Saturday, February 22, 2014

The 2014 International UFO Congress, Part 4

The fourth day of the UFO Congress was Saturday Feb. 15, and the day of the highest attendance. Starting off the proceedings with a Bang was Dr. John Alexander, retired Colonel in the U.S. Army, and longtime leader in the Pentagon's foray into Weird Science: ESP, remote viewing, etc. Alexander appears on 18 different pages of the book The Men Who Stare at Goats by Jon Ronson (but not in the movie), where he is portrayed as a sort of shadowy behind-the-scenes figure giving direction to all of the Pentagon's weird studies.
Col. Alexander (left) with Lee Speigel of the Huffington Post

Life, Alexander said, may have originated somewhere in the universe 9 billion years before it did on earth. He went through the usual brief history of U.S. government involvement with UFOs. He mentioned a few UFO cases that he thinks are especially good:
  • Bentwaters/Rendlesham. Highlights the testimony of Halt and Penniston. He did not mention how the testimony of each has significantly changed over the years. He is aware of this - I've mentioned it to him more than once - but it's something he prefers to ignore.
  • Phoenix lights. They were certainly not A-10s with flares. (When I asked him afterward about this, he claimed that he didn't say anything about flares!)
  • Gulf Breeze photos. Good grief!
  • Coyne helicopter case. See Klass, UFOs the Public Deceived, chapters 16,17.
  • B-52 radar picks up a visual UFO, Minot AFB, 1968. (Has anyone done any recent research on this case?)
What sets Alexander apart from most other UFOlogists is that he does not believe that there is any U.S. government coverup of UFOs, or any secret program. He accepts that the "Roswell crash" was actually a spy-balloon program, Project Mogul. UFO enthusiasts, he explained, do not know how the system works.  Even secret or "black" projects need to compete with each other for a fixed pool of money, and to justify those expenditures with results. Concerning UFOs, this is simply not happening.

As for the UFO coverup claims of British UFOlogist Nick Pope, Alexander pointed out that Nick's father, Geoffrey Pope, was a leading aerospace engineer who, upon hearing his son's claims about the British government having captured a UFO, remarked "it would have been in my hanger!" As for the MJ-12 papers (the second set, at least), he pointed out that Tim Cooper, the man who supposedly (and inexplicably) received these documents in the mail, has as of 2009 disavowed their validity.

Alexander is also a big believer in 'alternative healing' that supposedly cannot be explained, especially the faith healer John of God in Brazil. He also believes the recent claims of "Proof of Heaven."

Alexander mentioned the Skinwalker Ranch in Utah purchased by Robert Bigelow, where many strange incidents have been reported, some involving UFOs. "The Phenomenon" is "in control," he concludes. It knows how you will react to it. If you're having trouble deciding what to make of Alexander (and many people are), think of him as Jacques Vallee in a military uniform.
Jaime Maussan

Next was the well-known Mexican UFO promoter Jaime Maussan. I didn't hear this talk, but the description says, "Hear Jaime Maussan present the most recent evidence demonstrating that the UFO phenomenon is closer than ever before. The new technology and new techniques used by skywatchers around the world is allowing us to know how “close” we are to establishing some kind of contact or communication with other beings. While we do not know for sure yet, it is clear that contact will be sooner than expected." He showed a lot of videos. James McGaha told me that they all looked pretty fake.

In reviewing Maussan's talk last year to the UFO Congress, I wrote:
Maussan said that worldwide UFO sightings have increased dramatically recently because of December 21, 2012, and aliens are now sending us messages by creating meteorological formations in the sky. He showed what were supposedly "vortexes" in meteorological charts, "messages" he says of "the new time."

