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Bigelow's NIDS was Interested In the "Roswell Crash" and the "Alien Autopsy" Video

A very interesting 11-page document was recently posted anonymously to Imgur (in the form of eleven separate JPG images). These clearly appear to be internal documents from NIDS, Robert Bigelow's National Institute for Discovery Sciences, which operated from 1995 to 2004. Set up to investigate weird things, NIDS was sort of a forerunner to "To The Stars," investigating not just UFOs, but most notably the supposedly haunted Skinwalker Ranch in Utah, which Bigelow purchased, cryptids and all (and later sold to a company made up of undisclosed individuals). These documents have been re-posted and examined in several UFO-related Facebook groups, and their authenticity has not been challenged. According to multiple sources, persons mentioned in the emails have reportedly confirmed their authenticity.

What this shows is that Dr. Kit Green and others took the supposed Roswell crash, and the Alien Autopsy video, very seriously. Why this matters today is that this involves not just Green but Dr. Eric Davis, Dr. Hal Puthoff, and other members of Bigelow's crew, several of whom are involved today with Tom DeLonge's "To The Stars Academy" (TTSA), especially with its investigations into supposed 'ET artifacts' submitted to TTSA. Puthoff and Green were also somehow involved in that now almost forgotten SERPO hoax, about a supposed 'personnel exchange' with ETs, back in 2005-6. They have never explained their involvement in promoting this preposterous tale.

In these documents, we find Green claiming to have been given three separate government briefings about UFOs and aliens during and after his tenure at the CIA.  In one of them Green was allegedly shown alien autopsy photos and reports. Davis writes (pages 2-3),

"the summary of Kit's evaluation is:
  • The Alien Autopsy film/video is real, the alien cadaver is real, and the cadaver seen in the film/video is the same as the photos Kit saw at the Pentagon during briefing #2.
  •  ...there is very good reason to believe that the alien autopsy tissues are located at WR-AFIP (Walter Reid - Armed Forces Institute for Pathology)...
  • Kit stated that the army physicians (one surgeon and one non-surgeon) did the procedure seen in the film/video...
  • The alien is not human....
On page 9, Green states unequivocally to Eric Davis, "The video is real."

The famous Alien Autopsy video. Spyros Melaris says he created it.

To get a good summary of what we now know about the origins of the Ray Santilli "alien autopsy" film, I contacted the British UFO researcher Philip Mantle, who has been following the Alien Autopsy controversy since the beginning. He provided the following information, naming one Spyros Melaris as the man who made it all happen.

Spyros kept his appointment with Santilli at his office in London. Here he met an almost distraught Ray Santilli, who told him he’d bought this film, but it had turned out to be very poor quality. Spyros was shown what has become known as the ‘tent footage’ and he immediately recognised it as being shot on video. The tape he was shown was on VHS format. Santilli seemed surprised that he had recognised it as being shot on video so quickly and he realised the game was up. Again in Spyros’ own words: “If I can’t get it past this guy, I’m not going to get it past anyone else."
Spyros Melaris in 2007 showing his drawings of the supposed Roswell UFO crash. (Photo by Philip Mantle)
Mantle writes that afterward,
Melaris met up with his friend and colleague, John Humphreys. Humphreys is a Royal Academy trained sculptor whose work had sometimes overlapped into film and TV special effects. Melaris and Humphreys had known each other for a long time and had worked on a number of things together in the past. Melaris simply put the idea to Humphreys, “John, do you fancy sculpting an alien?” Melaris told Humphreys of his meeting with Santilli and basically came up with the idea of making it. They talked things over from a legal point of view and how it might help them break into other projects, even Hollywood. The idea was to make it, release it to the world and then make a second programme shortly after, showing how they did it. Humphreys agreed and Melaris pitched the idea to Santilli. Santilli looked like a man reborn, almost, and agreed. The budget put forward by Melaris was about £30,000 and it was Santilli’s business partner and friend, Volker Spielberg, who put up the money. The funding was in place, contracts and a confidentiality agreement were signed and the ball was rolling...
John Humphreys, of course, made the aliens’ bodies. The mould was actually made from John’s ten year-old son, who was quite tall. As a trained sculptor, Humphreys had also studied anatomy, so he was the man who played the surgeon in the film. Another friend of Spyros’ was Greg Simmons. He was seen occasionally in the film in one of the contamination suits and he also played the part of the soldier in the Debris Footage. Gareth Watson, a colleague of Santilli and Shoefield, was the man in the surgical mask behind the glass, and, finally, Spyros’ brother, Peter, helped behind the scenes. The set was built in Geraldine’s house in Camden in London.
One of Melaris' drawings of his design for the alien to be autopsied. (Credit: Philip Mantle)

Ray Santilli admitted in 2006 that the famous Alien Autopsy film was a contemporary re-creation, but one supposedly based on a genuine alien autopsy film. But not everyone is convinced of the hoax - the AA film still has its defenders today, in spite of Santilli's confession that it was a "re-creation." I wonder if Dr. Green is still among them?

A BBC video about John Humphreys and some of his special effects creations.


  1. I always wondered how anyone could think that a supposed 'alien' that shared so many features with humans could be anything but a fake. Granted, we can infer the presence of certain things like limbs and sensory organs from studying how life arose and developed here on earth, but the idea that we'd coincidentally be visited by a species from millions of light-years away that looked like ugly bald children is a fantastic example of human arrogance and the human-centered nature of the UFO psychological phenomenon.

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  3. Big Thumbs Up, Brendan! And well spoken.

  4. A very good book on this subject is, "Roswell Alien Autopsy" by Philip Mantle, that exposes the scam committed by Santilli and his team. Santilli got AWAY scot-free from any criminal charges. But then, so did the promoters of, "The Roswell Slides"! Ah...we NEVER learn, do we! And the Elizondo affair is before our eyes...and you all know what the Pentagon says about him.

    1. What exactly would Santilli be charged with? UFO crash insurance fraud? Falsely impersonating an extraterrestrial?

    2. Like all con men, financial, etc., he s/be charged because he knew that the film was a fake at the first step. Hence, he deceived the public illegally, thereby getting unjust monies. And THAT'S a crime anywhere!

  5. So sad to see the land of linguine, Fellini, and Sophia Loren treated so shoddily.


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