Friday, July 30, 2021

Travis Walton - The Empire Strikes Back!

As we have seen in the past few postings, the 45-year old "UFO abduction" story of Travis Walton ("Fire in the Sky") is suddenly under scrutiny as never before. On Friday, July 23 producer Ryan Gordon once again appeared on Erica Lukes' program UFO Classified. He had almost four hours for himself, unlike the two hours he had the previous week, when he followed Mike Rogers, the woodcutters' crew chief. Gordon went over much of the same material as he did the previous week, but with better organization, more time, and more detail. Host Erica Lukes, and guest Barry Greenwood, seemed very impressed. It was difficult to argue with what Gordon was saying (which is why Walton's defenders typically misrepresent what he said).

This poses a serious problem for what one might call Retail UFOlogy, those who derive their income from TV programs, lectures, conferences and workshops, etc. If a skeptic picks off a modest UFO case here and there, it does them no serious harm - even they admit that there are many phonies out there, but you can rest assured that anything these experts put forward as genuine absolutely is! 😏 But the powerful assault on Travis Walton's classic tale, which won surprisingly strong support very quickly, is sending shock waves throughout UFOlogy - so much so that the 'Pentagon UFO report' that dominated the news for many months is scarcely even being mentioned. Something must be done to save Travis Walton!

The Empire Strikes Back

The first major blow from the UFO Empire striking back came on the Webcast "Meanwhile Here on Earth", hosted by Peter Robbins on July 26. Robbins was a close associate of the late UFO abductionist Budd Hopkins, and was affiliated with Hopkins' Intruders Foundation, promoting the idea that 'UFO abductions' are real, and in fact rather common. The subject of that show was "The Travis Walton Contorversy" (!!), and it contained a hodgepodge of misinformation.

Robbins, who has long had an association with Walton, began by saying that he had never before done a show with "an adversarial content," but circumstances dictated this. He compared the attack on Travis to the assassination of JFK, or John Lennon. Worse yet, he said that an attack is waiting in the wings to bring down Betty and Barney Hill! Aux armes, citoyens! Formez vos bataillons! Robbins claimed that all seven of the woodcutters were lifelong friends, and grew up together in Snowflake, AZ. Nope! Only Travis and Mike fit that description: the other guys grew up elsewhere, and they hardly knew each other.

Kathleen Marden, neice of the late Betty Hill, who uses hypnosis to uncover UFO abductions, is very upset about all this. So is Denise Stoner, who was abducted along with her family in 1982 in the area of South Park, Colorado (the very place where the aliens gave Cartman an anal probe in Episode 1 of Series 1 of that famous show. Aliens must love South Park.). She and Marden are collaborators in UFO abduction research, and have written a book together, The Alien Abduction Files

Charlie Wiser and her NSA handler.

James E. Clarkson is a UFOlogist with a background in police investigations. He is an expert in UFO crashes, and we're not talking about just Roswell, or Kecksburg. There are several other UFO crashes that the government is covering up, and Clarkson can tell you about those.  He talked about Charlie Wiser, the pseudonomyous Australian woman whose website, contains a detailed debunking of the Walton story, as well as that of Barney and Betty Hill (hence their obvious worries about defending that story next). Clarkson said that Charlie might be a "cover story" for some sinister government agency. She might be a "unit" in the NSA. Clarkson claimed that when Travis returned, his mental and physical condition was so deteriorated that he was in the hospital for five days. Wrong! As Charlie later noted on Twitter, "Travis was at bro’s house in Phoenix. By day 3 he was in a hotel paid for by the Enquirer. By day 4 he was failing their polygraph."

 Jennifer W. Stein is the producer and director of the documentary film Travis, about you-know-who, so you'd think she would know the story well. However, she was a font of misinformation. She claimed that the loggers were not driving on Rim Road where the tower is, despite abundant testimony that they were. She said that all six woodcutters saw the UFO disappear. Comments from viewers would sometimes appear on-screen, and Charlie Wiser managed to get a single comment through - that according to Travis' book, only Mike saw the object disappear - before she was blocked. Can't have anyone bringing up inconvenient facts!

Everybody joined in to attack the mental state of Mike Rogers, the former crew chief who has of late had some seious disagreements with Travis. Mike is claiming on his Facebook page that Travis owes him tens of thousands of dollars because of agreements they had, but Travis won't pay him a dime. Mike is mentally ill, they all agreed, and it's unethical for people to take advantage of him (i.e., repeat what he says about Travis).

After the show, Charlie Wiser precipitated a Twitter storm (some have called it a "typhoon"), pointing out errors in what these "experts" said. She concludes with,

Peter is infuriated with Charlie Wiser.
Oh, that’s me.
Peter, instead of fretting about who I am, deal with the evidence.
Also, don’t trample on strawmen. They have pain receptors because quantum physics and also it’s a sucky way to argue.
I know I'm snarky. This case makes me angry. A stupid hoax spun out of control and the perpetrators did not come clean. This moral failure ruined innocent lives.
You like Travis, therefore his story is true?
“Use your critical thinking.” - Peter Robbins.

Then immediately following Robbins' show, Jimmy Church hosted Travis Walton for three hours on his show "Fade to Black". Church, who previously was a big promoter of the "Roswell Slides," began by thanking Peter Robbins, apparently for helping out the 'defend Travis' cause. As for the Travis trolls, he said, I'll block you immediately. Church instructed his call screener, "Anybody named Wiser, kick 'em out."

On the previous show, Jennifer Stein had said that the woodcutters all knew the area around the Gentry tower, and would not be fooled by it. But here Travis threw in an unexpected curve: “I’ve never been to that tower, never seen it - would not be normal for us to drive past Gentry ... it’s actually the first I’ve ever seen of what that tower looks like.” So much for that argument.