He showed many blurry photos and videos. There was a huge black sphere sucking energy out of the sun - probably a Mothership, he suggested. NASA's Spirit rover photographed a human figure on Mars, and also a "little house." We saw objects (probably satellites in low earth orbit) crossing the face of the moon. Russia, he says, now has the greatest number of UFO sightings of any country, and he showed Russian videos of supposed "motherships." He also played videos having very low-pitch "unexplained" sounds or hums. Maussan's talk was loony, but the audience loved it.
Rob Simone
After that came Rob Simone, "an award-winning media personality, TV host, author and for the last 3 years, guest host of the nationally syndicated talk show, Coast to Coast AM." His speech was "UFOs In The Headlines - Real Reporting on a Real Phenomenon." He showed the headlines, and discussed the cases, from newspaper coverage of UFO sightings and claims from all around the world. Most of them were cases that practically nobody has heard of, and go back to the 1950s, mostly in Europe. Actually, he did a fine job of locating and presenting these cases, several of which sound as if they were significant at the time, but since forgotten. This information needs to be recorded in a form that is searchable on-line.

Timothy Good
The well-known British UFOlogist Timothy Good, long known for promoting dubious claims, gave an even wilder talk than I expected: "Earth - An Alien Enterprise," in which he  promised to reveal "the shocking truth about the greatest coverup of all time." He reviewed some old claims of ET contact going back to the 1930s, 40s, and 50s. He showed some of Adamski's photos (Good has long been a low-key supporter of Adamski's claims.) Supposedly Adamski was given a special access card that got him into all military bases, the White House, etc. Adamski supposedly met with JFK twice. Good even showed a letter supposedly received by Adamski from an alien, written in alien-ese. He spent several minutes discussing Amicizia ("friendship"), a long-running Italian contactee case.

He also claimed that Neil Armstrong had revealed to a friend, long after his lunar landing, that other craft were already on the moon when he got there.

Good's new book, with the same title as his talk, promises to reveal:
  • Genuine photographs of aliens and some of their craft
  • A crashed alien craft and bodies stored in the U.S. Capitol in 1939
  • Contacts with military personnel and several presidents
  • Over 100 witnesses encounter two landed flying discs in a London suburb
 The final speaker on Saturday afternoon was George Noori, the longtime host of the late night, all night, paranormal and conspiracy radio show Coast to Coast AM, which he claimed to be the highest-rated show in the history of broadcasting. His talk consisted mostly of gossip, jokes, and chat (and his jokes were rather gross and gruesome). "Big foot = little penis," he said (which might come as a surprise to readers of Bigfoot porn).

Noori brought up on stage Lee Speigel of the Huffington Post, who talked about the Dead Bigfoot touring show, which was supposed to open in Phoenix that same weekend, but the arrangement fell through. (Speigel actually worked very hard on a last-minute plan to have the Bigfoot carcass show open right then, right there at Ft. McDowell, right alongside the UFO Congress. But that plan also fell through.)

During the question & answer time, an obviously disturbed man calling himself "the Reincarnated Christ" delivered a rambling, confused statement about how there is a conspiracy to conceal that the earth actually curves upward, and there is a glass sky 100 km above us. Noori ignored the boos and groans from the audience, and played with the guy like a cat with a mouse. (This is what he often does on his show.) Finally somebody grabbed a cane, and yanked the guy away.
After his talk, people lined to to meet George Noori (wearing sports coat), and have their picture taken with him.
Hang on, just one more posting to go!


  1. PROS and CONS of attending the International UFO Congress:

    PRO: It is exciting to attend a “International” conference.
    CON: The only thing international about it was having lunch at Panda Express.

    PRO: Listening to exciting, but familiar, UFO stories.
    CON: Too bad all of them have been debunked.

    PRO: Learning that UFO Disclosure and Alien Contact will be coming “soon”!
    CON: The definition of “soon” in UFOlogy actually means “never” .

    PRO: Learning that Crop Circles have magically healing powers.
    CON: Too bad it only works on one person.

    PRO: Looking forward to seeing a deceased Bigfoot displayed in an open casket.
    CON: Well, it’s actually a good thing since you forgot to bring funeral flowers.

    PRO: Surprise to hear that George Adamski’s UFO stories, after 60 years, are still taken seriously.
    CON: Sadly, there’s still no cure for “Adamski Disease” **.

    PRO: Free nightly UFO watching activities.
    CON: Spend all that time and money at the conference and not see a damn UFO.

