality. Do some reading.
      Now I'm doing it, Deano!

  17. Have you seen the "Secret NASA Tapes"? That is the video evidence of mysterious craft in space.
    All Oberg is stating here, is that Cooper was not the camera crews boss.
    I am still waiting for Oberg's response about the Kecksberg incident being a downed Cosmos satellite as he claimed. But Johnson from NASA states it wasnt.
    Also. will Oberg comment on the large OZONE hole over the North Pole, has been caused from shuttle & rocket launches as many scientists claim.

    A previous blog on this site was all about the Cash/Landrum incident.
    Lt Colonel Sarran of the army was the person that had all involvement with Chinook helicopters denied, even though he believed the 5 seperate witnesses & had 100 for effect in his notes.
    Above this though, I found " Hamel,....trained astronauts". Looking into him I found he was in the Air Force at the time & involved in "Special Space Projects" & was a fully trained engineer astronaut.
    With Schuessler & Hamel's connection with NASA, surely this is a bit too coincidental, especially with off planet balloons( Titan Montgolfiers powered by RTGs Radioisotope Thermoelctric Generators) & the real problem of nuclear powered Satellites(both Soviet & US) falling back to earth, as Oberg described with Kecksberg.
    Still waiting for Osberg to comment on all of these........


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