Monday, May 22, 2017

William Tompkins Reveals Reptilians, Nordics, Nazi Saucers, and Much More

On May 21, 2017, William Tompkins spoke to San Diego MUFON, promising to disclose even more dramatic UFO secrets that are not in his book. Actually this was the third time Tompkins has spoken to that group in the past year or two. I didn't write about the previous times because I felt Tompkins was too marginal a figure, and his book Selected by Extraterrestrials too insignificant to even bother discussing. But Tompkins will be a speaker at MUFON's International Symposium in Las Vegas in July. He is strongly endorsed by Dr. Michael Salla of (Salla is also a speaker at the upcoming MUFON Symposium), and Tompkins'  highly loopy book is doing quite well on Amazon, its Kindle edition coming in at number 7 in UFOs. So I suppose we must acknowledge Tompkins as a significant figure in today's UFOology.

A former US Navy Intelligence operative and aerospace engineer, William Tompkins, has revealed that U.S. Navy spies embedded within Nazi Germany’s advanced technology projects during the World War II had learned that the Nazi war effort was being assisted by extraterrestrial visitors. The spies had reported to a covert Naval Intelligence operation, located at Naval Air Station San Diego, that Adolf Hitler had signed a secret agreement with representatives of a Reptilian extraterrestrial race.
William Tompkins speaks to San Diego MUFON

In an ExoNews TV interview, Tompkins reveals how “Reptilian consultants” were helping the Nazi SS develop advanced aerospace technologies:
They had, if you want to call them, “consultants”, who are Reptilian consultants assisting on all of these different things that it takes to design and build these spacecraft carriers, and propulsion systems. So this is an extremely well developed program and documented like crazy. Getting copies of the documents was hard for them, hard for our spies. This was an open program in the upper level of the SS.

The spies learned that the goal of the Reptilian plan was not only to assist the Nazis to win the war and achieve planetary conquest, but to build fleets of antigravity spacecraft carriers that could be used for interplanetary conquest in other star systems:
Holy cats the thing went way beyond that [world conquest]. Again, what we just said about this was the tip of the iceberg of what they were doing. Already Reptilians were doing it to other stars’ planets all over this area of the Galaxy.
According to Tompkins, eight giant earth-built spaceships of Solar Warden patrol our solar system, and beyond: a "secret space program."

Tompkins arrived almost a full hour late for his scheduled talk, forcing MUFON hosts to improvise a discussion about him. We learned that the secretaries who worked for him in Top Secret UFO projects were in fact Nordic aliens, and very beautiful. When Tompkins finally arrived, he was amazingly spry for a man of 94, standing for an hour and speaking without amplification (albeit softly). Tompkins began with the so-called "Battle of Los Angeles" in February, 1942, which he claims to have witnessed in Long Beach. But unlike other observers who saw only one object, or a few, Tompkins claimed that there were 3,000 UFOs filling the skies. The Navy's Pacific fleet was anchored in Long Beach, as was its hastily-displaced Atlantic fleet. The Navy ships used up all of their ammunition trying to bring down these UFOs. Two were shot down, but he didn't know what happened with them. Other amazing "facts" shared by Tompkins were:

  • Every single war in human history, he explained, has been instigated by Reptilians, who have mind-controlled humans for 6,000 years. (The Reptilians are Bad Guys, while the Nordic aliens are Good Guys.)
  • Hollywood has been mind-controlling people for decades, using subliminal messages.
  • Some of the manuals delivered to those working on secret UFO programs were written in Egyptian hieroglyphics.
  • He is a Remote Viewer. There are 28 different ways to Remote View. He has gone outside the galaxy using RV.
  • The Reptilians gave Nazi Germany a small fleet of UFOs, ready to fly, to help the Nazis conquer the world. However, the Nazis tried to attach weapons to them, and thus could not get them to fly correctly. 
  • The Germans found Noah's Ark, took photos of it inside and out. In fact, there have been 15 global floods like Noah's flood.
A few MUFON members challenged some of Tompkins' more obviously bogus statements, for example, "subliminal messages" have been extensively researched and found not to work. In each case, he would be unperturbed and just launch off into some other made-up nonsense, ignoring the question. On the whole, most of the audience seemed to take Tompkins' ramblings seriously.