    ** Arthur C. Clarke coined that term. Let’s use it more often!

    1. PRO: We can shoot JFK to hide UFOs & keep war in Vietnam
      CON: His head went backwards when shooter was behind him(Doh)

      PRO: We can give weapons to Iraq because they are at war with Iran
      CON: Saddam uses same weapons against US in1st Gulf War(Doh)

      PRO: We will blow up WTC for money,oil,asbestos,middle-east wars
      CON: Lives lost,witness testimonies,thermite,9/11 truth movement

      PRO: We can claim Saddam has WMDs to justify invasion
      CON: No one found any (Doh)

      PRO: We can say Doug & Dave, Circlemakers make cropcircles
      CON: They cant equal complexity or make them globally (Doh)

      PRO: We can control the weather using HAARP & Chemtrails
      CON: Nexrad radar is showing anomalies & contrails persist(Doh)

      PRO: CIA can blame everything on dellusional conspiracy theorists
      CON: Bilderberg Group meet annually to conspire(Hypocracy-Doh!)

      PRO: All UFOs can be explained as balloons,planets,sats,swampgas
      CON: Handheld phone cameras are recording UFOs on a daily basis.

      PRO: We can hide anything by oaths, fines,imprisonment or death
      CON: Whistleblowers get cancer or near death & reveal everything

      PRO: We can heat Alaska & North Pole to expose OIL & Gas
      CON: West coast is in drought & Polar Vortex hits east coast

      ***Global Warming. Nup,we better change that to CLIMATE CHANGE. It can cover drought/flood ,Hurricanes & Earthquakes

    2. Shoot JFK to hide UFOs & keep war in Vietnam? What are they putting in the coffee over there?

    3. 9/11 Truther Moverment? Are you kidding me??? The Islamo-Fascists have been at war with the West for 13 centuries!!!

  2. Robert, you say that you have mentioned to Alexander the significant changes in testimony of Rendlesham witnesses Halt and Penniston over the years. Me too.

    I got a dismissive response which made clear that he neither understood the oft-cited weaknesses in the Rendlesham case nor was prepared to learn more about them. He seemed to think the radiation readings were significant and was oblivious to the embellished testimony of Penniston and Halt. Hey, these are military guys - they couldn’t be wrong, even if they can't get their story straight!

    I invited Alexander to explain the statement in his book that "the lighthouse was not visible from the real landing site" but he failed to tell me where he thought the ‘real’ landing site was. He seemed unaware that Penniston had made up a site for the Sci-Fi TV programme, but then rejected it in favour of another one he made up for the 30th anniversary hoopla. Neither of these sites were the same as the site which Halt investigated.

    Best of all, some time later I got spam email from Alexander’s account. How come a supposed top-security guy is dumb enough to allow his email to get hacked?

  3. A puzzling matter concerning Tim Good.

    This is the supposed 1.7 million Secret/Top Secret documents Edward Snowden filched from the NSA, and which are now presumably available to the press or the electronic media. None seem to disclose any news of ET visits, either landings or crashes, which is VERY surprising if these had actually occurred, since the NSA and CIA are supposed to know the truth about these things. The answer may be that such docs would be 'Above Top Secret' (as per the title of Tim Good's 1987 book) and therefore outside Snowden's availability. An alternative is that Snowden avoided these documents as he had no interest in the subject. In either case, what a pity for science! A great opportunity has been lost due to the possible negligence of a defector. Presumably Tim has his own answer to this.

    1. It seems the only whistleblower/hacker that obtained evidence was that of Gary McKinnon. He gained access to NASA computers showing an alien craft & a list of non-terrestial officers.
      He was ment to be extradited to the US to face criminal charges but the case was dropped once NASA realised they would have to show the evidence of computer damage in a UK court of law.
      If their was no such thing, why were US authorities so determined to prosecute him, especially as he was a depressed, mentally unstable marijuana user?
      It was a pity he didnt download this stuff.
      But the exposure of Manning's "Collateral Murder" video by Wikileaks, which has forced Assange into assylum, & Snowden's exposing of the NSA, which has forced him into assylum in Russia does show that the US govt does not like having its secrets revealed!

