Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Skeptic does the MUFON Symposium - Part 2

I'd say that the most interesting talk was the first one on Saturday afternoon, retired Army Colonel Dr. John Alexander. He is among the most skeptical of UFO believers, and because of this he excited (or more properly, inflamed) the audience more than anyone else. His heresy was not that there are not real ET UFOs, but merely that there is no government coverup, or secret UFO-related program. Alexander stated that "disclosure has already happened," pointing to a few mostly-ambiguous statements by world leaders (such as Jimmy Carter, or Prince Philip) that suggest a belief in UFOs. Alexander claims that the government already knows that UFOs are real and interplanetary, but they simply don't care. They have so many more pressing problems - the economy, wars and terrorism, health care, etc. - that they simply have no time or inclination to deal with UFOs.

Mostly, Alexander's talk was a recital of what he does not believe in: Alien Reproduction Vehicles, MJ-12 papers, antigravity drives, underground UFO bases, and (worst of all) no Grand Coverup, no 'secrecy police' (Men in Black). Even the Holy Roswell Crash was doubted. To those who claim to have been harassed or silenced because of UFO sightings, Alexander said, "come to me, I will protect you and defend your case." According to Alexander, "the UFO community" has become its own worst enemy, and it is necessary to make the study of UFOs intellectually respectable.

In case they come across a crashed UFO, MUFON investigators are totally prepared with this "Evidence Collection Kit."

The next talk was by Dr. Paul LaViolette, on "Secrets of Antigravity Propulsion" and "Superluminal Space Travel" (faster-than-light). He has invented a Unified Field Theory called "Subquantum Kinetics." This is a better theory than Einstein's, because it explains more things. It embraces Anti-gravity and Free Energy. It's based in part on the theories of T. Townsend Brown, a strange 20th century physicist who claimed to be able to prove that electric fields can overcome gravity (and who later founded the influential UFO group NICAP). Brown, like Tesla, is a favorite icon in the woo-physics of today. Using Brown's electro-gravitics, one could travel to Mars for just $25 worth of energy. LaViolette acknowledges that electrogravitics violates Newton's Third Law, but does not seem too concerned about that. His most interesting theory is that Pulsars are artificial beacons, set up by ETs for use during their superluminal travel.

During dinner break, the options for food weren't terribly good, so I ended up in the bar munching appetizers and nachos and chatting up some New Age types. In situations like this, one must always remember (as Phil Plait would say) "DBAD". I tell folks "I'm skeptical, but I've come here to see if there might be anything to it." Mostly they're OK with that. Strictly speaking that is a true statement, but after 40 years as a skeptical UFO researcher (I started young), I have virtually no expectation of finding any "good" ET-UFO evidence, and especially not in a place where the likes of Richard Dolan or Linda Moulton Howe are taken seriously. Still, keep reminding myself that I could be wrong.
UFO Abductionist Barbara Lamb (left) with New Age astrologer Linda Berry of San Diego MUFON

The first evening talk was by the UFO Abduction researcher Barbara Lamb. She has been a regular speaker at the International UFO Congress for many years. With the recent setbacks for the traditional leaders of UFO Abductology (see my earlier Blog posting, Abductology Implodes) and with Budd Hopkins now reported to be seriously ill, Ms. Lamb is sort of the Last Woman Standing among "serious" UFO abductologists.

Lamb has hypnotically regressed almost 800 supposed UFO abductees. She has found that ETs enjoy having sex with earthlings, and not necessarily just in a saucer. Indeed, we heard much about some peoples' fantasy sex lives involving these latter-day incubi and succubi.  She has been researching the matter of ET-human "hybrids," many of whom according to Lamb are already living amongst us. Indeed, she has interviewed some of them (many do not realize they are hybrids, and still think themselves human). Others embrace their ET heritage as a sort of badge of distinction.

Why are the aliens doing this? There is some suggestion that they are a dying race, possibly polluted by nuclear energy, and they need our genes to survive. The early-stage hybrids look very much like ETs, and cannot live on earth, although they may pop through the wall for a brief visit. Medium-stage hybrids possess a greater mixture of human DNA, and might more readily pass as human, but they still cannot live on earth for long periods of time. However, late-stage hybrids can live on earth and pass for being fully human, except for their odd, somewhat angular appearance. She showed many pictures of glamorous fashion models, mostly female, whose odd expressionless face and angular features suggest to Lamb not anorexia, but extraterrestrial ancestry.

(to be continued)


  1. That was one heck of a symposium. To think I wasted my time at the International Alzheimer's Disease Congress a couple weeks ago.

    Barbara Lamb may not only be the "Last Woman Standing" amongst the abductologists, based on your information she also represents perhaps the last best hope for the field. For she reports she has direct access to hybrids. That, my friend, represents the Holy Grail of abduction science - the hard proof of the alien hybrid hypothesis. The Nobel prize, accolades from the National Academies, riches beyond imagination and a place in the pantheon of scientific greats of all time are assured - provided she produces an entity for study or secures samples for genetic analyses. A swab from the inside of one of those angular cheeks will do just fine. Based on her statements that would seem to be no problem at all.

    To reveal all this suggests she has the confirmatory data in hand. Otherwise she risks having someone else swoop in and publish one of the most remarkable scientific discoveries of all time before she does. Inconceivable that anyone would be so foolish.

    So, where are they?

  2. As I wrote on the Magonia site, MUFON does have an impressive list of their "Advisory Board of Consultants", in every field of science, which they publish with their conference proceedings. We may wonder if any of these people ever do any consulting, or whether this list is given purely to inflate the status of MUFON as a scientific institution.

  3. To cda -

    Excellent point.

    I have no specific knowledge as to the particulars regarding the interplay MUFON and its advisory board, but from my personal experience as a consultant I can tell you the extent to which it is possible to influence clients can vary enormously. It is quite fascinating to have an organization pay for your input and then ignore it, but it does happen.

    While willing to help MUFON as a scientific advisor, I would be loathe to have my name linked to a symposium that featured some of the things described here by Mr. Sheaffer. Ideally, all the consultants know how their names are being used and are comfortable with the situation.

    Maybe these symposia do not reflect the fundamental principles of the MUFON organization so much as the reality of the topics and speakers able to draw crowds.

    It does make one wonder.

  4. Yeah, Right! Pass for Human...until one dies and they have an autopsy...sure....



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