Thursday, August 4, 2011

A Skeptic does the MUFON Symposium - Part 3

Following John Alexander, I forgot to mention Joe McMoneagle's talk, titled "How Will Full Contact Impact our Science and Society." He calls himself "Remote Viewer 001 of the U.S. Army Star Gate Program." His talk started out as a very boring one explaining supposed "remote viewing," so I didn't stay to hear the rest of it. I still don't know how "full contact" would impact us, and I suspect that McMoneagle doesn't, either.

The final speaker of Saturday evening was Jim Sparks to tell people "Time Travel is Fact." He claims to have had well over 100 ET abduction experiences since 1988, some of which involved time travel. The aliens showed him "holograms" of various historical (and pre-historical) eras, in which he claimed to see himself. For me, a talk of this kind is among the most boring and annoying kind, because it consists entirely of Content-Free Confabulation. The man has been given seventy-five minutes to simply spew out whatever fact-free delusions may exist within his imagination, and so we hear seemingly endless prattle about how the aliens did this, then they did that, and so on. Other talks at least tell of the experiences of different people, and of events that may be distorted or even imaginary, but at least it comes from something other than the speaker's rich imagination. Lord deliver us from speeches whose only content is the free-form recitation of the speaker's own delusions.

New Age Minister and Herbalist Kat King shows off a photo of an ET that was peeking through the trees in her back yard
The talks ended at 10:00 PM, and people leaving the room were somewhat furtively handed a slip of paper from a "Committee to Reform MUFON" to meet in a suite upstairs. Actually, I'd gotten mine earlier. I was asked if I was a member of MUFON, I replied no. "That's OK, you can come anyway," I was told. I went up to hear what this was about. It consisted mostly of MUFON investigators, state and regional directors, etc. The complaints were fairly typical from what I'd heard in any other organization I'd ever belonged to. MUFON's international director, Clifford Clift, only took over the job in February of 2010 but he has already alienated many of the people MUFON depends on, specifically those in that room. His actions are seen as arbitrary, appointing and removing officials at whim (I knew that already), and it was (endlessly) debated whether MUFON members ought to vote for officials and by-laws, instead of only the Board. They didn't like the way cases were sometimes handled in the MUFON database. Some cases seemingly disappeared soon after being entered, causing some to worry that government agents were hacking into the database. But others hinted that certain MUFON officials had removed some cases for unspecified reasons, and didn't tell anyone.

ET Art on display
The first speaker on Sunday morning was UFO journalist and Linda Moulton Howe, on "ETs, Time Travelers and Self-Activating Machines." She was Miss Idaho way back in 1963, and still looks really good. She began with her standard talk about the cattle mutilations she investigated mostly in Colorado and Wyoming. The aliens supposedly use lasers to remove body parts from the dead animals, but for some reason they seemingly remove only soft tissues like the lips, udder, etc. No alien laser has yet been seen to slice through bone. As she was describing this pattern, it occurred to me that this probably tells us less about the aliens' scientific research than about their culinary preferences.

The "Classic" drone photo allegedly from Capitola, CA

Howe next got started on the famous UFO "drone photographs," spindly highly-implausible looking things that for a time in 2007 were turning up (always anonymously) in a number of places, but nearly all in northern and central California (see my Psychic Vibrations of January/February 2010 ). When I first saw a drone photo, I  thought that somebody had dismantled an old fan, and stuck some radio parts on it. But when I saw on YouTube an admittedly faked "Drone UFO" looking just like the "real" ones, not just as a still frame, but rotating and flying, I realized that all the Drones are pure CGI. Somebody Howe was working with managed to supposedly decipher some symbols along a drone's wing, starting with a number 7. They then Googled that string, which brought up a network address on some internal NASA page from the Clementine lunar orbiter project. This is perfect for a nice conspiracy, because Clementine was a joint project between the Strategic Defense Initiative Organization ("Star Wars") and NASA. Better still, Clementine failed after completing only part of its mission - but maybe it didn't fail, and it was actually spying on alien activity? So Howe was suggesting that the Drones had something to do with Clementine, although she ultimately determined that the "7" wasn't really a "7", or any of the others supposed ASCII-represented characters. They were alien symbols. So they googled the character string that wasn't a character string, and found the correct Conspiracy, anyway. Hmmmm.

Supposed alien symbols from Project Caret

Then somebody sent Howe (again anonymously) some supposed documents from Project Caret, a supposed alien research project being carried out in top secret in Palo Alto, CA. It also is drone-related. It purports to tell of several different alien "sources" (races) behind all the UFO activity. I am really impressed with the effort that the hoaxer did to create all this stuff. Since all of the Drone-related photos and documents originate from northern and central California, I suspect that just one individual is behind the entire Drone/Caret hoax. Just one very talented, very patient, and very bored individual. If he is reading this (and I suspect he will), I'd love to hear from him. It was a big story when the Belgian hoax photographer recently confessed. This should be a bigger story still.

Howe closed her talk with an extremely implausible claim from a man who says he checked out the 1962 book "Ancient Greek Gods and Lore Revisited" from a library, and who was visited soon afterward by Government agents demanding that he surrender the book. Apparently the ancient Greek gods had something to do with aliens, and this all needs to be covered up. It's even more dubious because the only pages I can find mentioning that book also mention Howe and Drone UFOs, so it looks like government agents have been extremely successful in covering it up.

(to be continued)

(to be continued)


  1. After this MUFON conference do you expect to feel any 'psychic vibrations'?

  2. cda,

    No, I won't be feeling Psychic Vibrations, but I hope I will be selling them. A proof copy is on its way to me. If I find no problems in it, the book immediately goes on sale via my Blog & Website (with a discount code giving 15% off). Purchases through and other channels will open up soon afterward. Then everyone who orders it will tell all his or her friends about it, and pretty soon every skeptic will have a copy. (I hope.)

  3. Interesting comments about Joe Mcmoneagle. Apparently this skeptic didn't even bother listening to what he had to say yet somehow claims he is a true skeptic ?. Most boring and useless review I have ever come across. If this is how you cover conferences and talks with total bias bored out of your brains please do us a favour find another pet hobby.

  4. A Cubic Zirconian from the planet SerpoAugust 8, 2011 at 8:02 AM

    After all of these abduction experiences, did Jim Sparks have a single photograph of the aliens or their ships to show? Do his neighbors report seeing alien ships coming and going? If not, what was his excuse? That the aliens are camera shy? It seems that the best way to stop alien abductions would be to put a camera in your bedroom.

    All these years of sightings and close encounters, and we have yet to have one good close up picture of an alien spacecraft or alien being. The first time I saw the "Best Photos" pages at the site "UFO Evidence", I was shocked how slim the pickings were.

    Keep up the good work, Robert. As someone who believed in all this stuff as a kid and was scared to death that aliens could show up at my house, I now find it entertaining to hear these ridiculous stories (and your rebuttals).

  5. > It seems that the best way to stop alien abductions would be to put a camera in your bedroom.

    David Jacobs had his abductees try this (see his book "Secret Life"). Two things happened: abductees got up in the middle of the night and turned off the cameras, or abductees would only get abducted when on vacation.

    Those aliens are so clever.

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