      The testimonies of Bush & Cheney behind closed doors,is it any wonder that 2 out of every 3 people in the USA , have doubts about what really happened regarding the official story of 9/11.

    2. McKinnon said he was discovered hacking and was disconnected from the classified internet so he didn't have time to download the photos of alien spaceships he says he saw. If you believe that then you'll believe anything. Every photo loaded into your browser is saved in the temporary internet files folder!

      1 out of 2 people in the US believes the Sun revolves around the Earth. Try a better argument.

    3. He also said he was on an old ,slow & basic computer, up against NASA which probably has the most advanced tech & security systems available -- he was disconnected mid-use as you yourself state. Did 1980s computers have "browsers"? Did he have a printer?
      Do 1 out of 2 believe in medieval Catholic Solar System? Really?
      No wonder ya'l got behind Bush with "Crusade against the evil doers, In God we Trust, God Bless America, GOD IS AMERICAN!"

      Dont say that to Micheal Shermer, you are not allowed to say Intelligent Design in Universities these days, unless of course you mean "Directed Panspermia">Life guided to Earth by Aliens.Which does explain megalithic bldgs,genetic alteration of man & domesticated crops & livestock, & the incredible advances in technology since the Roswell Crash.

    4. What do the mid-80s have to do with 2/2001-3/2002? He was a hacker sophisticated enough to break the security on US Army and NASA computers for over a year. Didn't download the stuff? He copied a bunch of files to his own computer, along with passwords.

      The 1 out of 2 people was meant to be an ironic take on the "official story of 9/11" non-sequitur.

    5. jozz, we've already established that Deano doesn't do irony.

  4. Is there any documentation for the statement "He also claimed that Neil Armstrong had revealed to a friend, long after his lunar landing, that other craft were already on the moon when he got there."?

  5. In answer to your query, Roberto,

    will tell you all, and more, you ever wanted to know about the '68 B52 Minot UFO.

    Given the opportunity, this case could become the new RB-47...and we all know what happened to that, eventually.

    It's not fair, really, all this debunking. All these folk seem so happy in their strange and contradictory beliefs. We're lucky to have Deano to keep us on track. Don't you think?

  6. Dear Duke of Mendoza, I take that as a compliment, debate is good & if you only heard one side of the story all the time--wouldnt life be boring?
    Yes I may appear strange, but so is the universe,as we discover more about it.
    Contradictory beliefs? Yes, if they are contradictory towards mainstream official story lines that are riddled with questions & evidence that is contradictory to said storyline ie UFOs,JFK,9/11,WMDs,Chemtrails all have video evidence & eyewitness testimonies

    Please look at previous part of this blog where I offer an open CHALLENGE as to what the Google Barges will be used for. This is an open example of a UFO(Unidentified FLOATING Object) in real time yet shrouded in secrecy.
    I would love your input as to its purpose & final destination.(In Part 3)

    1. The barges will be used by the still-living JFK (who survived 9/11 where they tried to kill him again) to expose the truth about UFOs and how chemtrails are from a Kennedy family invention that Big Oil stole and hid in Iraq, necessitating helping Iraq against Iran with weapons that are now buried with Jimmy Hoffa.

    2. Let us not forget "Big Pharma" keeping JFK alive, all based on Joseph Kennedy converting his bootlegging operations to pharmacueticals, thus setting the stage for secret CIA mind control programs based on mind control drugs...think I'm joking? Ask Castro.

    3. Deano—yes, debate is a wonderful thing. Except you don't debate, you assert, and continue asserting. Now, every court needs its jester, and I have to say you are doing a fine job in this one. Your contributions should be required reading for all freshman courses in logic.
      At the last meeting of the Illuminati that I attended (it was the AGM which, as you know, is held in a submarine under the Arctic ice every Christmas Eve—families are invited too, so no one misses out on the festivities—and I have to say some of the younger Rothschild ladies were looking exceptionally splendid this year), it was agreed that the Google Barge would be fitted out as a film studio to fake the Mars landing. Once the movie is in the can, the space will be turned into a replica of the largest ballroom in the Winter Palace for Google employees to use for team-building exercises. From this you may infer that the group that I represent are less than satisfied with Google's progress in snooping on all the world's computers, the NSA having let us down so badly.
      Hope that helps.

