Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Tom DeLonge's "Sixtyish" Days to UFO Disclosure Become "Ninetyish"

Rocker Tom DeLonge, formerly of the band Blink 182, has been grabbing a lot of attention of late with his claims to be on the verge of releasing dramatic new 'UFO disclosures' that he has supposedly finagled out of highly-placed government and military officials.

Because of the buzz this has created among true-believing conspiracy UFOlogists, this year The International UFO Congress awarded DeLonge its "UFO researcher of the year" award. He was not present at the UFO Congress, but submitted a video of his acceptance of the award. Since DeLonge hasn't yet actually published any research, this year's award was something of a "Hail Mary pass," given in hopes that he will follow through with his exciting claims, and release something important. Of course, experienced UFOlogists know that the history of UFOlogy is littered with the busted claims of those who claim to possess, or to know about, dramatic UFO proof that will be released soon - but it never is.

In the video below, which was shown at the UFO Congress on the evening of February 15, 2017, DeLonge is described as "seeking to expose a vast UFO coverup within the government." He is said to have based his recent fiction book Sekret Machines, Book I (there is more to follow!) on "information fed to him by government insiders" concerning reverse-engineering of alien technology. He claims to have been authorized to say that he used "sources withing the aerospace industry and the Department of Defense and NASA."
Video of DeLonge's award presentation, and his acceptance of it.

DeLonge's credibility got a big boost last year when Wikileaks released a collection of emails from John Podesta, a Washington insider who was then the director of Hillary Clinton's campaign for president. Podesta is well-known to be a UFO believer, and all that the emails prove is that Podesta and DeLonge share common UFO beliefs. The most significant matter in the emails concerns a meeting set up on Google Hangout by John Podesta between DeLonge and Rob Weiss, executive VP of the Lockheed Skunk works, Major general William N. McCasland, commander of USAF laboratories at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, and Major General (retired) Michael Cary, special assistant to the Commander, Air Force Space Command, at Patterson Air Force Base. We don't know what was said during this virtual meeting. We also don't know if these important people participated because of their interest in UFOs, or if they did it as a favor to Podesta. After all, everybody "knew" it was inevitable that Hillary Clinton would be elected president, and Podesta would be an extremely important man in Washington. DeLonge later said that McCasland claimed to possess a recovered alien body, but McCasland has not confirmed this himself.

In his acceptance video DeLonge explained to the UFO Congress,
I've spent twenty years up all night reading about Roswell, Dulce, Serpo, Churchill, the crashes here, Nazis building craft there, in Antarctica, and what's on Mars, and what's on the back of the moon and structures and anomalies and this, I mean I've done it all! I read all the same authors as you guys, hundreds of books...
 I'm into some serious shit. I'm making really good progress. I can't tell you what I'm about to announce... There's going to be an announcement in like the next sixty-ish days...
The UFO claims he cites are highly questionable ones, and suggest that DeLonge does not understand the meaning of "critical thinking." He seems to believe every wild UFO claim he hears.

Sixty days from February 15 would make April 16 DeLong's approximate target date for his grand announcement. May 16 marked 90 days, and counting. DeLong closed with the warning that his Grand Announcement might not seem like much to the uninitiated.
I need you all to look really really closely at the announcement, and I need you to be a part of it. Because what the announcement is about is so much more than it will look like on the surface, and I need you guys to come along for the ride... I want you as an educated group of people to read between the lines, and look at the history of what I've been doing over the last couple years."

So the real question is, how credible is DeLonge's account of these developments? While the above carefully-prepared video was obviously crafted to make DeLonge look as believable as possible, other videos show DeLonge rambling on rather incoherently about UFO conspiracies and the Monuments on Mars. It is difficult to believe that any serious government official would rely on this guy to release dramatic, world-shaking secrets, especially since DeLonge has openly talked about being on drugs.

Does this guy sound like somebody the government would trust with highly-classified information?

On April 2, DeLonge posted to Facebook, "Pay attention to the announcement that is still coming, but sit tight- it will take a few more weeks."

On April 23, he posted "Big things coming soon. We are running a few weeks behind schedule, but I believe it will be worth it. Been working on this for over a year and it wasn't easy, so please bear with me..."

Tom DeLonge's little store in Encinitas, CA, a trendy beach town just north of San Diego.
In between a few postings like these, DeLong has been posting a steady stream of minutiae, like where he went or what he ate. And also a stream of advertising to benefit his business To The Stars. On May 2, DeLonge posted this transparent merchandising pitch to Facebook, "Since it is our anniversary month, we are doing a special #iwenttothestars contest! This month's winner will win this signed guitar. To enter, all you have to do is post a pic of your TTS merch or media and tag us and #iwenttothestars."

To The Stars! is filled with "unique" merchandise - all his own stuff
 Some people suspect that DeLonge's real motive behind these extraordinary claims is to lure people into his planned publishing and entertainment empire of books and motion pictures. There is good evidence to suggest that the Gonzo Marketing explanation is correct. Mother Jones interviewed DeLonge in its issue of March 21, 2017.