No doubt many of these same claims will be repeated by Tompkins at this year's MUFON Symposium, whose theme is "The Case for a Secret Space Program." The title of his talk is, “What I learned in the Navy and How it’s still Secret Today.”  Tompkins is also participating in a "Private Speaker Panel" along with Michael Salla, Corey Goode, Richard Dolan, and Andrew Basiago. It requires a separate admission fee of  $39. The title of Michael Salla's talk is “The US Navy’s Secret Space Program and Nordic Extraterrestrial Alliance." Andrew Basiago is the guy who claims he was secretly teleported to Mars, along with the young Barack Obama. The title of Basiago's talk is “Destination MARS: The hidden history of the CIA’s Mars Jump Room Program.”

MUFON claims to be dedicated to "the scientific study of UFOs for the benefit of humanity." But in light of the above, how can they possibly call their organization "scientific"? MUFON's executive Director Jan Harzan was recently interviewed by Kenvin Randle. Harzan spoke about balancing the needs of the organization vs. fidelity to sources and scientific accuracy. In other words,  MUFON needs to be kooky enough to keep the "unrealists" interested, while being credible enough to keep the "realists" from jumping ship. A very difficult balance!


  1. Will this symposium also be a KKK meeting?

    1. Well, why not? One presumes those hoods fit quite tightly onto their pointy heads.

      But more seriously (sort of). All the naughty things the Reptilians do (and whoever had heard of those before circa 1997—really, not sure about that), such as start every war everywhere ever, are strikingly similar to what the new and crazed species of Nazis, Holocaust deniers and antisemites in general claim the Jews have done at one time or another. Therefore I declare the Reptilians to be extraterrestrial Jews or, failing that, Jews to be Reptilians √† la D. Icke.

      Nice to know the nice Nordics have lots of tasty ladies to go round, though. Someone should ask Master Tompkins if they associate with persons of colour, and watch for the reaction of the pointy-headed ones, hmm?

    2. As a member of Mufon (for the moment), I can report that Tompkins--who passed away last week--with Corey Goode and other con-men, did report all that you anticipated at the Symposium. Not a few of the credible Mufon members have resigned over this nonsense, and I may follow soon. For once I can't blame skeptics for their doubts.

  2. As a National Director for MUFON I had hoped to attend as I did in Orlando last year. But with this subject matter, and myself being one of those "realists", I am going to save my travel expenses for a vacation. Well, maybe we realists will get our Symposium next year..

  3. I mostly find this sad, but I thank you, Robert, for reporting the circumstances. Perhaps most relevant, in my opinion, is the final paragraph. Unfortunately, this is not unusual to MUFON operations, in spite of its extremely questionable claims of dedication to scientific study.

  4. Corey Goode and David Wilcock are borderline con-artists--so if Tompkins is associating with those two characters, he doesn't have much credibility. Incidentally, I'm fairly convinced (if not 100% sure) that the "alien abduction syndrome" is simply the contemporary version of the "Incubus and Succubus syndrome."

  5. It actually sounds like just the kind of program the local MUFON would enjoy. I was always interested in the way that the scientific study of UFOs could encompass presentations by someone who channeled both Bigfoot and aliens, alternative history (Douglas Dietrich) of how Japan's victor in WWII led to Roswell, and the recent presentation of Joanne Richards and Kerry Cassidy - unfortunately 'Captain' Mark Richards could not be there since he is serving a life sentence. And MUFON wonders why they are not taken seriously . . .

    1. I'm not sure why you would speak of Captain Mark disrespectfully. At the age of 5 he was apparently meeting with President to consult on the Vietnam War, designing "atomic battle cruisers", and carrying messages to the President of France. And presumably training for his future athletics wins in swimming, fencing, judo, boat and car and racing....

  6. Maybe he is confused about an actual report from an infiltrator of the V-2 factory on Peenemunde which suggested that, in view of the barbaric cruelty with which the enslaved workers were treated, the commandant, Werner von Braun, couldn't have been human. Or maybe von Braun used alien mind-control as an excuse for his war crimes when they made him head of NASA.

  7. Tompkins voluntered to speak to the meeting of MUFON San Diego the following month, on June 18. Against my better judgement I went there. He spoke for two hours (this time using a very bad ampliflier, which uses a phone for its microphone). He started off with the same stuff as before: the Battle of Los Angeles, Reptoid technology and Nazi saucers, etc. Among the highlights I recall were the claim that 20% of the population is really aliens. There exists a list of who these aliens are, but it's classified Top Secret. Also there will be some big Disclosure from President Trump in Washington coinciding with the MUFON Symposium in July. I couldn't hear him too clearly, but I think he said that Trump would say that aliens exist in July, then announce in August that they do not. It's hard to pay attention to this kind of stuff for very long.

