Thursday, July 22, 2021

Travis Walton and Ryan Gordon Chat Like Old Friends

Travis Walton, whose claim of a famous UFO abduction in 1975 is increasingly under scrutiny as a hoax,  has been publicly saying bad things about producer Ryan Gordon ("one guy out there who wants to make a movie is making all of it up"). Podcast host Jimmy Church, who will be hosting Travis on his next show (July 26), says "anybody out there commenting, in any fashion, whether they are a wanna be movie maker, show host, "researcher", or just someone in the community that wants to talk some smack, has NOT spoken to Travis... I have... at length, TODAY."


Travis wrote on Mike Rogers' Facebook page (July 19), "I have never personally met Mike's partner Ryan Gordon." The following conversation with Travis Walton, recorded by Ryan Gordon on July 21, 2021, shows what a lie that is. It clearly shows that they have wroked together previously.


Ryan, in the call: "I want to sincerely thank you for the time that we were able to spend together.".

Here is a selection from the transcript of that call:

Ryan: Right! Thank you, thank you for defending me because that's - I mean, again you and I have always got along just fine. So, the intent of this call is to say you were right. You were right, I was wrong.

Travis: It’s not just me making these observations [about Mike Rogers]. Just about everybody who knows him -
Ryan: Yeah, you're right on that as well. I know that the way that I met him [Mike] out there at the site there in Turkey Springs, was bizarre. I mean, I was out there with a film crew, he's out there with some MUFON thing, which I think I've already told you before, he shouldn't be doing that anyway. I mean, he's under contract. He can't be out filming with a competitive source, but whatever. That's what he was doing. I have consistently said to Mike, “Leave Travis alone. Leave him alone.” Like, what is - ? He's constantly after you. He was after me for quite - I dunno, about a week, ten days or whatever.

Travis: Yeah.

Ryan: But I feel your pain. I emailed you twice, I think, yesterday and the day before, because - you remember the email that you sent me, where you said, “Were you at my house at six in the morning?” Remember that?

Travis: Yeah, yeah.

Ryan: I thought, what the hell, Travis? Why are you asking me if I’m at your house?

Travis: That was a paranoid delusion that Mike said, you know.

Ryan: Yeah.

Travis: “So, what was Ryan Gordon doing what your house at six a.m.?”

Ryan: Right. So I told you, Travis, what the hell am I gonna go to your house for? That's stupid. I'm down in the valley. I’m gonna sit in front of your house?

On Mike Rogers' Facebook page, July 20.

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  1. Sorry, but I don't see any evidence that Walton personally met with this wannabe movie producer. Talking on the phone is not a personal meeting.

    1. It's any evidence that Travis Walton personally met with aliens that I care about. At least we know Ryan Gordon exists.

    2. Seen online: back in Feb someone from Arizona posted a Q on a lawyer-advice website asking about using audio recordings in a documentary.

    3. I'm unsure as to your point. Whether or not Mr. Walton met with Mr. Gordon personally is moot. What isn't moot is that there is evidence that they have had (relatively) cordial conversations, whether that was face to face or merely by phone/Skype/Zoom. That makes Mr. Walton disingenuous at best.

      Whatever the truth of the matter, this entire debacle is a sideshow to the real issue: There isn't a solitary piece of credible evidence that says Travis Walton was abducted by aliens on November 5th, 1975.

  2. All this is cross between a circus and a nut house. It's honestly enough to put people off the subject forever! I guess Travis and Mike are gaining a lot of publicity from this fiasco to boot. Follow the money....

  3. I NEVER believed this Travis BS for one second! Mike Rogers is a BSer, as well as the guys who were with Travis on that night, it was all planned people! Remember, they won a monetary prize!

  4. Not to fear, "Robin Robbins" is already drumming up a storm to save old Travis ;).

    More podcasts ahead!

  5. Every mental illness gets exploited, ufoology is no different.


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