DeLonge describes To the Stars as an "independent multi-media entertainment company"  ......

MJ: The Sekret Machines franchise comprises three novels, three nonfiction books, a TV show, and a movie, right?

TD: Yeah. It will go on for a very long time—most likely it won't be restricted to only three novels or three nonfiction books. It will be multiple nonfiction books, multiple historical fiction novels, multiple major feature films, and multiple documentaries. That's the goal. It will take us many years to do all that, but it's something or multiple things happening every year in regards to that architecture. Think of it like the way they do Star Wars or Marvel films. It's an entertain-and-educate model.
In other words, DeLonge's plan is to set up a UFO-related publishing and entertainment empire, alone the lines of George Lucas' Star Wars. As I have not read his book I cannot say whether it is likely to succeed on its own merits. However, it seems extremely dubious that large numbers of people would pay much attention to all these products were they not enticed by DeLonge's promise of Imminent UFO Disclosure!!!!

Where else can you buy T-shirts, books, and hats?


  1. At this point, I'm quite convinced that both the Roswell crash and the Arnold sightings were Horton flying wings, most likely with German pilots. The Horton Brothers left Germany at the end of WWII and settled in Argentina--where they continued their research. The point here is that these are not "alien" craft. I find Joseph P. Farrell's work in this area to be convincing, if not conclusive.

    1. What on earth makes you think the continued development of flying wings was a) kept secret from the public at the time and b) never entered into the history books until Northrop's B-49 programme?

    2. I got my designations mixed up - the flying wing bomber program Northrop worked on was the YB-35, the YB-49 was its jet powered descendant

  2. Still trying to figure out how he qualifies as "researcher of the year". What did he do to further the study of UFOs? It seems to me the award was meant to get a "big name" (Other than the usual UFOlogists) to show up to their conference.

    1. Far be it from me to sully our common intellectual adventure with politics [he lied, but it's election year, so what the hell], but this can't but remind me of a certain Mr B. Obama receiving a Nobel Peace Prize somewhat in advance of his achieving any peace for anyone—and did he ever? It was a terrible example to set. I guess it ought to have been predictable that our funny ufological friends should follow the precedent.

    2. And another month rolls by
      I’m surprised Bob Dylan didn’t get the award - oh wait , that’d be Unidentified Audio Performance of the year - then I’m thinking Tom’s ‘band ’ were releasing the new Majestic stuff-ing, but now I wonder if Tom is the ’Sekret’ head of MUFON - he’s certainly got the bucks .

    3. It's now been more than onehundredtwentyish days since DeLonge's promise of 'disclosure.' Twice the original sixtyish days.

  3. In fairness, all those aliens travelling faster than the speed of light and causing time dilations would mess up anybody's calendar

  4. Robert:
    Please tell me: why is that these promises of official 'UFO Disclosure' always emanate from sources in the USA? Is it that no other country ever makes any discoveries on UFOs that would interest science and the world?

    Think of all the nations in Europe, for example. Or China, Russia, India, Japan etc, etc. Presumably none of these ever make any useful discoveries about UFOs and therefore we simply HAVE to rely on the USA for the great revelation, if and when it occurs.

    1. Tom DeLonge is grasping for some sort of publicity considering Blink-182 is culturally irrelevant now, and he isn't even a member anymore anyways. "I used to be in a band that isn't popular anymore" doesn't spice up the ol' resume much.

  5. Tom reminds me of a teenager who thinks he and his generation are the first to discover sex. So far, everything he has said or published has been rather obvious, if not tediously stale (ancient aliens? Oh please...) or outright silly (Serpo). I wish him luck but regurgitating all the old myths is hardly "research".

  6. You would think someone who claims to have extensive contacts with NASA scientists wouldn't refer to the dark side of the moon as "the back of the moon."

    Or maybe he's just not into Led Zeppelin?

  7. On July 9, DeLonge posted on Facebook that his Grand Announcement is just "a few weeks out":

    "I just passed a large obstacle this week to allow me to let you all in on my secret. A few weeks out still, but it took 3 months to pass this specific hurdle. It's not about music, nor me specifically... it's about us all."

    1. gotta admit it’s been a wild ride these last 3 months with MUFON scandal and NASA having to deny the child labor camps on Mars, just a couple cherries on top of the general political scene ….what’s next ! Good luck Tom ! the daily news is gonna be hard to beat !

  8. Giving someone the ufo researcher of the year award is "in my eyes" something done to truly honor that person's dedication and time spent hitting the street and laying on top of your car at Mt. Shasta looking for real ufos and then sharing your hard won evidence with the world. Tom is obviously just talking with some people high up about ufos and trying to make a ufo franchise for $$$$$. I hope he does release something. I am always looking for the next big step towards disclosure but sadly there have been many people who have claimed to have insider knowledge. Some of these are believed to be real. Most are not.


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