    1. Every year for the past 20 has been the year that Washington would officially announce the existence of Advanced Alien Races. And about the clean exotic energies that have been suppressed. Still waiting...

  8. Robert Sheafer, I was told by group member Wil that you would NOT post pictures from our SD group meetings in your "for profit" website?! I will be forwarding the above pic to Wil and the other 2 members whom I'm guessing did not want their pics posted in your FOR PROFIT WEBSITE. As far as I am concerned, you are no longer welcome to our meetings. Perhaps posting your home address and phone number would be appropriate?? This is an incredible breach of privacy and am extremely offended.

    1. Mike, the photo above shows speaker Bill Tompkins at the May meeting, which was May 21. He is a well-known UFO personality, and quite newsworthy. It was posted the following day. It also shows a few other individuals seated near him, although you can only see the faces of two of them. This is a perfectly normal kind of photo taken when somebody is speaking to a small group.

      Following the June meeting on June 18, somebody had asked Wil (apparently you) not about me or any photos I had taken, but instead about some photos taken by my friend. She was taking photos not of the speaker, but of individuals, although with their encouragement and consent. Posed photos. Asked if those photos were going to be posted on social media, I assured him that they were not. And they have not been.

      If you are so worried that your photo might be seen by somebody somewhere, then you should never leave your house. Today cameras are everywhere. Any time you go out in public, security cameras are watching you.

      Maybe you are worried that the Men In Black might be harassing people who attend UFO-related meetings? Nobody else seems to be worried about that, except you. Lots of photos are routinely taken, and published, of people attending UFO conferences and meetings, and so far as I am aware, this has not caused any problems. Look at all these photos published of attendees at the Contact in the Desert UFO gathering. And there are many, many more similar photos.

      As for what you call my "FOR PROFIT WEBSITE," I wish it were so. Nobody is charged for reading it. There are ads that occasionally bring in a dollar or two (I'm not joking), and maybe I sell a couple of books a month, although not necessarily because of this Blog. So to conclude that I'm making money at the expense of the local MUFON people is frankly ridiculous. In fact, I'm giving their meetings free publicity.

    2. Robert, it fairness to Mike, don't you think it could be bad form for diabolical uninitiated unbelievers to photograph sacred cultic rites?

      Think about it. We never see photos of UFO peeps bowing down before golden calfs, ergo, such photos of prostrate lucre worshippers are meant only for the above-top-secret adamantium attaché case handcuffed to the floor (in the centre of the goat pentagram) inside the fictitious Hangar 1 warehouse! QED.

  9. For a 'supposedly" educated man I found your reply quite amusing and offensive. I will give you an odd analogy to see if it will "click" with you as to what you are doing wrong. I have a nice neighbor who is Mormon. I think Mormons are crazy/wrong/misguided, etc so I attend THEIR Mormon church each Sunday to watch, listen, learn and snap pictures of these nice Mormons practicing their faith. I then take the info and pics to my "BadMormon" website/blog and post negative info along with pictures not authorized nor appreciated by them to insult and denigrate their religion for all the world to see on the WWW. I think you are smart enough to understand this analogy. (fictitious analogy) Also, just because "Johnny's taking pics of everyone" does that give Bob the right to so? Bad logic that certainly falls beneath your supposed MENSA level IQ, does it not? There are some "moral questions" here of which you may not realize. You've come to the meetings to mock others, now perhaps you'll come to explain to a group of angry members "your logic" and maybe you'll learn some valuable feedback on "proper manners" and much more. So.....the moral of the story, in case you missed it, is that if you do not like Mormons nor believe in their religion then stay out of their churches. Make sense? Also, your snide and condencending comments on Bill Tompkins along with my attempt to improve the sound with a speaker also speaks volumes of your "negative personality" and potential "anger issues" at something that happened in your past years(?) Condescension is often a sign of arrogance as well..........just something else you may want to think about.

  10. A Message from Wil Wakely of San Diego MUFON:

    I’m sorry to inform you that our good friend, William Tomkins, died this Monday morning, August 21, 2017, at 2:30 a.m. Apparently he had an inoperable brain tumor which ruptured and was admitted to Scripps Memorial Hospital on Saturday. I had met with him on Friday morning and he seemed fine at the time. He will be sorely missed by his friends and the UFO community.

    ===wil wakely
    sunny san diego ca


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