Charlie Wiser started another Twitter thread, to deal with the misinformation on  this show. 

Church: “Did anybody search for you near Gentry Tower? How far out did the search perimeter go?”

Travis: “Well I don’t know, but I’m sure it was as thorough as they thought it needed to be.”

Charlie:"Here, I’ll help:" And she produces a quote from the APRO Bulletin (November, 1975) saying that about 40-50 men searched a 2 1/2 mile radius. Which, centered on the false "abduction site", near Turkey Springs, does not extend as far as Gentry. 

One common point of confusion: When Rogers guided searchers to look for Travis, of course he took them to a bogus site, reportedly just 300 yards from the work site at Turkey Springs, instead of the actual site, the Gentry tower. This is where Travis and Mike tell people the incident occurred, so people don't go to the actual site, and become curious about the tower.

(The story continues.)


  1. Hear that sound? That's the sound of the gravy train screeching to a halt.

  2. Will any of this make an ounce of difference ? Will anyone go to jail? Come on people this subject is where anyone can do and say anything . As long as the money train is not severely disrupted all this is going to lead to nothing. Reading over Robin Hoods Facebook page one would think Travis was the lord Jesus with Robins being one of his disciples. As far as the round table above, its laughable not to be taken seriously at all.

    1. I don't believe there's a need for anyone to be incarcerated—or even prosecuted; what is needed is for UFO believers to present "extraordinary evidence" that Mr. Walton was abducted in 1975, rather than sticking their fingers in their ears and screaming 'la la la' every time a sceptic points out evidence contrary to the established narrative.

      As an aside, considering that polygraphs are a pseudoscience, it is only fair to dismiss Mr. Walton's failure to pass the same way I'd have dismissed any success he could have had. Those tests are worthless either way.

  3. Travis will still go his merry way, and being a star in the ufoology field. And you know WHY? Because just like the promoters of the so-called Roswell crash, the Roswell slides, the little Alien baby from Peru, or where ever, etc., (way too many to mentioned here), he will still be welcome by many so-called Ufologists (where did they get their Ufologist degree from?), because it's a money thing! They make their living going to UFO conventions, books, speeches, so all will be forgiven in this field! In any other REAL scholastic field, their butts would have been kicked out LONG ago!

  4. Charlie Wiser asks Peter Robbins: "You like Travis, therefore his story is true?"
    Peter liked Larry Warren, until he discovered his story wasn't true. Is Peter making the same mistake with Walton?

    1. That just makes me think of Life of Brian: "You are the Messiah. And I should know—I've followed a few."

    2. For the benefit of those who aren't familiar with THAT particular fiasco, what Ian is referring to is:

      In 2005 Peter Robbins co-authored the book "Left at East Gate" with Larry Warren. It purports to tell of Warren's dramatic encounters with aliens in the forest at Renslesham, UK. By 2017, Robbin's realized that Warren's story was completely made up. Oops!

    3. Looking at the link above it shows us that Peter was associate producer of the documentary "Travis", he must have financial interests in it along with been friends with Travis. It's no wonder he came out at top speed with the round table meet up.

    4. So first of all Robbins writes a book with Larry Warren about his supposed encounter with aliens without realizing it's all made up. Then he makes a documentary with Travis Walton about his supposed encounter with aliens (again, without realizing...). And Robbins has the cheek to call himself an 'investigative writer'? That's what it says on his web page.

    5. Reading Mr Robbins's account that Mr. Sheaffer linked up, two words spring to mind: affinity fraud.

      It seems that the desire for all this UFO stuff to be 'real life aliens, whose existence, once proven, will bring wholeness to my life' is blighting any chance of critical thinking. That desire can still be authentic and coexist with a desire to ride the gravy train: no matter how many outright hucksters are clinging on to its roof.

    6. It looks very very poor for Peter Robbins. He should update that bio, it's misleading.

    7. It looks ever worse for Larry Warren and those who continue to believe him:

  5. Why on earth would Peter involve himself in another mess? Must be vested interests going on here not so much as been friends.

  6. I cant see all these men being fooled by a fire tower,something unearthly happened upon that Arizona desert in 1975, aliens came down with intentions of abducting a human being, that human ended up to be Travis Walton. Travis is one of the most important figures in modern history for what he has experienced

    1. Travis is not well- known outside of the UFO world. So the aliens traveled trillions of miles from space just to hi-jack Travis? If this is true, then the aliens are the dumbest life forms in the universe - a waste of good technology too!

  7. Here is Jennifer Stein introducing Peter and giving viewer's the low down on Peter's credentials. This should serve as a reminder, now he is thick in the mud with Travis.

  8. Travis latest claim is Mike's got mental issues, the irony is delicious

    1. Indeed. Travis is quite poetic with his description of Mike's supposed mental illness.

      I watched this. My reaction is "oh my".��

  9. FYI this Peter Robbins roundtable about Travis Walton, the Hills, and the "unit/entity" Charlie Wiser has vanished from the KDRAdb YouTube channel - despite it being a "special episode" with a "team of outstanding guests" that he had "no recourse" but to "hastily assemble" with a "sense of obligation" to bring down the tower theory "strictly through uncontested information that even the most vocal skeptic and debunker will be compelled to acknowledge as fact".

  10. As Charlie notes above, Peter Robbins' video defending Travis Walton is now "unavailable." I wonder why? 🤔

    It was rumored that Robbins was assembling All the King's Horses and All the King's Men to launch a Mega-defense of Walton. And now this. Why?


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