  7. It must've been something special, to watch a bunch of people boo someone claiming the earth curves upwards after listening patiently to all those UFO presenters.

  8. Do I detect a severe deviation from the original topic? What dost thou think, Robert?

    1. Chris, have you ever seen a series of comments involving Deano that *didn't* deviate from the original topic? He gives new meaning to the term "original thinking".

  9. It seems all this blog is about is to ridicule & slander people. Maybe it should be called "SLAG UFOLOGISTS".
    Are conventionalists / skeptics that dependent on ''conformation bias"?
    Group reassurance by following the leader? Sometimes you sound like a pack of bullies at school "paying-out" on others not aligned with your comfortable world view.
    Man up!! Have an educated guess at what they will be used for?
    I wont deride & ridicule a wrong answer. Is being outside the box that scary?
    Everyone is allowed to be wrong, its not a crime,its an opinion.
    An example of what somethings are not what they seem. Have a go!!

    1. "I wont deride & ridicule a wrong answer." How would you know it was wrong?

    2. Well Ian, if they tow it out of San Francisco Bay, its not going to be a waterfront interactive display,as Google states.
      The whole point of this exercise, is that things are built in front of our noses that we dont really know what their true purpose is for.
      Is the SBX-1 now permanently moored in Alaska?

    3. > Man up!! Have an educated guess at what they will be used for?

      It's not really a matter of growing a pair, Deano. No one outside Google knows what the thng's for (I assume that's what you're talking about), and there's no great profit in making wild guesses. My charitable take on the suggestions posted here is that they are intended to comfort you with the thought that whatever it is, it's just as wild you might like it to be. Frankly, I think you're being churlish & ungrateful for our efforts. So there!

      But I will wager a £10 donation to the Royal National Lifeboat Institution that, whatever Google finally reveal their funny little project is about (having had much fun with deploying secrecy as a marketing tool), on that day you'll be telling us all it's something completely different & much, much naughtier.

      Why, by the way, do you (and many others of your general persuasion) think skeptics are *scared* of something? And what are we scared of, besides?

    4. > It seems all this blog is about is to ridicule

      As has been pointed out several times, Deano, you get many of your facts completely wrong -- and yet you steam ahead anyway, attacking us for not agreeing with you.

      So in your case, at least, the ridicule is entirely earned.

      (And Ian's response is brilliant!)

    5. Ahhh Deano. Have a little fun now and again, mate. Robert's writing style should indicate that this isn't an entirely serious subject.

      Ok, how about a water-based data center?

    6. To everyone concerned.
      I really do enjoy this blog as I have learnt so much about so many cases. The Cash/Landrum case brought lots of interesting comments but is also the one I felt was actually not a UFO but rather something to do with a military retrieval mission.
      Probably the major thing I have noticed is belief/disbelief of reports made by USAF personnel, & they are definately the best observers being trained & very experienced in the air.
      However, they are sworn to secrecy, ridiculed if they fill out CIRVIS reports, & probably worried about losing a pension or income if they do speak out> all very legitimate & understandable reasons!
      In view of this, & under the heavy burden of "National Security", the FACTS might be distorted or denied.

      Another common claim is where is the proof or evidence.
      Being in the bay & under full view but all very secret & mysterious at the same time, the Barge could be a good experiment, with parallels to UFOs.
      Its there but what is it?
      Its on the water but will it stay there?
      What & who is inside it?
      We are told it is that but is it really?
      Is it good or is it bad?

      Apparently the latest is it has got to be moved in 30 days.
      We will probably never find out its real purpose. That is why I am so curious about it.
      Will it just be towed off into the sunset & the media will forget about it?

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Why no mention of the technical difficulties good had, or the fact that he failed to even attempt to answer any of the questions presented to him during the technical problems (his default response for EVERY question was "I don't know, it's possible but I have no clue")?



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