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"To The Stars" Closes its Series "Unidentified" Triumphantly Proclaiming Long-Debunked Italian Claims

The sixth and final episode of "Unidentified," produced by Tom DeLonge, started off with a bang. "Unidentified" airs on what used to be the History channel. (Now it's all aliens, all the time, practically.)

"Lou Elizondo discovered a different class of UFOs," we are boldly informed, although exactly what class of UFOs that might be, we are not told. Probably Tic Tacs or something. "But there's one thing his investigation has never found - until now!" Get ready for it -

"Is The Truth Here?"

Wow. And true to the teaser in last week's episode, we were shown the amazing story of a UFO in Sicily in 2006 that supposedly shot down a helicopter using an electromagnetic ray. The source of this amazing tale is Clarbruno Vedruccio, one of the Italian UFOlogists who met with TTSA's Tom DeLonge and Luis Elizondo on their recent visit to Rome. He also told about a series of "mysterious fires" occurring in the vicinity of Canneto di Caronia, in the province of Messina, which he attributed to electromagnetic beams coming out of the ocean. 

Clarbruno Vedruccio, TTSA's Senior Italian Military Official Concerned about UFOs

This was not a new claim in UFOlogy. Paola Harris has been promoting it for some time, with the suggestion that it may involve an underwater UFO base nearby. Not everyone was convinced that aliens were to blame for the fires. Padre Gabriele Amorth, a Catholic priest from Rome, who was the honorary president of the International Association of Exorcists, had a ready explanation for the mysterious fires: it was the work of the devil. He explained that fires can happen “when the devil enters in the life of a person who allows him entrance.”

However, the demons and aliens were dealt a severe blow in March, 2015 when, after a lengthy investigation,  Italian police arrested one Giuseppe Pezzino, 26, for allegedly starting the "mysterious" fires occurring since 2004, with the help of his father. These incidents were investigated almost from the beginning by the Italian skeptics' group CICAP, which reported on them extensively.  Given that this case was closed four years ago, it is remarkable that Vedruccio did not seem to know about it. Or maybe he knew about the arrest of the arsonist, but chose to conceal it from his audience. In any case, it demonstrates that Vedruccio is not a reliable source of information, and that TTSA will believe practically any wild UFO-related story without actually checking it out.

At the beginning of the episode, the narrator proclaims, "They've been invited to a private meeting with senior Italian military officials concerned about UFO encounters." What that means, I'm sure, is that Vedruccio wanted to meet with them, and tell them his tall tales.

As for the helicopter that was allegedly zapped by a UFO, the photo promoting that claim comes from a local resident named Antonino Spinnato. He took a photograph that shows a helicopter, and some other object - very likely a bug. This video from the Discovery Channel UK explains his claim. Later on in the video, we see Spinnato chasing more UFOs. He claims to have seen quite a large number of UFOs down there in Sicily. A "repeater," you could definitely call him.

Antonino Spinnato's photo, showing the helicopter and the supposed UFO - probably a bug (from the video)

What happened was that in March of 2006 a MBB BK.117 helicopter of the Civil Protection Police had to make an emergency landing after "something solid" damaged three of its four main rotor blades. In the episode, Vedruccio claims that a craft appeared a few hundred meters behind a military helicopter, followed it, and shot a ray that destroyed the helicopter "wings." No evidence was shown to support this assertion, but somehow DeLonge and Elizondo found it to be very convincing! In this Italian-language interview by the team "Mystery Hunters" of local resident Nino Pezzino concerning the "mysterious fires"  he talks about the helicopter incident, saying that the pilot and the Captain felt a vibration, but they did not say anything about it to avoid creating panic. (Could this Pezzino be the father and enabler of the accused arsonist?)

This tells us a great deal about DeLonge, Elizondo, and the other supposed "experts" of TTSA. Far from being "experts," they are Babes in the Woods concerning UFOs. Keeping to themselves and other like-minded persons, never venturing outside their little bubble of group-think, they seem completely unaware of the long history of error, self-delusion, and hoaxing that constitutes the sordid spectacle of UFOlogy. They make statements and gaffes that betray complete ignorance of what has occurred before them in UFOlogy, yet they bluff their way to convincing gullible reporters for major news organizations to take what they say very seriously. (Speaking of reporters, TTSA's pet reporter, Bryan Bender of Politico, once again appeared several times, explaining how significant and wonderful everything is that TTSA is doing.)

So ends Season 1 of "Unidentified". Will there be a Season 2? If so, TTSA will have to find some more blurry UFO videos to play over and over and over again, while giving us no credible reasons to take seriously what they say. But a lot of awful shows have been given new seasons lately, and I'm sure that, if given the chance, TTSA can produce a second season just as ludicrous as this one.


  1. Having followed the TTSA with baited breath, awaiting disclosure and having to accept small titbits of detail, it does seem De Longe and co. are regurgitating the same thing over and over again. I haven’t seen the ‘Unidentified’ series as it was only shown in the States, but it will be available in the UK and the rest of Europe fairly soon. I’m sure many of the original TTSA devotees have lost interest as there has been no release of any evidence since the US newspaper story and the associated USS Nimitz Naval pilot report. Since then nothing substantive has been shared by TTSA

    1. And nothing will ever be shared that is the truth and worthwhile by TTSA. Sad in a big and certain way (the same ole stuff being panned out to the public in new wrapping paper)-I would like to believe!

  2. The TTSA asks everybody to trust them. I think their track record is showing how much they can be trusted. They just dressed up Hanger one and switched the characters.

  3. So this is new? Interesting? Nope, it's the same old thing that so-called ufologists have been doing for years! TTSA is at this level now, and with Luis Elizondo (on TTSA's payroll)telling probable lies, seems To the Stars is just another UFO scandal...won't the darn UFO public ever learned? See what happens when there is no peer review of their weak claims, supported by no evidence at all?

  4. Actually, Giuseppe Pezzino was arrested for fires he started in 2014 (caught on hidden cameras). But there was no correlation of him being responsible for the fires of 2014. Do that math.... he would have been just 14 years old. Are you saying a 14 year old was able to stump a million dollar investigation and hundreds of scientists and investigators?

    1. Serial criminals are often nailed for past crimes because they don't change their modus operandi (and why would they, if it works) so if the 2004 fires are similar to the 2014 fires that he was convicted of, then yes, I would say a 14 year old could stump investigators.

  5. Apparently the final program included this bizarre passage which needs elaboration.... "" There's nothing different in the Department of Defense when it does something big. So when we landed on the moon, they're gonna go and give you something to chew on. They're gonna go out and find a conspiracy. They're gonna plan out the conspiracy. They made everybody think that we never went there. That way, when you ask questions, you're asking questions they want you to ask. They didn't want the conspiracy to be the real fu@#ing question, which is, "What was there when we got there?" "

    Whatever could he have been hinting at here?

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Here's the 2015 source for the Moon landing quote in which Tom DeLonge shows himself to be very much the typical "UFO" cosmic conspiracy type that we've all known for decades. He does a bit of the old double-talking trickster with his "third story" as well.

      It all amounts to just the same old conspiracy mumbo jumbo and of course Tom doesn't know any more than the average time-wasting Internet "UFO" crank.


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