Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Just Published! My "Psychic Vibrations" - Skeptical Giggles from the Skeptical Inquirer

Just Published! My first new book in 13 years: Psychic Vibrations - Skeptical Giggles from the Skeptical Inquirer. So new that the review copies have not even gone out yet, so there are no reviews or reader comments yet. Be among the first to see it!

 At Last – A Skeptical Book that’s not just Informative, but FUN to read! For more than thirty years, Robert Sheaffer’s Psychic Vibrations column has been entertaining readers of The Skeptical Inquirer, while keeping them informed of weird developments in the “science” of UFOs, psychic research, Cryptozoology, etc. Those columns are gathered together here, organized by subject, to inform and amuse the reader. With 150 humorous illustrations by cartoonist Rob Pudim. But it's not "just humor." It’s all true (meaning that the author didn’t make it up).

You can download a Preview of Psychic Vibrations (PDF) at 
The link for book information and for orders is here: . And if you enter the Discount Code UJR6KB8R your order will be 15% off.

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  1. Mr. Sheaffer has created a compendium of past columns he wrote for the Skeptical Inquirer. Never short of material despite a career that has spanned decades, he manages to be deadly serious with a light-hearted touch.

    The book reads fast, moving as it does between a range of topics and personalities. But that speed is deceptive, because Mr. Sheaffer has performed a difficult feat repeatedly; he takes in the situation (let's not call them facts) and cuts to the objective heart of matters in around 500 words or less. Lest you feel that is easy, I say try it yourself. Often one is overwhelmed by simply figuring out where to even start. Now shoehorn your insights into the constraints of a magazine column. Oh, and make it good while you are it.

    While informative, Mr. Shaeffer and Mr. Pudim also manage to parody some of their targets quite effectively. Humor is tough to convey and a risk, but when done well makes the whole exercise fun. Now there is a neat trick. Writing columns people have wanted to read for over thirty years now with a remarkably consistent voice and professionalism.

    Thanks for your efforts.


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